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Path of Exile Update: 3.5.0d Patch Notes


The Path of Exile team is currently finishing work on the 3.5.0d update. Alongside several bug fixes, this patch includes improvements to Delve and Betrayal content. PoE are planning to deploy 3.5.0d in the middle of this week, most likely on Tuesday (US/EU time). For today's news post they've prepared a preview of this update to keep you informed. Please note that the patch notes below might be changed prior to release. Today MmoGah (a professional PoE Trade site) will share more details with PoE fans.


• Improved Betrayal encounters by reducing damage dealt by most Syndicate members, improving skill signalling, reducing Syndicate member damage bonuses from some items, reducing skill off-screening, cleaning up residual objects to reduce clutter and reducing additional monster spawns in Fortification encounters.

• Substantially increased the amount of Azurite dropped from Azurite Veins.

• Increased the amount of Azurite dropped from Azurite Encounters by 20%.

• Substantially increased Sulphite Capacity at all upgrade tiers.

• Adjusted the cost of upgrades for Sulphite Capacity, Darkness Resistance, Light Radius, Flare Radius and Flare Capacity in situations where you are over-levelled relative to the expected Depth of having those upgrades.

• Reduced the per-cell travel cost of Sulphite for early Delving. Delves are now 50% cheaper at Depth 1, tapering to normal cost at Depth 52.

• If you have active safehouse portals open and attempt to change to an area that would cause the safehouse to become invalid, you are now warned before changing areas. If you do invalidate your safehouse by ignoring the warning and changing areas, the safehouse leaders are now removed (as they have escaped) rather than made invulnerable. The reason that safehouses are invalidated is to prevent abuse cases.

• Maps which drop from the "Bargain" option in Betrayal Encounters will now drop at appropriate levels relative to the area that you are in.

• Enabled the "You can apply an additional Curse" veiled and crafting modifier.

• Enabled various new veiled and crafting modifiers for amulets.

• The "Prefixes cannot be Changed" crafting modifier can now correctly be acquired by defeating Inya, the Unbearable Whispers from the Unbearable Whispers V prophecy.

• Zana missions can no longer spawn in Zana missions.

• Players that have clicked the plinth in the first Delve encounter should now have both two and three socket crafting recipes as originally intended.

• The plinths which unlock the three-socket-colour, six-socket and six-link crafting modifiers now correctly spawn in Vaal Outpost, Abyssal City and Primeval Ruins respectively.

• Veiled modifiers for "x% increased Attack and Cast Speed" can no longer generate on rings as they were not meant to be able to.

• Added names to various modifiers that were missing them.

• Updated the hideout loading screen art.

• The Invisible Buff Effect microtransaction can now be applied to Dread Banner and War Banner.

• Fixed a bug preventing players from unlocking the "Shaped" and "Elder" Zana mods.

• Fixed a bug re-introduced in 3.5.0 where "Twinned" modifiers were able to apply to the Elder encounter.

• Fixed a bug where an Elder Guardian portal could spawn in an unreachable location in the Acid Caverns Map.

• Fixed a bug where using currency in the "Tiny's Trial" safehouse reward rooms would fail if you had that type of currency in your inventory.

• Fixed a bug where triggered Earthquake monster skills (such as the one used by Brinecrack) were sometimes dealing far more damage than intended.

• Fixed a bug where one of Janus Perandus' skills could not be seen if your character was on much higher ground than Janus Perandus.

• Fixed a bug where the Soul of Lunaris pantheon could sometimes cause your movement speed to be reduced until you changed areas.

• Fixed a bug where the number of Brands that could be applied to a monster was not on a per-player basis.

• Fixed a bug where Lightning Trap's "Fire X Projectiles in a Nova" value displayed incorrectly on the skill gem.

• Fixed a bug where monsters could spawn in unreachable locations in the Overgrown Hideout.

• Fixed a bug where you could be placed in unwalkable terrain when entering Act 3 and Act 8 towns from a portal.

• Fixed a visual issue introduced in 3.5.0 with the Subjugator Cloak and the Gothic Cloak.

• Fixed a visual issue with a Full Ringmail when equipped on a Templar.

• Fixed a visual issue where the Dragon Spear weapon skin was held incorrectly when applied to 2-handed axes and maces.

• Fixed a client crash when hovering over Foothills Debris in Alva's Decoration list.


PoE are planning to deploy the 3.5.0d update for Xbox One shortly after its release on PC.


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