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PoE Builds 3.22: Mage Skeletons Guardian Build

By Nancy G2023-10-07

Dear exiles, I will share this Mage Skeletons Guardian Build with you today. Now, let's begin.


Mage Skeletons Guardian pic




White Maps: it cost about 80 Chaos Orbs.

Yellow Maps: it cost about 150 Chaos Orbs.

Complete Atlas: it cost about 600 Chaos Orbs.


Items Mods

Minion Damage


Elemental Resistances



Mandatory Rings

Chimeric Hold Unset Ring: needs at least 30 dexterity and 50 life.


Mandatory Uniques

Dead Reckoning: this jewel is mandatory because it allows us to summon Mage Skeletons instead of the regular ones.


Recommended Uniques



Pledge Hands

Femurs of The Saints


Rare Body Armour

Death Jack Necromancer Silks: needs at least 250 energy shield, 70 life, and some elemental resistances. If you can't afford a Fleshcrafter, use a rare armour like this while saving your PoE currency.


Rare Helmet

Maelström Halo: needs +1 skeleton, +1 zombie, +level of all minion gems, and some life. When you have more currency, get a helmet with these mods.


Rare Gloves

Corpse Caress: needs minions deal x% increased damage, life, and elemental resistances.


Crafting Tips

● Getting a great pair of gloves that grant minion damage is very cheap. It would help to use an Essence of Fear on a pair of Sorcerer Gloves. Depending on the tier of your essence, this grants up to 30% increased minion damage.

● Now, you need to get a good roll that grants some life. Once you succeed, use "Lesser Eldritch Amber" to get the Unnerve Implicit to cause bosses to take 10% more damage.


Rare Amulet

Spirit Idol Turquoise Amulet: needs +1 skeleton, some life, some resistances, and some dexterity.


Recommended Flasks

Divine Life Flask

Quicksilver Flask

Silver Flask

Rumi's Concoction





Vaal Summon Skeletons - Greater Multiple Projectiles - Spell Echo - Pierce - Returning Projectiles - Minion Damage

(When facing big bosses, replace Greater Multiple Projectiles with Hypothermia.)



Raise Zombie - Feeding Frenzy - Minion Life - Culling Strike - Vaal Molten Shell - Determination



Raise Spectre - Leap Slam - Faster Attacks - Lifetap



Winter Orb - Cast While Channeling - Flesh Offering – Desecrate



Zealotry - Skitterbots - Vaal Haste - Generosity



Sniper's Mark




Jewels Mods

Minion Damage

Maximum Life

Cast Speed



Abyss Jewel

Morbid Oculus Ghastly Eye Jewel: needs "increased minion damage if you've used a minion skill recently", and "minions deal additional [any elemental] damage".


Grim Globe Ghastly Eye Jewel: needs "minions have x% chance to Taunt enemies on hit with attacks".



Skill Tree

Mage Skeletons Guardian tree




Mage Skeletons Guardian ascendancy




Major God: Lunaris

Minor God: Yugul





Use Glacial Hammer until level 4. After level 4, get your Summon Raging Spirits from Nessa in the first town. This can be done right after completing the "Breaking Some Eggs" quest.


Main Skills

● The first skill you'll get is Glacial Hammer. Use it until level 4.

● As soon as you reach the first town, purchase Raise Zombies from Nessa. They will help you with more damage. Use it as your secondary skill.

● Reaching level 4, replace Glacial Hammer with Summon Raging Spirits.

● Reaching level 8, support Summon Raging Spirits with: Added Fire Damage, Minion Damage, and Melee Splash.

● Also, on level 8, support your Raise Zombies with Minion Damage.

● Reaching level 10, you can use a Skeleton Totem for extra boss damage.

● Also, on level 10, activate Clarity for more mana regeneration.

● Reaching level 16, activate Summon Skitterbots for more damage and Survivability.

● Reaching level 18, replace Added Fire Damage with Melee Physical Damage on your Summon Raging Spirits setup. This will be your main setup until level 49.

● Also, on level 18, support your Zombies with Minion Life and Melee Physical Damage.

● Now, on our Skeleton Totem, we have 2 options when we reach level 18. If you have a Dead Reckoning, support them with Controlled Destruction. If you don't have Dead Reckoning, use Melee Physical Damage.

● Reaching level 49, you should buy a Sire of Shards and use Mage Skeletons as your main skill. Support your Mage Skeletons with: Minion Damage, Pierce, and Spell Echo.

● Also, on level 49, replace Clarity with Zealotry.

● Reaching level 59, you can equip your Femurs of the Saints and start using the main skeleton setup. Support your Mage Skeletons with: Greater Multiple Projectiles, Pierce, and Spell Echo. Returning Projectiles if 5L and Minion Damage if 6L.

● Reaching level 69, Survivability is going to be very important. With that in mind, let's replace Zealotry with Determination.

● Once you get your rare helmet with "7% increased mana reservation efficiency of skills", you can reactivate Zealotry for more damage.


Leveling Items

Tabula Rasa

Lochtonial Caress





Earendel's Embrace

Sire of Shards



Here is the ending of Daniel's Mage Skeletons Guardian Build. I hope this build guide will help you a lot.


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