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  • PoE Builds 3.21: Vaal Ice Shot Deadeye Build
    By Nancy G2023-06-30 00:00:00

    Dear exiles, today's PoE build is about the Vaal Ice Shot Deadeye Build. This build will cost you a lot of PoE Currency.


    Vaal Ice Shot Deadeye Build pic





    Expensive: it cost about 1000 Chaos Orbs.


    Item Mods

    Added Lightning Damage

    Added Fire Damage

    Projectile Damage

    Added Cold Damage

    Critical Multiplier

    Elemental Damage with Attacks

    Elemental Resistances





    Mandatory Uniques


    Lioneye's Fall

    This jewel is mandatory because it allows us to pick some very useful nodes on our passive tree, granting a lot of critical chance and multiplier and culling strike and attack speed.


    Yoke of Suffering

    The Yoke of Suffering is mandatory because it causes all your damage to shock. This allows us to keep bosses with over 30% shock (take 30% more damage). This amulet also causes bosses to take 5% more damage for each type of ailment you have inflicted on them.


    Rare Bow

    Loath Fletch: needs at least 800 elemental dps and 7% base critical chance.

    Pain Guide: needs at least 1000 elemental dps and 8% base critical chance.


    Rare Quiver

    Spirit Flight: needs some life, critical strike chance, and additional arrow.


    Rare Body Armour

    Rune Curtain: needs at least 1800 evasion, a lot of life, and some resistances.


    Rare Helmet

    Mind Salvation: needs evasion, some life, and resistances.

    Woe Ward: needs evasion, some life, resistances, and nearby enemies take 6% increased elemental damage.


    Rare Gloves

    Wrath Fingers Slink Gloves: need some life, and elemental resistances.

    Agony Claw Wyrmscale Gauntlets: need some life, elemental resistances, and increased damage with hits against chilled enemies.


    Recommended Uniques

    Hyrri's Ire

    The Taming


    Recommended Flasks

    Divine Life Flask

    Diamond Flask

    Granite Flask

    Quicksilver Flask

    Jade Flask






    Ice Shot – Inspiration – Elemental Damage with Attacks – Trinity – Mirage Archer – Added Lightning Damage



    Artillery Ballista – Inspiration – Elemental Focus – Focused Ballista – Elemental Damage with Attacks – Increased Critical Strikes



    Vaal Molten Shell – Berserk – Sniper's Mark – Mark on Hit



    Dash – Precision – Herald of Ice – Determination



    Frenzy – Manaforged Arrows – Power Charge on Critical – Summon Ice Golem





    Jewels Mods

    Elemental Damage

    Projectile Damage

    Bow Damage

    Critical Multiplier

    Maximum Life


    Unique Jewel

    Thread of Hope


    Watcher's Eye

    Watcher's Eye Prismatic Jewel: needs at least 55% increased attack damage while affected by Precision.



    Skill Tree


    Vaal Ice Shot Deadeye Build skill tree




    Vaal Ice Shot Deadeye Build ascendancy



    Major God: Brine

    Minor God: Abberath






    Use Split Arrow until level 18.

    Then use rain of arrows until level 70, when you'll start using ice shot.


    Main Skills

    1. Burning Arrow: the first skill you get is Burning Arrow. Use it until you reach the first town. There, talk to Tarkleigh and pick Split Arrow as your quest reward. Keep Split Arrow with the Momentum support gem. When you complete the "Mercy mission" quest, get Pierce as your reward. Now replace Momentum with Pierce.


    2. Level 8: you can also support your Split Arrow with Maim.


    3. Level 16: activate Skitterbots and Herald of Purity for more damage.


    4. Level 18: replace Split Arrow with Rain of Arrows. Also, replace Pierce with Vicious Projectiles. And add Faster Attacks.


    5. Level 38: replace Faster Attacks with Brutality.


    6. Level 70: start using Vaal Ice Shot with the 6-link setup. Also, create your Artillery Ballista setup for more single-target damage. When you start using Vaal Ice Shot, replace Herald of Purity and Skitterbots with Herald of Ice, Determination, and Precision.


    Leveling Items

    Tabula Rasa

    Lochtonial Caress




    2 Praxis

    Death's Harp



    Here is the end of Daniel's Vaal Ice Shot Deadeye Build. I hope this build will help you a lot.