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  • Path of Exile Predictions: Metamorph Economy Guide
    By Nancy G2019-12-13 00:00:00

    Dear Exiles, Path of Exile new league Metamorph will immediately! Today MmoGah will show you some predictions about economy guide. But predictions may not be 100% accurate, invest at your own risk. You can read this article or watch Luna Wolve’s video to see more details.



    PoE Currency

    Exalted Orbs

    There are now 5 different ones.

    -1 type for each minor boss,

    -Hunter's, Redeemer's, Crusader's and Warlord's.

    -Function in the same way, except their pool is limited to their corresponding influence type.


    They're an enigma until we can get our hands on them, as a result.

    -Exalted Orbs reached their highest prices ever last league.

    -Nerfs to multimod and zana mods will likely make exalts worth less.

    The new orbs might also be solid alternatives for crafting.


    If you get any of the orbs early:

    -Keep them for at least 3-7 days, to let prices stabilize.

    -In blight, it took 7 days to reach the first plateau. This is the perfect time to convert them into equip.

    -Do NOT convert unless you know you can make the money back.



    Alteration Orbs

    -Likely lower prices, due to multimodding nerfs and no abyss.

    -For crafting, stock up EARLY as you can get 2-3x as many than later on in the league.

    -If you intend to sell, wait at least 1 week for the prices to rise.



    Ancient Orbs

    50-60 Chaos Orb nearly the entire last league. Nemesis is back!

    -No harbinger zana mod reduces supply DRASTICALLY.

    -Their prices will adjust towards the Headhunter, so wait with selling. Give it time for both to rise in prices before you commit.


    If you get one dropped early:

    -Wait with selling and do NOT use. Statistically you will not get a headhunter with the dropped orbs throughout the entire league.

    -Make sure to save up multiple, as bulk sales can ask for 5-10c more per orb.



    PoE Items

    Hyrri’s Ire

    -Highest flat damage chest piece in the game, high popularity in past leagues. Nerf wasn't crazy.

    -Likely vastly increased prices compared to last league, due to increased demand.

    -No way to target farm, so buy it early, while it's still cheap.


    Rigwald’s Quills

    -Super popular at the start of every league and target farmed.

    -Likely vastly increased prices compared to last league, due to removal of single-map strategies from the atlas.

    -No early dip predicted, as oversupply will not be a problem.

    -Best farming strategy will be to focus on the specific maps "Lair" and "Dark Forest".

    -Available in sector 3 and 4.

    -Sector 3 is my personal favorite out of the two, due to Tower and Toxic Sewer. Sector 4 has the overall lead in favorable layouts.



    -Likely going to be one of THE most important items this league.

    -BIS for 95% of bow builds that want to kill bosses and retain map clear abilities.

    -Voidfletcher + Tornado Shot will be the most powerful combination in this league. The nerf is likely non-existant to TS.

    -Only available through the Uber Elder boss-fight, which will require zana's new maps and fragments.

    -To farm, run as many maps as quickly as possible to get many Zana missions in a row.

    -Potential to buy fragments and run Uber Elder for profit exists.


    Quill Rain

    -3.9 Attack Speed buff coupled with bow meta, might bring this old classic back from the dead.

    -Super strong with barrage support on specific skills.

    -Can't be target farmed, but "Hunter's Resolve" can be farmed easily in sector 6.



    Metamorph Predictions

    Lots of Bows

    -Scourge Arrow, Caustic Arrow, Ballistas and Tornado Shot.

    -Summoners are still very strong and will be great budget options early in the league.

    -High single target will be popular.



    Atlas Predictions

    No exact information are known. What we DO know:

    -8 sectors, 4 keystones each. That makes 32 total for full atlas.

    -New atlas objective called "Citadels", which will likely house the new end-game bosses.


    Get to maps ASAP. Early bird gets exalts and mirrors.

    -Sextants are WAY more useable!

    No single-map farming possible anymore, unless some VERY specific circumstances and conditions are true. This is NOT the way.

    T14+ drop Synthesis unique map.

    Full completion, Boss chasing and Sextants will be primary strategy for the foreseeable future.

    I will focus on Sector 5. Best layouts, div cards and unique map drops in this sector.

    City Square + Alleyways.



    Delve Predictions

    -Large nerfs to fossils crafting, especially pristine fossils have been hit hard.

    -Only lost the "additional" stuff that can be rolled, the main draw of fossils is still there, so they're going to still be super popular.

    -Removing mods from a possible craft is simply too good.



    Rapidfire Tips

    Get to Maps Asap: The earlier you make PoE Metamorph Currency, the more it will be worth, relatively speaking. Early boss kills will also be extremely worthwhile, providing higher tier maps and new items.


    Chaos Recipe is OP: When exalts are 20-40c, getting 2c every 1-2 maps is an insanely huge profit margin. Set up your stash properly, so unloading and vendoring the items will not slow down your farming.


    Early Mastermind: Super worthwhile uniques coupled with the newly buffed droptable might make for a very profitable early league farming goal. Do all your missions and set up your board properly to get in early.


    Do Your Research: Choose a sector of the atlas BEFORE the league starts, so you know what you'll do once you get there, don't waste time in your HO. Commit to a sector and finish it, before trying to complete the entire atlas, likely the best option.


    Sextants: Reworked to no longer have tier requirements, only difference is the mod pools, likely that all will have "additional monsters".


    Master Missions are Key: Shaper/Elder Maps were added to Zana, which makes her missions even more important than before. Quickly running fast layouts will guarantee a large influx of master missions. Sector 5 has quite a lot of those easy-to-run maps.



    That’s all about this guide. Welcome to the professional PoE Shop to see more PoE Guide.