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Path of Exile PS4: Beginners Guide to Loot Filters

By Nancy G2021-03-11

Greetings, Exile! Today MmoGah wants to briefly introduce the different loot filters in the game for the PlayStation 4 version of Path of Exile to those of you who aren't familiar with loot filters.


Firstly, thanks for BullShifter's original video for this guide! The reason why loot filters are important is that if you don't have one, you're essentially going to see every single item that drops in the game on the ground. Loot filters can help filter out some of the loot that you essentially don't need. Now let's jump into some filters, including Soft, Regular, Semi-Strict, Strict, Very Strict, Uber Strict, Strict Plus, and Constrict.


poe ps4 guide to loot filters




Soft will not loot out too many PoE Items, just some of the normal white items. If we go forward and get rid of some mobs here, we'll get kind of a better idea of the different things to get filtered out. As you can see, some normal items and a few magic items will also be filtered out. We still have normal flasks that will drop. Now there are multiple different loot filters throughout the game that you can apply, and once we get a decent little loot drop here, we'll go ahead and apply those filters.


Even if the loot filter you have on potentially hides some of the items you want to see, you can always click your left stick inward, and that'll allow you to see all the different items that are being dropped on the ground. So after we go ahead and finish this breach, that'll likely be a good opportunity for us to go ahead and explore the different things we can filter in the different loot filters.


As you can see, we have a decent amount of loot dropping at this point, so this will probably be a really good opportunity to show the different things that the loot filters can essentially hide for you as you progress later on. Now your loot filtering will be dependent on where you are in the game or at least what you'll want to apply for your loot filter. Obviously, as you start the game, you will want a lower loot filter. Something goes on once the Default, or even Soft, necessarily won't be too bad. Right now, we see all the divination cards, blue jewelry, gems, flasks, and some rare items up there.


Let's go ahead and click the left stick to see what is hidden from the Soft. It's just the white items, some of the blue items. If you leave the item filter off, you're going to go ahead and see all of these items, and as you can tell, that's going to be a little overwhelming, and it's also going to hamper your game performance for all of those things to pop up. Under Soft, you can see we have two rare items up here, and they both show.




With Regular, we still see all of our rares. We come down here still seeing a majority of the same items that we saw before.


Between Soft and Regular, we're not going to see too much of a difference. They're relatively similar.






It'll actually start hiding some of the rare items if we go up to Semi-Strict. Let's go up here and see if it hid either of the two we had up here.


It hid both of them, and the reason for that likely being is that it just doesn't deem them as very solid rare items. It automatically filters out certain items that the item filter deems as just not a very good item. Again if you want to judge that, you can always click that left stick in and see yourself.




Now between Semi-Strict and Strict, it's going to hide even more rares, and Strict should hide our Scrolls as well. If you have a decent amount of Portal Scrolls and Scrolls of Wisdom, and you don't want to see those on your screen anymore, Strict will probably be a better option for you. As you can see, we've got a little less loot now if you click the left stick in it. We'll still have your Scrolls as larger items just if you want to pick up something. That's one of the bigger differences between Semi-Strict and Strict. It's just going to hide a few more of those useless rares that you're likely not going to use for your actual build itself, and it's going to hide your scrolls.


If you are trying to do the chaos recipe or the regal recipe, those might not necessarily be the best filters for you just because as you're running through the game, it will hide a decent amount of rares. So keep that in mind if you are trying to do the Chaos or Regal recipe, you may want to go Semi-Strict / Strict simply because you're going to see more of the rare items that drop.



Very Strict

Very Strict will hide a good majority of all the rares, scrolls, and a lot of augments. It's going to hide your Armors Scraps, so if you don't have many Armor Scraps to upgrade your armor in your inventory, you may not want to use this either. It's essentially for farming through the game if it faster. You're still going to see a majority of divination cards. Obviously, all of our splinters are these six-socket items are still going to pop up. However, if you're trying to grind out four different rare items for those recipes, or if you want to see chromatic items still. You can trade those items in for chromatic orbs. Very Strict isn't necessarily going to be the loot filter you're going to want.



Uber Strict

Uber Strict is going to hide all of your low-level PoE Currencies, so if you're only looking for quality items, that's not necessarily a bad route to go. However, if you're not looking to zip through the game and still want to grab those low-level currencies, if you still want to see the gems popping up on your screen, you will want to go ahead and work at a lower-level loot filter the map.



Uber Plus

Uber Plus will hide pretty much everything. We've got one loyalty, so it's only going to show you the actual quality divination cards. We're still going to see our splinters, higher-level currency, six links, and six socket items. It's going to hide a majority of rare items. It's probably going actually to hide a few of your unique items as well. Suppose they're not deemed as solid unique items, which Uber Strict typically isn't going to do. Very Strict isn't going to do that to see all of your uniques under Very Strict.




On top of that, though, there are a few options that are slightly modified versions of these different Strict filters, and they're called Constrict. Basically, the big difference between Constrict filters and other normal filters is that you'll still get to see all of your PoE PS4 Currency, for the most part, all of your currency with a few exceptions.


Constrict 1

So if we ran a Constrict one, it's going to give a Strict currency. Still, we're going to see all of our different currencies, including our Scrolls, if you're looking to run through the game a little bit faster. However, you are still trying to collect scrolls of wisdom portal scrolls. You still want to see all the currency. I would strongly recommend using Constrict one. That's probably the best filter, in my opinion. Otherwise, I'll typically run somewhere between Semi-Strict and Strict once I reach the endgame, depending on what I'm looking like for Scrolls.


Constrict 2

Constrict two is similar to the Very Strict filter, except it's going to show you all of your different currencies, and you're also going to see your Scrolls.


Constrict 3

Constrict three is going to be pretty much the same except for the fact that it's going to hide your scrolls, your different armors upgrade pieces, and any divination cards that are deemed by the filter to essentially not be that good.


Constrict 4

Constrict four is essentially going to be the same as Uber Strict, and it's not going to show your Scrolls, armors currency, and bad divination cards.


Constrict 5

Constrict five is the same as Uber Plus Strict. You will see all your currency again except for Scrolls, armor scrap, and the different divination cards.


So as I had mentioned, personally, I like to run Constrict one that way. I still get to see a majority of the quality items and my different scrolls to continue to stack those up and continue to grab all of my different divination cards and my low-level currency. I just like the option of getting to see my currency, and if I still want to run my regal and my Chaos Orb recipes, I can always click the left stick in to see my rares. The yellow pops quite a bit, the boxes are slightly bigger, and the writing is slightly bigger than the normals and the magic items, so you can still pick up the rare items you need for your recipes. You're just not going to have your screen cluttered with.



To sum up, you can run Semi-Strict if you want to see more of those rare items on your actual screen without having to press the left stick in or use Constrict one if you don't mind pressing that stick in together for your recipes and see a lot less clutter on the ground.



Here is the ending of this loot filters guide. Hopefully, this helps you out with knowing the different filters in the game. You can click to view more useful PoE Guides, and you can also Buy Cheap Exalted Orb here.


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