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PoE 3.8: Some Predictions About The Upcoming League

Dear Exiles, long time no see! Our Path of Exile team of MmoGah have preparing for the upcoming league these days. And as a professional PoE Shop, we will share some predictions about upcoming reworks, league, and ascendency changes. You can read this article or watch the original video to see more details.







 1. We know that 3.8 won’t be the following types of “reworks”:

- A massive melee rework (that was 3.7)

- A massive “self-cast” rework (3.6)

- A massive change to Forsaken Masters (3.5)

- A massive trade overhaul (that isn’t happening ever, if it does, it will be with 4.0)


 2. We know that 3.8 won’t be the following types of “leagues”:

- Massive “boardgame” type akin to Synthesis, Betrayal, or Incursion (3.6, 3.5, or 3.3)

- Massive “end game” type akin to Delve (3.4)


 3. We know that 3.8 won’t be the following types of “ascendency overhauls”:

- Chieftain, Berserker

- Gladiator, Slayer, Champion

- Trickster

- Occultist, Elementalist

- Hierophant, Guardian





 1. In terms of reworks, 3.8 most likely will focus on the following things:

- Lab Enchants (I think this will most likely be a 4.0 thing, but it could be prior)

- Two Handers (Focused on Staves with some perks foe Swords, Axes, Bows)

- Ranged Rework (I highly doubt this since everyone in the game plays some form of range)

- Bow Rework (Focused on Ranger-Raider/Deadeye/Pathfinder)


 2. In terms of league mechanics, 3.8 most likely will focus on the following things:

- End game bosses: appearing on random encounters (Abyss, Breach, Bestiary, Delve)

- Immediate rewards: no need for a 2nd screen game (Breach, Harbinger, Legion, Essence)

- Scaling farming: somehow dependent on item level (Bestiary, Incursion, Essence, Delve)


 3. In terms of Ascendency overhauls, 3.8 most likely will focus on the following things:

- Ranger (Pathfinder, Deadeye, and Raider haven’t been tweaked for a bit)

- Juggernaut (consistently good every league, but hasn’t been tweaked like Berserker/Chieftain)

- Inquisitor (It’s got some holy ground stuff, but may be due for 1-2 additional keynodes)







 1. We know that scheduled PC, Xbox1 and PS4 release for September 6th 2019, and the end of Legion league is scheduled from September 3rd 2019.


 2. In the past, the GGG promotion cycle has followed these patterns:

- More loot piñata/less gameplay complexity when leagues accompany or lead up to major expansions.

- More complex gameplay when between major expansions.


 3. League announcements are:

- Tuesdays (Betrayal Nov 13th 2018, Synthesis Feb 19th 2019)

- Wednesdays (Abyss Nov 22nd 2017)

- Thursdays (Delve Aug 9th 2018)

- Fridays (Breach Nov 18th 2016)


 4. Made 14-24 days prior to league launch:

- Breach launched Dec 2nd 2016

- Abyss launched Dec 8th 2017

- Delve launched Aug 31st 2018

- Betrayal launched Dec 7th 2018





 1. Based on GGG’s history, GGG always attempts to set expectations low, and then exceed those expectations with announcements (Very little information given out prior to announcements).


 2. Speculation around changing difficulties and adding 1 act to story (speculation in 2016/2017) and GGG came out with deleting all difficulties and adding 6 new acts.


 3. 4.0 expansion is going to be bigger than any of us presently can guess, and 3.8 is most likely going to include more than we presently expect, but will still leave us wanting more in 3.9 and 4.0.





 1. 3.8 will include one/multiple of the following Archetypes:

- Summoners (Necromancers rejoice)

- Spellcasting Inquisitor (Vaal Spark coming back again?)

- Tanky Jugg (Ye Olde Faithful, if it ain’t broke, please don’t fix it.)

- Rangers (Pathfinder lost a ton of power with flask nerfs, Raider is always suboptimal)


 2. 3.8 will introduce a fresh way to rush level 100

- We saw Pure Breachstones ROTA’s in 3.5, now it’s 5 way domains in 3.7.


 3. 3.8 will bring new villains and new quality of life (QOL).

- New NPC or villains (I think 3.8 will be a villain and no new NPC’s till 4.0)

- will see some QOL for Delve and past league issues



That’s all about the predictions about poe 3.8. You can come to mmogah.com to see more PoE News, and you can also buy Cheap PoE Items and PoE Currency like Exalted Orb and Chaos Orb to enhance your character. Hope you have fun on next expansion.  

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