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PoE 3.18 Builds - Top 6 League Stater Builds

Dear exiles, Path of Exile 3.18: Sentinel is coming soon! Today the professional gaming store MmoGah will share the best starter builds for PoE 3.18 league with you. These builds are collected from Fyregrass and KobeBlackMamba, and I hope these can help you a lot.


poe 3.18 Top 6 League Stater Builds cover



1. Spectral Helix (into Lightning Strike)


- You can play Berserker/Raider/Champion in SC and Champion in HC.

Berserker has Most Damage, Champion is Tankiest, and Raider is between them.

- Level with Spectral Helix until you get enough damage/gear to swap to LS.

- Single Target carried by Vaal Lightning Strike and Map Clear is great unless you run into Pebbles.

- Helix Playstyle can cause people to quit the game.

- This build is borderline unkillable with 90% Res, 100% Spell Suppression, and 50k+ Armour/Evasion. 

- This is the best Build Progression with meaningful upgrades at every stage.


There's a pretty good reason why Spectral Helix is on the list. Spectral Helix has good damage scaling, and it can be played on a bunch of different archetypes that have no troubles whatsoever scaling their defenses. This makes it a pretty good all-around build. Additionally, there are multiple different ascendancies and playstyles for the skill. So if you're looking for a bit of variety, you have a lot of options. There isn't much more to say about this one other than its main drawback: it has a very cumbersome playstyle that many people may not like. It deals damage with a weird delay, and it's also very inconsistent. You cast it, and then you move on, and it might hit the targets, and sometimes it might not, which occasionally means if you're doing a map where you need to kill all of the enemies. You might find yourself doing a bit of backtracking. This could also be very frustrating when you're fighting bosses that are moving around a lot because they can often move in ways that completely avoid taking any damage from your Spectral Helix costs. 



2. Seismic Trap


- This build can be played on Saboteur in SC and HC.

- This build can be played as Crit or Poison.

- Use Seismic for Single Target and Exsanguinate for Clear.

- This is the best league start bosser if you want to farm Uber Pinnacle Bosses ASAP. 

- Trap Playstyle may not be for everyone.

- 15% Reduced Damage taken from Blinded Enemies, 100% Spell Suppression, Grace, Determination, and Defiance Banner.


Physical trapper has been insane for quite some time now, and even though GGG tried to nerf it last league, they didn't succeed. This build has some of the best boss killing potential on a budget in the entire game, and it's been that way for a while. I can see this being the build of choice for all people intending to do Uber farming next week. Although you're just the kind of person who has a hard time unlocking all of your favorite slots in your void stones, this is still a good option. This build's main weakness is simply being squishy. Now it does come with between 4k to 5k Life. It's usually capping spell suppression and runs enough evasion, however compared to some of the other builds. 



3. Skeleton Mages


- Level with Absolution until you are able to buy Dead Reckoning Jewel.

- Make sure you enjoy the minion playstyle.

- This is not the fastest mapping build but relatively safe because of minions.

- This build needs a good computer because of the sheer number of minions and projectiles that spawn.

- This build is tanky and easily capable of all content.


The third option on this list is Summon Skeletons. This is a long-time favorite of many players, and it has probably the most staying power out of all of the options that we've reviewed so far. Skeleton Mages play very similarly to totems with one major difference. Their projectiles travel very far. This makes them good for clearing maps in addition to killing bosses. Skeleton Mages is a build that has very few weaknesses. It starts off good, and the more you pump money into it, the greater it gets. I believe it was responsible for one of the first waves of 30 simulacrum kills, and it's no surprise when you consider that it comes with great damage and far better defenses than any of the other builds previewed here yet. It's not all roses; however, one of the major weaknesses of this build is its slow start at the start of a league. You don't even get to start playing Skeleton Mages. Rather, you have to start with Skeleton Warriors or a different minion until you obtain the jewel to allow you to summon Skeleton Mages. Additionally, being a minion build, you're often left at the whims of what I would describe as fairly underwhelming AI. 


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4. Explosive Arrow Totems


- You can play Elementalist on SC and Champion on HC.

- Crazy Single Target Ignite DPS with respectable clear due to ignite proliferation. 

- Totem Playstyle - it is good for bossing but not for everyone.

- Tanky Build Capable of 100% Spell Suppression while Running Grace, Determination, and Defiance Banner. 

- This build is super cheap to start and has a clear upgrade path. 



5. Detonate Dead Necromancer


- This build can be played on Necromancer in both SC and HC.

- This build has a smooth leveling experience with Armageddon Brand and Cremation.

- Single Target takes advantage of the bugged Spectre Mob and can be scaled into insane numbers with Phantasmal Unearth.

- It has two buttons Playstyle.

- Extra Defensive Layer of Block/Spell Block while having 100% Spell Suppression and High Evasion/Armour.



6. Poisonous Concoction Pathfinder


The last list is Poisonous Concoction. This is a skill that's still relatively new to the game, but it's been fairly popular ever since its release, and it's had a pretty good showing with consistent results across both leagues. Poisonous Concoction's main niche is its very high base damage combined with the ability to shotgun projectiles without incurring a damage penalty. Additionally, this build is not very reliant on uniques at all. But I think what makes this skill so appealing to so many players is that it has a very easy time getting defensive without feeling bad. This is one of those builds that you have to slap on a few spell suppression res, and you're good to go. The game pretty much plays itself at that point. The skill's largest weakness is that although it does have a high ceiling, it has a hard time reaching there. You can scale this build to the point where it's capable of defeating a wave 30 simulacrum, but it's going to be pretty expensive in most cases. 



How to Choose Your Build


- Make sure to try out the Playstyle of the league starter.

- Choose a build based on what type of content you will enjoy farming.

- Keep in mind how long you intend to play your league starter and if you are willing to re-level a new character for your second build.

- Understand not all skills are created equal.



Here is the end of the league starters. Welcome to the best PoE Shop to view more useful PoE Builds. And you can also buy safe PoE items and cheap Exalted orbs here to support your new path. We are waiting for you in the game!



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