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PoE: ExileCon Schedule And Information For Attendees

ExileCon, the first official Path of Exile convention, is in a week! The GGG have updated the ExileCon web page with the schedule for the event. They will continue to tweak the schedule over the next week if various presentations or speakers change. This news post is primarily aimed at attendees. If you're interested in just information about the ExileCon Announcement Livestream, then they've been slowly updating their Livestream post the time.







For attendees with a VIP or Ultra VIP pass, the weekend kicks off with a VIP dinner on Friday evening at the Wildfire Churrascaria. It's a meat restaurant primarily but vegetarian options are also available. The 250 player VIPs will be joined by 50 GGG staff members, intermingled at the same tables. The restaurant is located at Shed 22, Auckland and the dinner will start at 6pm on Friday November 15.





In the Aotea Square, GGG are building a big registration tent where you can pick up your badge. In order to do so, you'll need to show the QR code that is visible on your PoE account page on the  website. They'll also email you a copy of this code for convenience.


The registration tent is open during these hours:

Friday: 2pm - 8pm

Saturday: 7am - 5pm

Sunday: 9am - 5pm


You must show photo ID that matches the name on your ticket, and because GGG need to check your age (the event is a Restricted 16 event). You'll also need to carry your ID for the whole event because GGG will be spot checking that people's badges match their name when they enter the venue.





The keynote presentation starts at 10am, but there's an hour of seating time and pre-show speculation (streamed both to the internet and the main theatre) beforehand. GGG recommend picking up your badge on Friday and then arriving around 9am to get seated and comfortable before the big show. Regular badges will indicate either "Stalls" (bottom floor) or "Circle" (middle floor) for seating, so that attendees know which floor has room for them on.





GGG will check All cosplay weapons that brought to the venue to make sure that they are not capable of harming anyone.





  Four racers have qualified for positions in the ExileCon race finale. Important rules for this event are as follows:


-Event Goal: Kill Kitava in the Cathedral Rooftop in Act 5

-Winning Criteria: Shortest time

-Game Version: 3.8.2b

-This event is not hardcore, but your character won't be able to move for 60 seconds when they dies. You also won't be able to select 'Revive at Checkpoint'.

-This event is fixed seed. Every player is contending with the same layout. The minimap won't be revealed.

-Macros: no third-party programs of any kind may be used. Copy-pasting commands from a notepad file is okay.

-Screen-watching: Players will not be allowed to look at other players' monitors or the screen behind you on the stage as the event will be on a stage and it is fixed seed. Players will be warned if seen doing this. Multiple warnings will result in a disqualification.

-Muling between characters on the same account is allowed.

-The provided accounts have the Scion unlocked and a default hideout provided.

-GGG will pre-load the competition computers with racer-provided config files and item filters.

-GGG's decision is final but they'll attempt to be as fair as possible.

-Prizes are US$10,000 for first place, $5,000 for second place and $2,500 for third place.





The Twitch After Party will be running from 8pm to 11pm on Sunday evening. You need to bring ID to get in because it's a Restricted 18 event. Your ExileCon badge has a voucher on the back for one free drink, which you can redeem at one of the bars in the venue. GGG recommend having dinner before the party, but some light food will be provided during the party.



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