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Path of Exile Mayhem: 3 Potential Builds

The December events are almost here, and with them comes the Mayhem League. This league is well known for its abundance of mobs and fast pace. The Professional PoE Shop is going to do three potential build guides. Now let's begin.


 mayhem 3 Potential Builds


1. Esoro – CoC Ice Nova Assassin

The first build we've got off the ranks here is esoro's cast on crit assassin. How this build works, and it's a very common build I played it a few leagues ago, is as you cyclone you'll crit as you create your prop cast you'll pro cast on crit, and that will proc your ice nova ability. Now esoro's build uses twin Cospri's Malices. You don't need to use Cospri's Malices to make this build pop off. You can use a dagger that gives you increased crit and crit multi, and there's plenty of places that you can figure out how to build.


The advantage of this particular build is it's life-based in a one-week mayhem league. It's going to be quite hard to get all the low-life gear like sin tracks, and there's a child in the presence of a child and all that sort of jazz. So anyway, this guide's quite good for giving a really good skeleton of how to play a cast on crit ice nova assassin, and then second to that, the gearing options have wound down PoE Items that would cost a huge amount of PoE Currency, and I've simplified the tree. This would be the first build that I would recommend, and I'm going to play something similar to this when I re-jig the tree for my usage.



2. Asu zara – Bleed Lacerate Max Block Gladiator

This build is actually from a new creator on youtube by the name of Asu zara, and this is the classic take of a lacerate gladiator max block jewels build. With this one, in particular, the tree the cluster dueling is a little tedious and may be very expensive in the league's early points. Still, you can switch those out for respecting within the tree and reallocating those points elsewhere now. One of the other advantages of her build is it's fantastically geared towards solo cellphone. It's quite easy to gear this build-up to get it cracking. Now you can do a lot with the tree that she's provided. You know there are efficiencies that we could find in pulling apart the tree and adding to it, but I think as a baseline, it's a very good build setup that she's got going here. There's no weird stuff in configuration clicked on. It's very upfront very basic, and just an overall good-looking build. Now shape it, guardian, DPS is clicked on in the PoB, so I just double-checked that, and this is using a resolute technique, so you don't need to stack crit or any crazy like that. It's just using DPS and a good one hatch now. The other advantage is obviously being maxed block. You're not going to die very often and that's going to make leveling much more efficient. Still, anyway, this would be my second pick of a very solid build for the mayhem league.



3. Jorgen – Impale Cyclone Champion

The last one is the Jorgen's impale guide that he put up for cyclone during this league. Impale is an incredibly powerful ability and just shits on everything in the game, and that's no exception to this. Now my guide that I put together here retro from another build guide and respect it re-jigged it around now it simply just uses a terminus sword you know you could 5 link it if you get 6 link even better a belly of the beast and a devoto is all very cheap gear. Nothing else is very special. Everything else is pretty basic, and it could do t16 maps at like level 65 or 70 or something like that. It was an insane build. I didn't end up playing it myself, but I know many content creators. Many players play this build into the end game, and with better gearing, it can be an absolute behemoth that can wipe Cyrus. It's perfect for just leveling up. It's a chill, tanky build, just good across the board, and it's an all-rounder build and very basic and upfront.



Thank you Jorgen for the video about Mayhem builds. I really hope these three potential builds above could help you exiles a lot in the next few hours. You can click mmogah.com to Buy PoE Orbs like Exalted Orb and Chaos Orb to enhance your character.

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