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  • PoE Builds 3.18: Top 3 Cyclone Builds Collection
    By Nancy G2022-06-22 00:00:00

    Dear exiles, today’s Path of Exile Builds is about Cyclone. MmoGah will collect the top 3 Cyclone Builds for you, containing Super Cyclone, CoC Ice Spear, and Generals Cry. Now let’s jump into it.


    top 3 cyclone builds



    Super Cyclone


    Class: Duelist

    Ascendancy: Slayer



    To clear white maps: 4L + cheap gear (need about 30 Chaos Orbs)

    To clear yellow maps: 5L + mid gear (need about 90 Chaos Orbs)

    To complete the Atlas: 6L + good gear (need about 4 Exalted Orbs)




    Easy to play

    Great clear with huge AoE

    Always moving

    Excellent starter

    Easy to build

    No mandatory uniques

    Great for beginners



    You stay very close to enemies.

    Need cluster jewels to get stun immunity.


    General Strengths


    Clear Speed

    You have a massive AoE and are always moving. With a good quicksilver flask and chance to gain onslaught in your boots, you have an amazing clear speed. It’s like a hot knife cutting butter.


    Boss Damage

    The boss damage is great, but you need to make a certain ritual before starting attacking. You need to change to the blood stance, make the boss with an assassin’s mark, and summon your ancestral warchief and ancestral protector totems.



    This build counts with a good amount of amour, evasion, and life leech. The most dangerous thing for you is so important to get the cluster jewels that grant immunity to stun. You can also pick brine king in your pantheon to also be immune to freeze.



    Difficulty: easy

    Beginner’s friendly: yes

    Level 1 to 12 skill: Ground Slam

    Level 12 to 28 skill: Sunder

    Level 28+ skill: Cyclone



    CoC Ice Spear


    Class: Templar

    Ascendancy: Inquisitor



    To complete the Atlas: it needs about 13 Exalted Orbs.


    Mandatory Uniques


    Jewelled Foil

    This sword triggers socketed cold spells on critical strikes. It will help our clear speed and deal extra damage on bosses.


    Crusader Gloves

    These gloves grant a lot of benefits for stacking attributes.



    This amulet grants a lot of all attributes to help with the stacking.


    The Taming

    This ring grants a lot of elemental resistances and 70% increased damage.


    Replica Soul Tether

    It grants a huge survivability boost.



    Satisfying clear speed with explosions

    Great boss damage

    Instant leech

    Huge hp pool

    Massive life and energy shield regeneration




    Many mandatory uniques

    Many specific rare items

    Hard to build

    No chance to suppress spell damage


    General Strengths


    Clear Speed

    You will be spinning while moving and casting a lot of spells many times per second. You will kill enemies you don’t even have the chance to see.


    Boss Damage

    All projectiles from the ice spear will hit the boss. This assures a huge amount of single target damage.



    This build has a massive life + energy shield pool. You also have soul tether and pious path, energy shield leech, and instant life leech to make you almost unkillable.



    Difficulty: easy

    Beginner’s friendly: yes

    Level 1 to 12 skill: Spark

    Level 12 to 68 skill: Arc

    Level 68+ skill: CoC Ice Spear



    General’s Cry


    Class: Marauder

    Ascendancy: Berserker



    To clear white maps: 4L + cheap gear (need about 60 Chaos Orbs)

    To clear yellow maps: 5L + mid gear (need about 120 Chaos Orbs)

    To complete the Atlas: 6L + good gear (need about 4 Exalted Orbs)


    Mandatory Uniques


    Redblade Banner

    This shield reduces the cooldown of your warcry and causes it to the infinity power.


    Replica Conqueror’s Efficiency

    Cause skill to cost less mana.



    This helmet grants a huge damage boost.




    Supper tanky

    Incredible boss damage

    High maximum elemental resistances

    Immunity starter

    Achieves 90% physical damage reduction



    The clear speed is clunky.

    Not so easy leveling.


    General Strengths


    Clear Speed

    Your clear speed depends on your mirage warrious, and they use blade flurry, which is not a great skill for clearing.


    Boss Damage

    This build deletes bosses from the freaking existence. I don’t have much more to say.



    This build has many defensive layers: a huge amount of armour, super high elemental resistances, molten shell reaches 10k life, and almost maximum block chance for attacks. It lacks chance to suppress spell damage touch.



    Difficulty: not so easy

    Beginner’s friendly: yes

    Level 1 to 33 skill: Ground Slam

    Level 33 to 70 skill: Cyclone

    Level 70+ skill: General’s Cry



    Here is the ending of this build. Welcome to to view more Cyclone builds. And you can also buy cheap and safe PoE currency here.




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