• PoE Builds 3.21: Oni-Goroshi Tectonic Slam Chieftain Build
    By Nancy G2023-06-09 00:00:00

    Dear exiles, I will share the PoE build about Oni-Goroshi Tectonic Slam Chieftain with you today. Now let's begin.


    Goroshi Tectonic Slam Chieftain Build pic





    Not so cheap: it cost about 500 chaos orbs.


    Items Mods

    Physical Damage

    Melee Damage

    Area Damage

    Fire Damage

    Attack Speed

    Critical Multiplier

    Accuracy Rating



    Elemental Resistances



    Mandatory Unique


    ● This sword is the star. It grants Her Embrace when you ignite an enemy. This means 123% of physical damage as extra fire damage, 20% increased attack and movement speed, and immunity to stun, freeze, chill, and ignite.


    ● Above all, it also grants up to 90% increased critical strike chance.


    ● But all of that comes with a price. While in Her Embrace, you take 0.5% of your maximum life as fire damage per second, per level. So if you are level 90, you'll take 45% of your maximum life as fire damage per second.


    ● Of course, all this damage will be drastically mitigated by your fire resistance. Above all, you also have 6 endurance charges, a lot of life regeneration from your tree, and ascendancy.


    Yoke of Suffering

    Yoke of Suffering is mandatory because it causes all your damage to shock. This allows us to keep bosses on 50% shock (take 50% more damage). This amulet also causes bosses to take 5% more damage for each type of ailment you have inflicted on them.



    This helmet grants a lot of extra damage for this build. It provides 40-60 physical damage to attacks and up to +125% critical multiplier.


    But it also increases by up to 50% of the total physical damage taken. But that doesn't mean this build will die easily because it has a lot of armour, permanent fortify and 6 endurance charges.


    Rare Helmet

    Pandemonium Crest Royal Burgonet: needs a lot of armour, life, and elemental resistances.


    Armageddon Ward Eternal Burgonet: needs a lot of armour, life, and nearby enemies have -9% to fire resistances.


    Rare Gloves

    Doom Clutches Stealth Gloves: need at least 70 life, elemental resistances, and at least 400 accuracy ratings.


    Rare Body Armour

    Tempest Salvation Full Dragonscale: needs armour, evasion, at least 20% chance to suppress spell damage, a lot of life, and elemental resistances.


    Recommended Uniques

    Cherrubim's Maleficence

    Atziri's Step

    The Taming


    Recommended Flasks

    Divine Life Flask

    Quicksilver Flask

    Granite Flask

    Diamond Flask

    The Wise Oak

    Cinderswallow Urn






    Tectonic Slam – Elemental Damage with Attacks – Pulverise – Inspiration – Multistrike – Fire Penetration



    Enduring Cry – Molten Shell – Increased Duration – Berserk – Leap Slam – Summon Ice Golem



    Vaal Ancestral Chief – Ancestral Protector – Multiple Totems – Blood Rage



    Anger – Herald of Ash – Grace – Enlighten



    Arcanist Brand (Lvl 1) – Wave of Conviction (Lvl 1) – Assassin's Mark – Combustion





    Jewels Mods

    Physical Damage

    Melee Damage

    Area Damage

    Fire Damage

    Sword Damage

    Attack Speed

    Critical Multiplier

    Maximum Life


    Unique Jewel

    Thread of Hope

    It is really useful for this build. It allows us to pick great nodes on our passive tree. It's not mandatory.


    Watcher's Eye

    Watcher's Eye Prismatic Jewel: needs X% of physical damage as extra fire damage while affected by Anger.



    Skill Tree


    Goroshi Tectonic Slam Chieftain skill tree




    Goroshi Tectonic Slam Chieftain ascendancy



    Major God: Arakaali

    Minor God: Tukohama




    Deal With the Bandits Quest (Act 2)


    Killing all bandits, you will be permanently granted:

    2 passive points for your skill tree


    If you have helped any by accident:

    Sell 20x orbs of regret + 1 onyx amulet to any NPC






    From level 1 to 28, use Frost Blades.

    Then you can already use Tectonic Slam.


    Main Skills

    1. Heavy Strike: when you create your Marauder, you'll have to use Heavy Strike until you reach the first town. There you can grab your sword with Frost Blades in your stash. For now, use Ruthless to support it.

    2. Level 8: use Frost Blades with Added Cold Damage.

    3. Level 16: activate Herald of Purity and Summon Skitterbots.

    4. Level 18: replace Ruthless with Melee Physical Damage. Also, add Elemental Damage with Attacks.

    5. Level 28: replace Frost Blades and Added Cold Damage with Tectonic Slam and Added Fire Damage. Also, Replace Skitterbots with Herald of Ash and Blood and Sand.

    6. Level 31: replace Melee Physical Damage and Added Fire Damage with Pulverise and Inspiration.

    7. Level 38: replace Elemental Damage with Attacks with Multistrike.

    8. Level 70: replace Blood and Sand with Grace.


    Leveling Items

    Tabula Rasa

    Lochtonial Caress



    The Princess

    2 Praxis


    Lahishu's Blade

    Innsbury Edge




    Here is the ending of Daniel's useful Oni-Goroshi build. Please stay tuned on MmoGah to get more PoE builds.