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PoE Builds 3.18: Top 3 Melee Builds Collection

Dear exiles, today, the professional PoE Currency Shop MmoGah.com will collect the top 3 Melee PoE Builds for you, containing One Punch Man, Flicker Strike, and Super Cyclone. Now let’s begin.


top 3 poe melee builds



One-Punch Man


Class: Marauder

Ascendancy: Berserker



To complete the Atlas: it needs about 4 Exalted Orbs.


Mandatory Uniques



This glove grants you up to 800% more attack damage with your fists.


Rigwald’s Curse

It causes claw nodes to count as unarmed nodes.



This helmet grants a huge damage boost.



It is a super fun and original build.

Satisfying clear speed with lots of explosions.

Great boss damage.

Over 200 thousand effective HP.

Over 90% chance to evade attacks.

Over 90% physical damage reduction.

Over 70% chance to block attacks.

Easily have over 50% chance to suppress spells.

Achieves 90% physical damage reduction.



It needs to use abyssus.

It needs a 6L armour to work right.

It needs many mandatory uniques.

Important to have added physical damage on rings.


General Strengths


Clear Speed

Go to the pack of enemies and give them a mighty punch that will cause all to explode. It is fast, fun, and heroic.


Boss Damage

This build can take the hardest bosses in a second. But it’s kind of dependent on having a good amount of rage to activate berserk.



Even though this build uses abyssus, it still has pretty solid survivability. Over 200 thousand effective HP. 90% chance to evade, 90% physical damage reduction, permanent fortify, over 70% chance to block the attack, and easily over 50% chance to suppress spells are its awesome defensive layers.



Difficulty: not so easy

Beginner’s friendly: yes

Level 1 to 33 skill: Ground Slam

Level 33 to 76 skill: Cyclone

Level 76+ skill: Infernal Blow



Flicker Strike


Class: Ranger

Ascendancy: Raider



To complete the Atlas: it needs about 7 Exalted Orbs.


Mandatory Uniques


Farrul’s Fur

This armour keeps your frenzy charges always up.


Yoke of Suffering

Causes all damage to shock. This means that enemies will take up to 50% more damage.



It grants permanent onslaught, and 1% increased damage for 200 of the lowest between armour and evasion. We have over 35 thousand of each.



The super fast clear speed with explosions.

Great boss damage.


Effective HP over 200 thousand.

Immunity to stun.

100% inherited chance to avoid elemental ailments.

Great life and mana leech.

Cool AF.



Not so cheap.

Many mandatory PoE Items.

Hard to get attributes.


General Strengths


Clear Speed

You won’s even see your character. That’s how fast it is.


Boss Damage

We have a lot of elemental penetration, and most bosses will have a 50% shock increasing the damage taken. Above all, we also have the berserk buff for a huge damage boost during boss fights.



Don’t let the low total life fool you. This build counts with over 35 thousand of armour and evasion, 100% chance to suppress spell damage, 100% chance to avoid elemental ailments, over 30% chance to block attack damage, stun immunity, and over 200 thousand effective HP.



Difficulty: not so easy

Beginner’s friendly: yes

Level 1 to 78 skill: Frost Blades

Level 78+ skill: Flicker Strike



Super Cyclone


Class: Duelist

Ascendancy: Slayer



To clear white maps: 4L + cheap gear (need about 30 Chaos Orbs)

To clear yellow maps: 5L + mid gear (need about 90 Chaos Orbs)

To complete the Atlas: 6L + good gear (need about 4 Exalted Orbs)



Difficulty: easy

Beginner’s friendly: yes

Level 1 to 12 skill: Ground Slam

Level 12 to 28 skill: Sunder

Level 28+ skill: Cyclone


There are more details about Super Cyclone build in this article, containing Pros, Cons, and General Strengths.



That’s all of the melee builds. Welcome to MmoGah to view more builds. And you can also buy Safe PoE Currency here.




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