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  • PoE Builds 3.21: Lightning Arrow Deadeye Build
    By Nancy G2023-04-22 00:00:00

    Dear exiles, today I will share a powerful build with you. This build is about Lightning Arrow Deadeye build, which originates from KobeBlackMamba.


    Lightning Arrow Deadeye Build pic



    ● Lightning Arrow ended up being one of the most popular league starters builds, but there are a lot of variations.

    ● Vengeant Cascade and Vaal Lightning Arrow made this skill have the best clear out of any bow skill.

    ● This skill transitions easily to Magic Find.

    ● This build can be done in SSF and can be played on any budget with any currency.




    Q: Can I play without Omni?

    A: Yes, you can play without Omni and still get all the Voidstones, especially with the new elemental mastery.


    Q: Is this build tanky?

    A: This build is not tanky and will never be as tanky as RF and Boneshatter Juggernaut.


    Q: Can you do the Ubers?

    A: I killed all the Ubers, but you should be prepared to die at halftime.


    Q: What about the starting Budget?

    A: About 1 Divine Orb.


    Q: How to Level?

    A: You can start with Galvanic Arrow at Level 1 and go straight into Lightning Arrow at Level 12.


    Q: How to solve Mana Issues?

    A: Take Clever Thief and Instant Leech Mastery.


    Q: How to Get Ailment Immunity?

    A: Use Purity of Elements, Stormshroud, or Ancestral Vision.



    Lightning Arrow Skill Mechanics

    ● Lightning Arrow has built-in Conversion of 50% Physical to Lightning.

    ● This skill hits up to 3 Additional Enemies near the Target (5 with Lab Enchant).

    ● It allows you to get the Maximum Shock Effect when you shock enemies as though dealing 290% more Damage.

    ● This can be built in Flat Lightning for great leveling Skills.

    ● Vaal variant is helpful for single target but is disappointing compared to Vaal Ice Shot.

    ● This is insanely good clear because it has a built-in AoE Shotgunning Overlap-like Kinetic Blast.



    Ascendancy, Bandits, and Pantheons

    ● Deadeye wins Raider hands down unless you want early-game quality of life for easy Suppression, Ailment Immunity, or Onslaught.

    ● Deadeye grants you +2 Projectiles, Built-in Chain, 20% Action Speed with Buffed Tailwind, and Increased Mark Effect.

    ● Ascendancy Order:

    1. Gathering Winds

    2. Ricochet

    3. Endless Munitions

    4. Focal Point


    ● Choose Soul of Lunaris and Soul of Yugul if you have Ailment Immunity.

    ● Choose Soul of Brine King and Soul of Garukhan if you do not have Ailment Immunity.



    Passive Tree

    ● Lioneye's Fall is used to grab the Dagger and Claw Nodes, giving us a lot of attack speed and crit.

    ● Thread of Hope Large helps us save points to fit in a Large Cluster.

    ● Elemental Mastery with Inversion.

    ● Clever Thief with Instant Leech is used to solve mana/life recovery problems.

    ● Take Accuracy Clusters as needed to get a 100% hit chance.


    Lightning Arrow Deadeye Build skill tree


    Gem Links

    Artillery Ballista is the best for single targets, but it has horrible screen clutter.

    Artillery Ballista - Focused Ballista - Elemental Damage with Attacks - Crit Damage -Focused Ballista - Elemental Focus

    Vaal Lightning Arrow - Inspiration - Crit Damage - Elemental Damage with Attacks - Mirage Archer – Trinity


    Mark Application:

    Mark on Hit - Sniper's Mark



    Anger, Precision, Purity of Elements (if you have Ailment Immunity, swap with Grace).


    Manaforged Arrows:

    Manaforged Arrow - Frenzy - Power Charge on Critical Strike



    Berserk, Steelskin



    Frost Blink, Blink Arrow




    ● Helmet and Gloves (for Rage Setup): Voll's Vision and Kaom's Spirit

    ● Bow: Spine Bow Base with Critical Strike Chance and high Elemental DPS

    ● Quiver: Prioritize Additional Arrow.

    ● Body Armour: 6L Rare Body Armour or Hyrri's Ire

    ● Amulet: Yoke of Suffering or Omniscience

    ● Rings: Attribute/Accuracy Rare Rings with Omni or Tamings (no Omni)

    ● Belt: Synthesis Attribute% Implicit with Omni or Stygian Vise (no Omni)

    ● Boots: Rare Life and Move Speed and Attributes/Res Boots


    Lightning Arrow Deadeye items



    ● Finally, run Quicksilver, Silver, Jade, and Diamond Flask for Mapping.

    ● Ran 1 Bubbling Divine Life Flask of Sealing.

    ● Suffixes: Attack Speed, Movement Speed, Critical Strike Chance, and Reduced Effect of Curses

    ● Future Upgrades: Progenesis would give you a huge Defensive Boost.



    Final Thoughts

    ● Lightning Arrow is a great MF build with the new Master Surgeon's Notable.

    ● Forbidden Jewel gaining Far Shot is a Huge DPS Increase.

    ● Kaom's Gloves are my favorite unique.

    ● Crucible is an insane Power Creep for any Attack Based Weapon Build.



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