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  • PoE Builds 3.22: Frost Blades Trickster Build
    By Nancy G2023-09-20 16:56:32

    Dear exiles, the new MmoGah will share Frost Blades Trickster Build with you today. New MmoGah, featuring new technologies and styles, is now available with a 5% site-wide discount. Now, let's jump into the powerful build.


    Frost Blades Trickster Build pic




    White Maps: it costs about 80 Chaos Orbs.

    Yellow Maps: it costs about 150 Chaos Orbs.

    Complete Atlas: it costs about 600 Chaos Orbs.


    Items Mods

    Elemental Damage

    Physical Damage

    Added Cold Damage

    Added Fire Damage

    Critical Chance

    Elemental Damage with Attacks

    Critical Multiplier

    Elemental Resistances






    Mandatory Uniques



    Heatshiver is mandatory and the star of this build. This unique helmet is a very cheap and simple way to get over 100% more damage and trigger our Trinity support. Don't worry if you can't buy one right away. You'll be fine until you get yours.


    Yoke of Suffering

    Yoke of Suffering is mandatory because it causes all your damage to shock. This allows us to keep bosses with over 30% shock (take 30% more damage). This amulet also causes bosses to take 5% more damage for each ailment you have inflicted on them.


    Recommended Uniques

    The Taming

    Cherrubim's Maleficence


    Rare Body Armour

    Golem Wrap Triumphant Lamellar: needs at least 100 life, 1000 armour and evasion, some resistances, and additional physical damage reduction.


    Rare Claw

    Vengeance Bite: needs at least 400 DPs between physical, cold and fire, and 7.5 critical.

    Tempest Bite: needs at least 600 DPs between physical, cold and fire, and 7.5 critical.


    Rare Gloves

    Wrath Fingers Slink Gloves: needs some life and elemental resistances.

    Agony Claw Whrmscale Gauntlets: needs some life, elemental resistances, and increased damage with hits against chilled enemies.


    Rare Shield

    Bramble Sanctuary: needs at least 80 life, evasion, some resistances, some accuracy, and 15% chance damage to suppress spell damage.


    Recommended Flasks

    Divine Life Flask

    Quicksilver Flask

    Diamond Flask

    Jade Flask

    Rumi's Concoction





    Frost Blades - Elemental Damage with Attacks - Nightblade - Multistrike - Trinity - Ice Bite



    Hatred - Determination - Precision (Level 1) - Herald Of Ice



    Vaal Ancestral Warchief - Ancestral Protector - Multiple Totems - Culling Strike



    Vaal Molten Shell - Increased Duration - Vaal Grace - Blood Rage



    Frost Bomb - Assassin's Mark - Mark on Hit



    Whirling Blades - Lifetap - Faster Attacks




    Jewels Mods

    Attack Speed

    Critical Multiplier

    Maximum Life


    Unique Jewel

    Inspired Learning: this jewel is not mandatory, but it acts like a Headhunter, except that you only get one mod from each rare enemy you kill.


    Watcher's Eye

    Watcher's Eye Prismatic Jewel: needs mod "increased cold damage while affected by Hatred".



    Skill Tree


    Frost Blades Trickster Build skill tree




    Frost Blades Trickster Build ascendancy



    Major God: Brine

    Minor God: Tukohama





    You can start using Frost Blades right at the start, and the sky is the limit. (Pro tip: buy Sapphire Rings from Nessa in Act 1. At the end of Act 1, you face a hard boss that deals cold damage, and those rings will give you cold resistance.)


    Main Skills

    The first skill you get is Viper Strike. You can use it until you reach the first town.

    There, talk to Nessa and buy Frost Blades.

    As soon as you complete the Mercy mission quest, grab Momentum as your reward and support your Frost Blades with it.

    Reaching level 8, support Frost Blades with Added Cold Damage.

    Also, on level 8, create an Ancestral Protector setup. This totem will help a lot during boss fights.

    Another useful secondary skill to have is Frostbomb. Also, use it on bosses to cause them to take more cold damage.

    Reaching level 10 activates Clarity for more mana regeneration.

    On level 16, add Precision and Herald of Ice for more accuracy and damage.

    Reaching level 18, add Elemental Damage with Attacks to your setup.

    Also, on level 18, replace Added Cold Damage with Melee Physical Damage and add Faster Attacks to our totem setup.

    Reaching level 38, replace Momentum with Multistrike.

    At level 38, it's also a great time to turn your totem setup into a double totem setup.

    Remember always to summon both totems on boss fights.

    Also, on level 38, create a setup with Poacher's Mark and Mark on Hit.

    Don't forget to replace it with Assassin's Mark when you remove the Precise Technique node around level 68.

    If you get a 5 or 6L equipment, you can complete the Frost Blades setup.

    If you already have your Heatshiver, use this setup instead.

    Reaching level 69, replace Clarity with Determination for more survivability.

    Reaching level 69, you'll start using claws, and it's time for Nightblade support.

    Reaching level 70, replace your Precision with a level 1 Precision. Also, activate Hatred for more damage.


    Leveling Items

    Tabula Rasa


    Lochtonial Caress


    The Princess



    Lakishu's Blade

    Innsbury Edge

    Fate of the Vaal



    Final Thoughts

    Here is the ending of Daniel's Frost Blades Trickster Build. Welcome to the new MmoGah to get your powerful currency items to support this build with a 5% discount.