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  • Path of Exile: Patch 3.5.2 Notes
    By Delia Woolf2019-01-21 00:00:00

    Within the next two days, Path of Exile is planning to deploy Patch 3.5.2 which contains several small improvements to the game. In the meantime, the PoE team wanted to share the full patch notes with you to keep you in the loop regarding what PoE is working on. Please be mindful that these patch notes may not be final and are still subject to change before the patch.



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    • Added Mastermind lore objects to each safehouse as well as The Forbidden Vault.
    • Added minimap icons to the Map Device and Crafting Bench.
    • Added minimap icons to Incursion Temple Altars.
    • Reduced the favour cost of many hideout decorations. The PoE team is looking at introducing other avenues for earning favour for players who are deeply engaged in hideout creation.
    • Entering the Azurite Mine from your hideout once again creates portals for party members to follow you through.
    • Control + clicking on an item in a "Trapped Stash" safehouse reward minigame now places that item on your cursor.
    • Reduced the intensity of the Storm Brand and Armageddon Brand visual effects.
    • You can now recover items that were placed in old crafting benches by typing /recoveroldcraftingbenchitem while in a town or hideout. If there are recoverable items, it will place one of them on your cursor.
    • Fixed a bug preventing various Betrayal encounters from spawning in the Belly of the Beast areas.
    • Fixed a bug where Fortification encounters could spawn inside objects in Shrine Map and The Lunaris Temple Level 2, making it impossible to fight the Betrayal targets.
    • Fixed a bug where the healing buff from a Healing Totem in a Fortification encounter was not removed if the Betrayal target ran too far away from the Healing Totem.
    • Fixed a rare bug where Thane Jorgin could become immune to all damage.
    • Fixed a bug where Zana's Unique Map missions contained monsters at the wrong level for cases where the Monster Level did not match the Map Tier.
    • Fixed a bug where various prophecies were able to trigger when entering Elder and Elder Guardians' arenas, but would not spawn anything.
    • Fixed a bug where the "Allies Cannot Die" modifier was not being removed when capturing a Bestiary beast.
    • Fixed a bug where characters which had a free respec available were not able to take a Book of Reform from Eramir.
    • Fixed a bug where global chat could be toggled on automatically after you had toggled it off.
    • Fixed a rare bug where some players did not receive the default hideout decorations when creating a new hideout for the first time.
    • Fixed various cases of incorrect map icon art throughout the Atlas of Worlds.
    • Fixed three instance crashes.

    If you'd like to keep up with what the QA team is working on, you can track the known issues here. Thank you for your patience and all of your reports! They are very helpful.


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