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PoE Builds 3.14: Mage Skeleton Build - Necromancer Witch

Before this league, I didn't share so-called "best starter builds" with you, as I find it made a futile effort. There must be lots of league starter builds made by exiles before new leagues start. However, most of those are "predictive". You will find those builds you are going to use may not be suitable for the new league. There may be fantastic builds before new leagues, but it's like finding a needle in a haystack. So I quit this work since this league. And I will show you helpful PoE Builds after new leagues start.


Today the Best Gaming Store MmoGah will show you Mage Skeleton Build - Necromancer Witch. First of all, let me clarify that the reference of this post is Daniel Toledo's original video. Now let's begin.


Mage Skeleton Build Necromancer Witch cover




Look for these mods on rare items

- Minion Damage

- Life

- Elemental Resistances

- Dexterity


Mandatory Uniques

Dead Reckoning 

- This jewel is mandatory because it allows us to summon Mage Skeletons instead of the regular ones.


Alberon's Warpath 

- Mainly because it grants 1 extra skeleton, and it's pretty cheap.

- It also gives 20% increased movement speed.


Mandatory Rings




- At least 30 Dexterity

- At least 50 Life



- You need 2 Unset Rings for this build.

- If you can, get them with Dexterity and Life.


Rare Helmet


Mage Skeleton Build Necromancer Witch rare helmet



- +1 Skeleton

- +1 Zombie

- + Level of Minion Gems

- Some Life

- Some Resistances



- When you have more PoE Currency, get a Helmet with these mods.


Rare Body Armour


Mage Skeleton Build Necromancer Witch rare body armour



- Energy Shield

- Armour

- +1 Skeleton

- Some Life

- Some Resistances



- It would be good to get a body armour with these mods.


Recommended Uniques

- Skullhead

- Pledge of Hands

- Femurs of the Saints


Recommended Flasks

- Divine Life Flask

- Quicksilver Flask

- Silver Flask

- Rumi's Concoction


Gameplay Gear

Mage Skeleton Build Necromancer Witch gear






Vaal Summon SkeletonsGreater Multiple ProjectilesSpell EchoPierceMinion DamagePredator

- First of all, I'd like to recommend that you use Vaal Summon Skeletons highly.

- Vaal Gem Skills also grant the regular skill. Vaal Summon Skeleton is an awesome addition to your army.

- Start forming a 4L with Greater Multiple Projectiles, Spell Echo, and Pierce.

- Socket Minion Damage if you get 5L on your equipment and socket Elemental Focus if you get 6L.


Vaal Summon SkeletonsHypothermiaSpell EchoPierceMinion DamagePredator

- When facing bosses, you can replace Greater Multiple Projectiles with Hypothermia. This gem swap will grant more single-target damage.



Raise Zombie – Brutality – Feeding Frenzy – Multistrike – Minion Damage – Melee Physical Damage

- Use 9 Zombies with 20K+ Life as Bodyguards.

- They also do a lot of damage themselves and grant the Feeding Frenzy buff for more than 10% minion damage.



Raise SpectreSummon Chaos GolemCulling StrikeLifetap

- Chaos Golem grants reduced physical damage you taken.

- We're also using Carnage and Host Chieftains for this build. They grant frenzy and power charges for you and your minions.

- You just need to go to "The Old Fields" in act 2 and "The Ashen Fields" in act 7. Cast Desecrate until you find the right corpses. (Carnage Chieftain in act 2 and Host Chieftain in act 7)

- Then raise them as spectres.

- Please watch the following video from 8:18 to 8:50.




Winter OrbCast while ChannellingFlesh OfferingDesecrate

- Winter Orb has a few roles. First of all, it deals cold damage to trigger Elemental Equilibrium, increasing enemies' cold resistance by 25% but reducing their fire and lighting resistances by 50%.

- Winter Orb is also linked with Cast while Channelling, and this means that it will keep casting Desecrate and Flash Offering while you channel it. In this way, you always have corpses on the floor and the Flesh Offering buff.



ZealotrySkitterbotsVaal HasteGenerosity

- Zealotry grants more than 15% Spell Damage to your skeletons.

- Skitterbots are going to keep chilling and shocking enemies for more survivability and damage.

- Vaal Haste grants a temporary cast speed buff for your minions. You can use it on bosses.



Sniper's Mark

- Sniper's Mark is a curse that causes enemies to take up to 40% increased projectile damage.

- You can use it on bosses.


Flame Dash

- Flame Dash is a great movement skill.




Look for these mods on rare jewels:

- Minion Damage

- Maximum Life

- Cast Speed

- Dexterity


Abyss Jewel


abyss jew



- It will increase minion damage if you use a minion skill.

- Minions deal additional lighting damage.



- These jewels are awesome because you trigger the extra damage when using the skill predator.


Important Nodes

- Renewal: This cluster jewel grants a good amount of damage.

- Blessed Rebirth: This cluster jewel won't let your skeletons take damage for 4 seconds after being summoned.



Skill Tree

mage skeleton necromancer witch skill tree




Major God: Lunaris

Minor God: Garukhan




mage skeleton necromancer witch bandits




This build has a super easy leveling process, and it is beginner-friendly. The following leveling instructions are made to make your Life easier during your progress. But if this is your first character, you probably won't have access to all those leveling PoE Items right away. If that's your case, don't worry, you'll be totally fine even without them.



- You can use Fireball until you are on level 4.

- Get your Summon Raging Spirits when you reach lvl 4 and use the recommended leveling items until reaching lvl 49 when you are going to start using Mage Skeletons.


Leveling setup of links:

- The first skill you'll get is Fireball. Use it until level 4.

- As soon as you reach the first town, get Raise Zombies as your quest reward.

- Reaching level 4, replace Fireball with Summon Raging Spirits.

- Reaching level 8, support Summon Raging Spirits with Added Fire Damage, Minion Damage, and Melee Splash.

- Also, on level 8, support your Raise Zombies with Minion Damage.

- Reaching level 10, you can use a Skeleton Totem for extra boss damage.

- Also, on level 10, activate Clarity for more mana regeneration.

- Reaching level 16, activate Summon Skitterbots for more damage and survivability.

- Reaching level 18, replace Added Fire Damage with Melee Physical Damage on your Summon Raging Spirits setup. This will be your main setup until level 49.

- Also, on level 18, support your Zombies with minion life and melee physical damage.

- When you reach level 18, if you have Dead Reckoning, support it with Controlled Destruction. Or, if you don't have DR yet, use Melee Physical Damage.

- Reaching level 49, you should buy a Sire of Shards and start using Mage Skeletons on your main skill. Support your Mage Skeletons with Minion Damage, Pierce, and Spell Echo.

- Also, on level 49, replace Clarity with Zealotry.

- Reaching level 59, you can equip your Femurs of the Saints and start using the main skeleton setup. Support your Mage Skeleton with Greater Multiple Projectiles, Pierce, and Spell Echo. Use Minion Damage if you have a 5L and use Predator if you have a 6L.


Recommended Path of Exile Items

- Tabula Rasa

- Lochtonial Caress

- Goldrim

- Lifesprig

- Wanderlust

- Atziri's Foible

- Praxis

- Mark of the Red Covenant

- Earendel's Embrace

- Sire of Shards



Here is the end of this build. You can click the site mmogah.com to view more builds, and you can also Buy Exalted Orb and Chaos Orb here.

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