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PoE Builds 3.21: CoC Tornado Shot Deadeye Build

By Nancy G2023-05-13

Dear exiles, I will share Daniel's helpful CoC Tornado Shot Deadeye build with you today.


CoC Tornado Shot Deadeye Build pic





Expensive: cost about 3000 Chaos Orbs


Items Mods

Critical Chance

Critical Multiplier

Elemental Damage

Cold Damage

Spell Damage

Elemental Resistances






Mandatory Uniques

Asenath's Mark

This helmet triggers socketed skills when you attack with your bow. We are going to create a second Ice Spear setup here that generates power charges, triggers Arcane Surge, and even deals a lot of extra damage.


Maloney's Mechanism

This quiver is mandatory because it has 3 sockets. We are going to use those extra sockets to deal a lot of extra damage on bosses.


Intuitive Leap

This other jewel is mandatory because it allows us to save 10 points on our passive tree. You need 2 of them.


Mandatory Bow

Victory Siege Ivory Bow: needs at least 1.5 attacks per second, 7.5% critical strike chance, 100% increased spell damage, and socketed gems are supported by CoC.


Mandatory Ring

Carrion Band Amethyst Ring: needs life, curse enemies with Frostbite on hit, and 1 free prefix to craft "non-channeling skills have -7 to total mana cost".


Skull Twirl Sapphire Ring: needs life, +X life gained for each enemy hit by your spells, and 1 free prefix to craft "non-channeling skills have -7 to total mana cost".


Rare Body Armour

Dread Suit Sharkskin Tunic: needs at least 100 life, 1500 evasion, 20% chance to suppress spell damage, and a bunch of resistances.


Rare Gloves

Agony Claw Wyrmscale Gauntlets: needs some life, elemental resistances, and increased damage with hits against chilled enemies.


Rare Boots

Ambush Sole Sharkskin Boots: needs life, movement speed, at least 10% chance to suppress spell damage, and some resistances.


Gale Goad Shagreen Boots: needs life, movement speed, at least 10% chance to suppress spell damage, some resistances, and chance to gain onslaught on kill.


Rare Amulet

Agony Gorget Amber Amulet: needs life, at least 100 strength, and +1 to level of all cold or intelligence skill gems.


Recommended Flasks

Divine Life Flask

Quicksilver Flask

Jade Flask

Diamond Flask

Dying Sun






Tornado Shot - Ice Spear – Inspiration - Increased Critical Strikes - Added Cold Damage - Greater Multiple Projectiles



Frost Bomb - Creeping Frost - Bonechill



Precision (Level 10) – Hatred - Herald of Ice – Determination – Enlighten - Summon Ice Golem



Ice Spear - Power Charge on Critical - Arcane Surge (Level 10) - Greater Multiple Projectiles



Molten Shell - Flame Dash - Vaal Grace - Increased Duration



Blood Rage - Sniper's Mark - Mark on Hit - Enhance





Jewels Mods

Cold Damage

Spell Damage

Critical Multiplier

Attack Speed

Maximum Life


Watcher's Eye

Watcher's Eye Prismatic Jewel: needs damage penetrates x% cold resistance while affected by Hatred.



Skill Tree


CoC Tornado Shot Deadeye Build skill tree




CoC Tornado Shot Deadeye Build ascendancy



Major God: Solaris

Minor God: Tukohama




Deal With the Bandits Quest (Act 2)


Killing all bandits, you will be permanently granted:

2 passive points for your skill tree


If you have helped any by accident:

Sell 20x orbs of regret + 1 onyx amulet to any NPC






Use Split Arrow until level 18.

Then use Rain of Arrows until level 76, when you'll start using CoC Tornado Shot Ice Spear.



First: Burning Arrow

Reward: Split Arrow (with Pierce)

Level 8: Split Arrow with Maim

Level 16: activate Skitterbots and Precision for more damage.

Level 18: replace Split Arrow with Rain of Arrows, and also replace Pierce with Vicious Projectiles, then add Faster Attacks.

Level 38: replace Faster Attacks with Brutality.

Level 45: activate Herald of Purity.

Level 76: remove Skitterbots and Herald of Purity. Then activate Hatred, Determination, and Herald of Ice.



Tabula Rasa

Lochtonial Caress



Quill Rain

2 Praxis

Death's Harp


Lioneye's Glare



Here is the end of this build. Please come to to view more powerful PoE builds.


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