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  • PoE 3.17 Builds: 6 Best League Starters
    By Nancy G2022-02-11 00:00:00

    Path of Exile 3.17: Archnemesis is essentially here, and as always, I like to go over a list of builds. A lot of creators made a bunch of really good PoE builds. People are super hyped about these, and I want to talk about the builds that I think are going to mostly define the league. ( Now the 3.18 league is coming soon, and you can view this post to get your 3.18 league starter builds.)


    poe 3.17 builds league starters


    1. Explosive Arrow Ballista (a totem build)


    Recommended Creators:

    Palsteron - Elementalist (SC)

    Crouching Tuna - Heirophant (SC)

    xai (zizaran video) - Champion / Heirophant (HC)


    There are a couple of things to keep in mind when you are playing this build. You have to be careful that this build has a lot of tertiary stats. It needs to make sure that you don't do a lot of stuff because you can break the build very easily.

    ● Pitfalls - Ignite / Accuracy/ No Fire Dmg on Gear / Attack Speed / Make Sure no Pierce or Chain


    About Build:

    • ● Recovery layers = life flasks/ regen
    • ● Mana issues - placing lots of totems at once is pain (Vaal clarity)
    • ● Defensive layers - good
    • ● Playstyle - Rough if you don't like totems
    • ● Damage is delayed (place totem, wait for procs = boom)


    This build is probably not friendly for new players because of the lots of stats. But if you're looking for a build that is absolutely excellent but might require a little bit more brain and a little bit more time thinking about all the different decisions and stuff that you have to make, explosive arrow ballista should be really solid.



    2. Seismic Traps (one of the premier bossing builds)


    Recommended Creators:




    xai / Lightee - Poison Variant (HC) - Better Midgame, Worse Late


    About Build:

    • ● Huge Boss damage
    • ● Clear is fine, but movespeed is not fast.
    • ● If popular, important gear pieces are expensive.
    • ● Playstyle - Damage can be delayed, and Bosses that move frequently can be frustrating.
    • ● Visual clarity issues with lots of Seismics out.



    3. Spectral Helix (Poison, Elemental, Impale)


    Recommended Creators:

    Jungroan Poison (Assassin) / Elemental (Deadeye)

    Alkaiser - Phys Impale 2H (Champion)

    MattLighty -1h/shield Phys (Champion)

    Tripolar - Poison (Pathfinder)


    About Build:

    • ● Playstyle - You either love it or hate it. Try it first, because most people hate it
    • ● Pay-to-Win Skill MTX
    • ● Certain versions can cap out early, hard to scale.
    • ● Smaller Bosses can be frustrating as well as bosses in small environments.
    • ● Clear on some versions can be spotty, poison has PlagueBearer, impale has to call of Steel, but elemental has not much.


    I think this is one of the better builds, but it, unfortunately, has a terrible playstyle for a lot of people.


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    4. Skeleton Mages (a premier minion build)


    All these PoBs of the following recommended creators are almost the same:



    Von vikton


    Kay Gaming - Requires a Respec from another build


    About Build:

    • ● Requires two specific PoE Items to function (play absolution until then)
    • ● Dead Reckoning (Skeleton Mages)
    • ● Medium Cluster with Blessed Rebirth (skeleton mages no die)
    • ● It's a minion build. You are going to keep lots of things alive (spectres, zombies etc.)
    • ● The screen is very cluttered sometimes.
    • ● Clearspeed is a little bit slow doesn't move fast (mainly a bossing / encounter build)
    • ● Animate Guardian is good.



    5. Absolution


    Recommended Creators:





    About Build:

    • ● Playstyle - Can be very frustrating on bosses.
    • ● Spell Echo also feels terrible on low cast speed.
    • ● It can be a little complicated to scale the damage later on (negative lightning res / doryani's)
    • ● Clearspeed isn't amazing (moves slowly too)
    • ● It's a minion build. You are going to keep lots of things alive (spectres, zombies etc.)
    • ● Animate Guardian is good.



    6. Poisonous Concoction


    Recommended Creators:




    Occultist vs. Pathfinder

    Occultist - better clear, doesn't scale well, better option to change into

    Pathfinder - scales better, worse clear, worse options to change into


    About Build:

    • ● The occultist league start is rough. Need to get gems from someone or do lots of transitions, you also will have issues bossing.
    • ● Bossing is weak, mainly a clear build (pathfinder is okay for bossing)
    • ● Build falls off relatively hard in Late Reds (occultist falls off hard)
    • ● Playstyle can be rough for some, but build moves relatively fast.
    • ● It needs certain stats (attack speed, accuracy).
    • ● It will be rough for some people with poor flask management because you have to have life flasks available to do damage.



    That's all of the league starters that I recommend to you guys, and I hope you have fun in the new league. Welcome to to view more builds, and you can buy safe PoE currency here to level your character fast.




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