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PoE Builds 3.14: Explosive Blade Vortex Build - Assassin Shadow

Today’s PoE build is about Explosive Blade Vortex Build - Assassin Shadow. Now the professional PoE Shop will share the details with you exiles.


Explosive Blade Vortex Build Assassin Shadow cover




Look for these mods on rare items

- Physical Damage

- Area Damage

- Spell Damage

- Damage to Spells

- Critical Multiplier

- Elemental Resistances

- Life

- Energy Shield

- Strength


Mandatory Uniques

Essence Worm 

- This Unique Ring gives us the chance to use an aura without reserving more mana.

- Let’s use it to boost our DPS with the aura Pride.

- If you can’t buy one yet, that’s ok. Just wait to activate Pride when you are able to do so.



- The wand is what makes our Blade Vortex so explosive. It grants 20% chance to kill enemies explode, dealing 25% of their maximum life as chaos damage. We are going to use two for a great clear speed.


Cold Iron Point 

- When facing bosses, we are going to press “X” on our keyboard and use our second set of weapons. Two Cold Iron Point daggers grant “+3 To Level Of All Physical Spell Gems”. This grants a big load of damage to our Blade Vortex.


Rare Helmet


Explosive Blade Vortex Build Assassin Shadow rare helmet



- Nearby enemies take 9% increased physical damage.

- Some Life

- Some energy shield



- When you have more PoE Currency, get a Helmet with these mods.



Recommended Uniques

- Starkonja’s Head

- Fenumus’ Weave

- Natural Affinity

- Militant Faith

- Carcass Jack


Recommended Flasks

- Divine Life Flask

- Diamond Flask

- Quicksilver Flask

- Sin’s Rebirth

- Atziri’s Promise


Gameplay Gear

Explosive Blade Vortex Build Assassin Shadow gear






Blade VortexIntensifyPower Charge on CriticalUnleashControlled DestructionCruelty

- You can start forming a 4L with Intensify, Power Charge on Critical, and Unleash.

- When you get an armour with 5 or 6L, you can add Controlled Destruction and Cruelty.



Summon Stone GolemHerald of PurityClarity (level 10) – Enlighten

- Herald of Purity grants more physical damage.

- Clarity grants more mana regeneration.

- Stone Golem grants more life regeneration.



SteelskinDashSecond WindIncreased Duration

- Steelskin grants a shield that absorbs damage. You can put it in your left-click shortcut, so you’ll cast while walking.

- Dash is a great movement skill.



Vaal GraceVaal Righteous FireIncreased Duration - Empower

- Vaal Grace grants a temporary chance to avoid damage. You can use it on bosses.

- Vaal Righteous Fire grants more than 19% spell damage for some seconds, which is great for bosses, but it does that at the sacrifice of 60% of your life, so don’t use it if you don’t feel comfortable with it.

Warning: Righteous Fire is going to kill you. So I suggest you use Vaal Righteous Fire.



Arcanist BrandAssassin’s MarkArcane Surge (Level 5)

- This brand is for bosses. It will curse them with Assassin’s Mark for more multiplier.

- It will also trigger Arcane Surge for more spell damage.


Frost ShieldIncreased Area of EffectIncreased Duration

- Frost Shield grants a shield with up to 3640 life that takes up to 60% of the damage for you. You need to spend some energy shield to activate it, so please pay attention now.

- For a level 20 Frost Shield to be created with maximum life, you need a shield with 876 energy at least.

- If you don’t have that amount, you’ll need a lower-level Frost Shield.

- A level 10 Frost Shield would only need a 372 energy shield.

- Frost Shield also grants up to +1.5% critical strike chance while you stay inside of it.




- This aura must be in your Essence Worm ring.

- It will cause enemies to take a lot more physical damage.




Look for these mods on rare jewels:

- Physical Damage

- Spell Damage

- Area damage

- Critical Multiplier

- Maximum Life


Abyss Jewel


Explosive Blade Vortex Build Assassin Shadow abyss jewel



- X% chance to gain Onslaught for 4 seconds on kill.



- I highly recommend you to get an abyssal jewel like this.


Watcher’s Eye


Explosive Blade Vortex Build Assassin Shadow watcher's eye



- X% chance to deal double damage while using Pride.



- This kind of Watcher’s Eye is not cheap, but it can optimize your damage.

- It is not mandatory.



Skill Tree

Explosive Blade Vortex Build Assassin Shadow skill tree




Major God: Lunaris

Minor God: Tukohama




Explosive Blade Vortex Build Assassin Shadow bandits




This build has an easy leveling process. It’s friendly for beginners.




- You can use Ethereal Knives until level 12.

- Then, you can already start using Blade Vortex.


Leveling setup of links:

- The first skill you’ll get is Viper Strike. You can use it until you reach the first city.

- Then talk to Tarkleigh and pick Ethereal Knives as your reward.

- Keep Ethereal Knives with the Lesser Poison support gem.

- When reaching level 8, you can also support your Ethereal Knives with Efficacy.

- When reaching level 10, you should activate Clarity for more mana regeneration.

- When reaching level 12, you can replace Ethereal Knives with Blade Vortex.

- When reaching level 16, you need to activate Herald of Purity for more damage.

- Once you reach level 18, replace Lesser Poison with Controlled Destruction, and also add Cruelty.

- When reaching level 38, you can replace Efficacy with Intensify. You can also equip your Essence Worm ring at lvl 38. If you do that, socket Pride on it. If you don’t have this ring yet, just wait until you activate Pride.

- Around level 50, when you have at least 6 power charges, you can replace Cruelty with Power Charge on Critical Strike. Also, replace Controlled Destruction with Unleash.

- Also, on level 50, you can equip Fenumu’s Weave and activate Aspect of the Spider.

- Please note that you can and should use Vaal Blade Vortex instead of the regular one. It grants another source of single target damage.


Recommend PoE Items

- Tabula Rasa

- Lochtonial Caress

- Goldrim

- Lifesprig

- Wanderlust

- Asenath’s Mark

- Axiom Perpetuum

- Praxis

- Dark Seer

- Heartbreaker



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