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Path of Exile: Ultimatum Trailer and Details

"You only live once, exile. Make your choice. A simple Ultimatum: leave with your life and a meagre reward or risk it all for a chance at ungodly riches. For each trial you accept, the challenge grows but fails and leaves with nothing. Reap the reward you deserve. Ultimate reward requires ultimate risk. Face the Ultimatum."


Dear exiles! Exciting news! The Path of Exile's new league Ultimatum will begin immediately. Today MmoGah will show you the trailer and details about PoE 3.14. The Ultimatum challenge league contains improvements to Vaal Skills, many new PoE Items, reward improvements, eight new Skill and Support Gems, and much more.


poe 3.14



Improvements to Vaal Skills

In each area of the Ultimatum league, you'll meet the Trialmaster, an emissary of a Vaal entity known only as Chaos. On behalf of Chaos, the Trialmaster enacts trials where exiles must risk an escalating set of valuable rewards as they attempt to overcome progressively more difficult encounters. If you succeed in the challenge, the Trialmaster will present you with an ultimatum: either walk away with what you have earned so far or risk it all to try to win additional rewards. If you fail, though, you'll lose both rewards and walk away with nothing. If you succeed, you'll be offered an additional reward in exchange for adding yet another difficulty modifier that stacks on top of the current ones. This cycle continues until the rewards become increasingly valuable and the encounter becomes extremely difficult.


In maps, you can occasionally find items called Inscribed Ultimatums. These items can be placed in the map device to transport you to the Trialmaster's domain. If you're able to complete the trial, the Trialmaster will reward you with the specified reward, which is usually worth around twice the value of the item you must bring. For example, you may be asked to risk an Exalted Orb to win a stack of two or potentially risk a stack of five to win a stack of ten. Naturally, Inscribed Ultimatums can be traded with other players, so if you don't feel capable of completing a difficult challenge, you may be able to trade it away for a portion of the difference in price between the reward and the item that must be risked. Likewise, if you have a powerful character, you may be able to selectively trade for profitable Ultimatums to run.



New Items

There are also new unique items that can only be obtained from Ultimatum. One such unique item is the Glimpse of Chaos Vaal Mask, which provides powerful benefits to your maximum life, mana, and energy shield at the cost of having severely reduced elemental resistances and no chaos resistance. The item can be corrupted multiple times and has unique Corruption outcomes, such as removing a random modifier or transforming into a different random corrupted unique helmet entirely that retains its corruption implicit mod.


Another new Vaal unique item in Ultimatum is Mahuxotl's Machination, which grants you six passive keystones at once. Combining all of these keystones results in some very unusual outcomes, and the item features an entirely unique new keystone as well.


The GGG has worked hard to make sure that Ultimatum doesn't punish you for being in a party with other players. Party members compete in trials together but have separate rewards available to them that will need to be locked in to begin the trial. Each player votes on which difficulty modifier to select. The modifier will be chosen at random if there's a draw in votes. If one player wants to take the reward and opt-out of the next difficult trial, the player is able to do so without stopping the other party members from continuing. Rewards are allocated to the players who earned them.



Reward System Improvements

We will start by reviewing which items can drop from monsters and chests in the core game. To make sure the core drop pool remains compelling, the GGG has made various changes. You can now find two additional PoE Currency items as core drops - Orbs of Binding (from the Harbinger League) and the new Veiled Chaos Orb.


The GGG has also added five new Atlas Base Types, like this Energy Shield Recharge Amulet. Another topic related to the core drop pool is that of boss runs. Veteran community members will remember when people used to do Vaal Oversoul, or Dominus runs over and over because they were a profitable use of time. Final Act Bosses now drop more and better items, giving you a much more satisfying close to a difficult act and a more item-focused approach to getting ready for maps if you prefer.


They have also added a bunch of very powerful and valuable league-specific uniques into the core drop pool. This means that they can drop from any sufficiently high-level monster without you having to engage with specialized content. The goal with all of these changes is to make sure that every monster you kill in Path of Exile has a chance to drop something incredibly valuable, regardless of what content you're playing.


On top of all of that, they have also added a handful of new vendor recipes, which let you make some pretty cool stuff. They really miss the days when players were scrambling to try to find unknown recipes, so they're looking forward to seeing how long it takes for you to discover how these ones work.


They have also introduced a new type of Reliquary Key into the core drop pool for this expansion. You can find a Vaal Reliquary Key from any chest or monster in PoE if you're very lucky. It gives you access to a vault with a chest that drops a special foil version of a Vaal-themed unique item when consumed in the Map Device. Each unique has an equal chance of dropping. This is the rarest Reliquary Key ever added to PoE due to the value and Power Level of the items contained within.



Reward Improvements

The rest of the reward changes relate to items that you earn by playing the past content like prior leagues and expansions. The GGG has two goals here - the first is to add and improve items so that all the past content has a compelling set of rewards. The second goal is to make it so that the best way to get any reward is to play the content that is primarily associated with that type of reward.


reward improvements



New Skill and Support Gems

Every Path of Exile expansion needs new ways for players to slaughter their enemies. In Path of Exile: Ultimatum, this takes the form of four new skill gems and four support gems. Alongside the new skill and support gems, they've also made some adjustments to the low-life mechanic, including changing the low-life threshold to 50%. This makes it much easier and safer to stay on low life for PoE Builds where it matters.


Typically when players create low-life builds, they rely on an energy shield to protect themselves against incoming damage. The new skill Petrified Blood enables low-life builds to use some of their life pool instead to absorb hits. While it's active, you can't recover life above 50% through any method other than flasks. Sources of life recovery like life leech and life regeneration only apply to the bottom half of your life pool. Additionally, a portion of incoming hit damage that affects the lower half of your life pool is spread out over time, rather than being applied instantly.


Corrupting Fever consumes a chunk of your life and grants you a buff that causes all your hits to apply Corrupted Blood to your enemies. Corrupted Blood stacks up with each hit, causing more and more physical damage over time. This buff's duration refreshes when you have consumed a certain amount of life to cast skills from your life pool. Essentially, you'll be causing damage over time to stack on enemies as long as you're consuming life to use skills.


The Exsanguinate Skill shoots tendrils of blood in front of you at the cost of life rather than mana. In addition to strong physical damage hit, it also applies physical damage over time debuff, which can stack up to three times. You can also support it so that its tendrils chain from one target to the next.


Reap conjures a giant bloody scythe that swings across a selected area, applying strong hit damage and physical damage over time. Each use of this skill causes it to gain a charge that scales its damage up and increases its life cost up to five times. These charges drop off over time, which would make Reap very powerful at stacking up damage against single targets and after killing enemies.


The Arrogance Support Gem causes supported skills to reserve life instead of mana and also provides an increase to the effect of auras that it supports. Just like the original Blood Magic Support Gem, the reservation multiplier diminishes as the gem levels up.


The Lifetap Support Gem causes supported skills to cost life instead of mana. Once you consume a certain amount of life to use a skill, you will gain Lifetap, which increases your damage for a few seconds.


The Cruelty Support Gem grants a buff which increases the damage over time when you deal with supported skills. It also boosts the hit damage from supported skills, and the Cruelty buff gets stronger the harder you hit.


The Bloodthirst Support Gem is a new option for low-life attackers. This gem adds a percentage of your life as physical weapon damage while you're on low life, letting low-life attack-based builds really scale their damage, which wasn't an option before.


It felt right to take the opportunity to improve Vaal Skills, which are supercharged versions of regular gems that charge up with the souls of your slain enemies to deal huge bursts of damage. One of the main improvements is that you now get far more souls for Vaal Skills from damaging unique enemies, so your Vaal Skills will recharge faster against bosses.


They've also improved the Atziri's Reign unique jewel. It also grants a chance to regain all consumed Souls Alongside increasing the duration of your Vaal Skills. Vaal Skills have also received a balance pass that you can check out in the full Path of Exile: Ultimatum patch notes a few hours later.



These are all details about PoE 3.14 Ultimatum. I hope this post will help you a lot in the upcoming league.


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