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PoE 3.11 Crafting Guide: How to Craft 50% Fire Conversion Gloves Easily

By Nancy G2020-08-07

It's Youtuber Victon here with a Path of Exile Crafting Guide video. Today we are going to be going over how to craft the 50% Fire Conversion Gloves in the Harvest league. The gloves below are what we are going to be crafting, and honestly, it's not too expansive and pretty straightforward once you know what to look out for. Just buying a pair like this straight up will cost you about 8 Exalted Orb minimum, and you can reliably craft yourself anywhere from between 2 and 4 exalts. These gloves are pretty much mandatory for any of the 100% physical to fire conversion builds like the super popular Blade Vortex Fire Conversion Build right now, and any melee physical to fire build as well just to name two examples. MmoGah hopes you enjoy this guide.


poe Craft 50% Fire Conversion Gloves



Step 1

 poe Craft 50% Fire Conversion Gloves step 1

You are going to find a pair of gloves at least iLvl 71 with the affix "Topotante's" on it. It's going to give you 25% physical damage converted to fire damage, and it comes with some fire damage on hit as well. It comes from a regular drop when it is running the temple, so I wouldn't suggest farming it yourself. It's going to take too long and just go ahead to buy one with the mod already on it. Just make sure it actually is the Topotante's affix and not the crusader 25% fire conversion. That is not what you want. You can pretty reliably buy a pair of these for anywhere between 1 to 10 Chaos Orb, so pretty cheap if you do want a perfect base. For example, the Fingerless Silk Gloves for any Caster build, or Spiked Gloves for any melee build. It will cost you a bit more at least an exalt or two for the base, but that's only if you want a min-max, so you are going to be just fine with the 1 to 10 Chaos base to start off with no problem. I also suggest you buy a pair with the least amount of prefixes and suffixes possible, and one where you can target harvest remove any mods you don't need.


Step 2

 poe Craft 50% Fire Conversion Gloves step 2

For the example gloves I got here, I have a pair like this. It already had two suffixes, so with step 2, you need to block prefixes so that when we slam a crusader's orb, we can only slam a crusader's suffix. If you don't do this, you can accidentally slam a crusader's prefixes, and it has a chance to roll a mana mod that you can not remove later, and it will basically break the item. So block prefixes; however, you need to do whether that be from bench crafting or harvest crafting.


Step 3

 poe Craft 50% Fire Conversion Gloves step 3

Step 3 is to slam a crusader's exalt. If you block the prefixes, you're going to go ahead and get a crusaders suffix, and that is going to be 100% able to remove with harvest crafting later, which you will need to do. In my case here, I got a chance to avoid being stunned while casting, which I can remove with a caster mod.


Step 4

 poe Craft 50% Fire Conversion Gloves step 4

For step 4, you want to remove one of your prefix mods so that you only have two prefix mods. The additional 25% physical to fire that comes from the crusader's influence is a prefix. We also don't want to hit a fire resist when you augment fire, so you're going to need to block suffixes as well. Once we have three suffixes and one open prefix augment, at least, we're going to go ahead and slam a fire augment. The only thing that you can get is the physical converted to fire mod. There's a T1 and a T2 version of this, so you actually have a 50% chance to get a T1, which is what you need.


Step 5

 poe Craft 50% Fire Conversion Gloves step 5

Step 5 is if you get a T2 physical to fire, and you need to remove it and keep going until you get a T1. Basically, here you're just going to want to remove physical from harvest crafting, do not remove fire since it will have a chance at removing your original topotante's affix, and that would break the item. Instead, as I said, remove the physical mod. Once you've removed the T2 physical to fire, make sure you have an open prefix, and all suffixes blocked like we did before and augmented fire again. Repeat this process until you have a T1 physical to fire.


Step 6

 poe Craft 50% Fire Conversion Gloves step 6

For step 6, once you get your T1 physical to fire, you're going to randomize physical or fire until you get a total of 50% physical converted to fire. That makes for 100% of your physical damage converted to fire with avatar fire.


Step 7

 poe Craft 50% Fire Conversion Gloves step 7

And for step 7 and your last step, you're going to go ahead and remove any unwanted mods with harvest crafting. Then we're going to augment to get Life. Two elemental resists and I would suggest getting a Chaos to resist as your third resist. Then just like any other craft, we're going to remove slash augment until you get all T1 mods and then randomize until you get a max of all of those T1 mods. I'd suggest not putting fire resistance on these gloves because randomizing will affect both your fire resistance as well as your physical to fire roll and definitely like I said, never remove fire. So just go for cold lightning and chaos resist, that would be my recommendation. Once you've done what you are done, and you have some gloves. You can definitely profit craft these if you want, or of course, you can just craft them for your build and save some PoE Currency rather than just buying them yourself.



That's all about this crafting guide. Welcome to the Professional Gaming Site to view more PoE Builds.

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