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PoE Guide 3.13: How to Delve and Make Easy PoE Currency

By Nancy G2021-02-05

Welcome to MmoGah exiles. Today we will talk about Jorgen's guide on how to delve and Make PoE Currency Easily. I cleared like 200 Chaos Orbs and a couple of Exalted Orbs. How am I doing it? What's my strategy? That's what we're going to talk about in this guide. Now the quick disclaimer. Suppose you're an elitist, and this is not what you like doing in Delve. In that case, this guide will not be for you, but if you want to generate quick PoE Currency, if you want to Delve, or if you want to understand how Delving basically run, let's get into the guide.


How to Delve and Make Easy PoE Currency


Market and why you should Delve

The first thing that we need to understand about Delving overall is the market and how it's operating. We need to look at a couple of things, and first of all, we need to get a poe ninja.


Secondly, we want to look at Fossils. So right now, the fossil market is actually doing pretty well. You can sell those for a pretty penny. But you know we're talking about selling high bulk volumes in Delve. That's how we make our currency.


Next, let's look at Resonators. Again, the market's doing pretty well. It's not a profitable mechanic, and these drop pretty commonly throughout delve, and we'll talk about that as we go through the video.


Now the other side is Scarabs. We'll talk about generating Sulphite in the next segment of this video.


That's pretty much why you should delve. It's incredibly profitable from a market perspective right now, just selling bulk volumes. We'll get into the next section of the video, which will generate Sulphite.



How to get Sulphite?

How do we generate Sulphite? I get asked this question a lot. The first and foremost way is running Scarabs. So you can get Sulphite Scarabs, you get Rusted about 1.5 Chaos. It's a little bit more for what was polished. And then Gilded. You can get winged for about 18 Chaos. And basically, you bang that in your map device, and Nico pops up.


The other way to do it is running the Niko missions, which are here. As you can see, I got 17 banked up because I have only just started delving for the league, but that's your other alternative here.


The other way you can do it now is these two map nodes that you can use Lex Proxima and unlock the Rich Veins, Sulphite Infusion, and the packed with energy nodes. Sulphite infusion in particular because basically on the completion of red tier maps if you do in general farming. You're going to get five additional Voltaxic Sulphite on completion of that map, so that's pretty cool. And the other side of that is New Vastir, which means you can add a Mad Devotion and Out of the Blue, which will generate more Sulphite, when you run Sulphite rotors or Sulphite scarabs or Sulphite Nico missions on these areas. That's pretty much the overall how to get Sulphite.



What to Level up first in the Voltaxic Generator?

You figured out how to and why you should delve, you figured out how to get Sulphite, so the next is what we level up at our Voltaxic generator.


The first thing you want to get is Darkness Resistance. You want to get Sulphite Capacity, Darkness Resistance, and Light Radius. These are your first three things that you want to level up. You want to get these to a level you want to be on at least 75 percent all the time, but that's not necessarily going to happen all the time. But you want to have enough darkness resist, so you're not negative, and the light radius is pretty key because that's going to keep you alive in the nitty-gritty situations now.


delve azurit


For Flares, you will want to keep pushing your flare number up, but I would suggest radius to be max out when you're looking at flares. You can have fewer flares. It just means you can't go into as many side areas if you don't have a sustaining character or a darkness runner.


For Dynamite, I've got mine up to six, but you know I'd usually level Dynamite last. The first thing you want is Sulphite capacity to run more delves darkness resist and light radius, alternate between the two, and then focus on light radius on your flares total number of flares and duration last. That's pretty much what you need to level.



What are Biomes?

You've gotten that far, you're going to start delving, and you're figuring out what do all these colors in here mean. What the hell does this mean? It's all patchy, and there's random crap. These refer to as Biomes. So depending on the biome, there's a higher probability of different types of fossils dropping. For example, perfect fossils and corroded fossils have a really good cell value, so you want to focus on Fungal Caverns if you want to go for those now if you're farming for actual crafting. You know you might need Metallic fossils for lightning damage or Frigid for frost damage, or cold damage Scorched for a fire. These are generally more worthless than the fossils, but that might be the fossil you need for your build.


delve fossil location


This is essentially your guide to finding fossils and where and how to farm these fossils predominantly. So if you were wondering what the colors are, that's what they are. They're called biomes. They dictate the types of fossils that drop in those areas.



Basic Delve Strategies

You can delve a few ways. The first thing I would say to anyone who's starting on delve and want to make currency out of it efficiently. You don't have to go down to crazy depths, and you don't have to have a delve runner. You can go down to about 150 to 250 is optimum for most fossils that turn a profit, and also, you'll get a decent amount of volume down there at that Level. It's not too hard. You can usually do that at a pretty proficient level once you get to level 90. We're talking Level 83 zones, but good drops down there you want to get a little bass chaos when you're down. You also get a lot of fossils and resonators at about those levels as long as you're in the right biomes and your rng is playing on your field. Normally you'll walk away out of a full Sulphite I guess meter, you'll walk away with a bit of stuff to recover on that Sulphite that you've had to generate, so you'll turn a profit. You'll generally make about an exalt or if you're focusing on rotors and things like that now. There are two ways to delve. You can continually push down and push down, and I would suggest this if you've got a character that can handle that. Still, some people will hit a point where you get to a brick wall, and that's when you can go horizontally, and as you can see, I haven't gotten to that point yet, but when I get to a stage where I'm like this is too hard, I'll move up. I'll go horizontal all the way through, and that's how I'm going to generate a ton of currency from just fossil farming, and that's pretty much as simple as it gets.



Thanks, Jorgen, for this useful delving guide. You can come to to view more PoE Guides, and you can also Buy Safe PoE Items here.

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