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Path of Exile New Path-The Fall of Oriath is Coming

By Bmichaellogan2017-03-24

Path of Exile is going to release its new patch soon, it is called the biggest expansion. Developers Grinding Gear Games have announced that the new expansion titled Fall of Oriath will come in June or later and will be added plenty of new contents.


The new expansion will be added mind boggling contents to the Path of Exile series. There will be six additional acts, a rather divine way to customize your characters even more, new items, locations, skills, bosses, and GODS! This update is definitely worth checking out for any Path of Exile fans.


In the previous Path of Exile, players have to replay the game three times on increasing difficulty of accessing the atlas of world contents. The developers find most players don’t want to play the same content again. According to the requirement of players, the new expansion fixes this issue with more contents. They put the previous game contents together and allowing players to play the new and old together to experience the fresh variety of contents for a long time.

Battle against the Immortals

Immortal beings don’t really care about humanity, trampling over whatever they meet and just want to be powerful. That’s what every player will be up against once they start Act VI. It is not easy to take down. But in doing so, it will lead you to the new character customization mechanic, the Pantheon System.


The new expansion contains more contents that the original game did and packs with new loot including weapons, armor and items. One major addition to the game is all-new character progression and all news skills and abilities. They are added to the new Pantheon System in which players kill the gods who are returning to the world. They can steal the power of these gods and equip one major and one minor power. If you kill a god, which is not easy, you get to claim their power. Their power takes the form of defensive benefits.

Each god has a specific option. Let’s take an example, the Brine King’s [benefit] says ‘If you’ve been frozen, you can’t be frozen again for a short time. If you’ve been stunned, you can’t be stunned again for a short time.’ You should choose this if you’re going up against a boss who has a lot of cold damage or a lot of stuns. So you don’t get stunned locked/freeze locked.”


The god powers are also upgradeable through the Atlas System which is our endgame map system. Major god powers have pretty significant benefits and have a lot more room for growth, so they get 3 upgrades. There are 12 minor god powers and four major god powers. Each god gives one specific set of defensive benefits. At a time you can only have one major god and one minor god power active. You can choose which god power is the most beneficial to you at the time.


The next League is called Legacy

You can have three active at once, so they get to play their favorite league at their own pace. They can mix it with another league. They even get a chance to get the league exclusive items that are only available during those leagues. While the league is active on that character.


Path of Exile has been a highly successful game by any measure and it is reported to have over one million active users as of last year (December 2016). The new expansion is set to bridge the gap for new players and help existing ones keep their interest in this game. Path of Exile is going to become stronger and stronger. Path of Exile is a free to play multiplayer action role-playing game and its new expansion will also release for free.

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