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Path of Exile Legion 3.7: Stunlock Heavy Slam Build-Berserker Marauder

Dear Exiles! MmoGah, a professional PoE Shop, will share Stunlock Heavy Slam Build-Berserker of Path of Exile Legion. You can read this article or watch the original video to learn about this build.




Mandatory Uniques

Empire’s Grasp: I recommend this mainly because of “Knockback Direction is Reversed”. The single target of this build is Heavy Strike that is always knocks enemies back. But with these Gloves you always keep them close.

Weight of the Empire: With 2 you get 40% chance to deal Double Damage with your Heavy Strike, and it is super cheap.


Recommended Uniques

Tidebreaker: This is a Stunlock build, so this is the perfect weapon for it. Up to 49% Reduced Enemy Stun Threshold. Up to 435 Physical DPS. “Socketed Gems are Supported by lvl 20 Endurance Charge on Melee Stun”.

Belly of the Beast: Up to 40% Increased Maximum Life. Up to 15% to all Elemental Resistances.

Kaom’s Heart: 500 Life. If you want to spend a few Exalted Orbs, you can get a lot more Life wearing a Kaom’s Heart. If using a Kaom’s Heart, you are going to need another Two Handed Mace as Secondary Weapon and swap them with X at Bosses. Just remember that the Heavy Strike setup must be at the Tidebreaker if you have one. I recommend using the new Marohi Erqi for the Ground Slam setup. If you do, so you can replace Pulverise for Maim in your Ground Slam setup. Against bosses use the Tidebreaker with the Heavy Strike setup to Stun Lock and kill them. Note that those tips about using 2 Weapons are only valuable if you want to use a Kaom’s Heart as your Armour.


Recommended Flasks

Divine Life Flask: Your Divine Life Flasks must have Instant Recover. To maximize your defenses, look for “Immune to Bleeding” and “Immune to Freeze and Chill” as secondary Stats.

Stibnite Flask: It is a great Flask for a great Evasion Boost and blind source for your enemies. Best Stats for Stibnite Flasks are “Increased Armour during Flask Effect” and “Increased Duration”.

Rumi’s Concoction: This is a Defensive Flask for boosting your Block Chance and your Armour, and you should buy one of those.

Lion’s Roar: Up to 25% More Physical Damage.


My Gameplay Gear

This is the gear I’ve used to record the gameplay seen on this guide. Please note that my equipment is not perfect, you can achieve way more with an expensive one. Every piece is fully linked.


Recommended Enchantments

Of Fury Heavy Strike Double Damage Attack and Cast Speed
- Repeatedly fires a piercing projectile based on your weapon. Good for clearing. - Heavy Strike has 12% chance to deal double Damage. - 16% increased attack and cast speed if you’ve killed recently.


Full Build Attribute Requirments

Strength 212 Dexterity 111

Intelligence 68

- Super easy to acquire, just with your Passive Tree. - Hard to acquire, look for Dex on your rare PoE Items. You can also pick the +30 Dex nodes on your Passive Tree. - Hard to acquire, look for Int on your rare items. You can also pick the +30 Int nodes on your Passive Tree.



This is your single target damage, and it sucks for clearing packs of monsters. On the other hand, it can pretty much StunLock everything that is not immune to stun, even The Shaper, and it deals a great amount of Damage.


Heavy Strike is awesome for killing bosses, but it sucks for packs of monsters. That’s what Ground Slam is for, with this skill you have great clear speed. I’m using Ground Slam, but it could also be Sunder.


Ancestral Warchief grants more melee physical damage and it also makes your enemies Bleed for the Bloodlust buff. It also maim your enemies for more physical damage taken.


Leap Slam is a great movement Skill. Vaal Grace grants a temporary aura that gives you a huge chance to dodge attacks and spell. I recommend to keep at level 9, because it’s hard to get much Dexterity with this build.


Pride is an Aura that grants extra Physical Damage Taken by your enemies. War Banner causes enemies to take increased Physical Damage. Arctic Armour reduces Physical Damage taken.





Look for the following stats on rare Jewels: Physical Damage, Melee Damage, Attack Speed, and Maximum Life.

Abyss Jewel

Murderous Eye Jewel: I highly recommend you guys to get an Onslaught Abyss Jewel. With “X% chance to gain Onslaught for 4 seconds on kill” and “+X to Maximum Life”.


Unique Jewels

Weight of the Empire: With 2 you get 40% chance to deal Double Damage with your Heavy Strike. It is super cheap.



Tips for Easy Level (beginner friendly)

Start using Ground Slam right away at level 1. Start using Heavy Strike for bosses on lvl 53 when you are able to equip your Empire’s Grasp.


You can click the following video to see the details, and all the content of this build is quoted from Path of Exile Builds’ video.



Leveling Setup of Links (main skill)

- Start using Ground Slam supported by Ruthless, Maim and Added Fire Damage and Maim once you reach lvl 8.

- Once you reach lvl 12, change Ground Slam for Sunder. Reaching lvl 18 change Added Fire Damage for Melee Physical Damage.

- Reaching lvl 38, change Ruthless and Maim for Brutality and Multistrike.


Leveling Setup of Links (for bosses)

- At lvl 53, equip your Empire’s Grasp. Now we’re going to use Heavy Strike to deal with bosses. This link is supported by Brutality, Bloodlust and Ruthless.

- Since we’re using Bloodlust on Heavy Strike, we’re also using this Ancestral Warchief setup against bosses. This link is supported by Chance to Bleed, Maim and Fortify.



Arctic Armour: It can be activated once you reach level 16.

War Banner: You can start using it when you reach level 24.

Pride: Activate it as soon as you get Pain Reaver ascendancy node.


Recommended Items

Gloom Circle Two-Stone Ring: Elreon Rings and Amulet with -8 to Mana Cost of Skills are awesome to Level any Build. Low level ones might hard to acquire if you are not playing on Standard. If you are playing on the Challenge League, I have another Ring for you.

Praxi: You can use it at lvl 22. Up to 85 Mana. Up to 6 Mana regenerated per second. Up to -8 to total Mana cost of skill. Awesome for Leveling without worrying about mana.

Lochtonial Caress: You can use it at lvl 1. It is pretty cheap, awesome for Leveling and high amount of Attack Speed.

Wanderlust: It can be used at lvl 3. Mostly because of the 20% increased movement speed that always helps a lot the leveling process. (Seven-League Step is way better but too expensive). Frozen immunity is awesome as well.

Tabula Rasa: It can be used at lvl 1. The ultimate leveling equipment, it provides a 6L Body Armour starting on level 1. It helps a lot your leveling process but it’s not mandatory at all. It’s not that cheap either costing around 20 Chaos Orb.

Goldrim: You can use it at lvl 1. Up to 40% to all Elemental Resistances. If you are having problems with survivability, a Goldrim might be the answer. It is pretty cheap.

String of Servitude: You can use it at lvl 1. It is pretty cheap. You can get one with up to +48% to all Elemental Resistances, and this is another way to get a lot of Elemental Resistances.

Asenath’s Mark: You can use it at lvl 8. It is pretty cheap, and it’s awesome for leveling. High amount of Attack Speed.

Gorebreaker: You can use it from lvl 10 to 13. It’s pretty cheap, high Damage and awesome for leveling.

Limbsplit: You can use it from lvl 13 to 18. It’s good amount of DPS and Culling Strike.

Wideswing: You can use it from lvl 18 to 27. It’s great amount of DPS and more area of effect.

Geofri’s Baptism: You can use it from lvl 27 to 40. It’s better DPS.

Chober Chaber: You can use it from lvl 40 to 57. It’s better DPS.

Marohi Erqi: Start using it on lvl 57. Change it when you find a better Rare Mace or Tidebreaker at lvl 65. It’s great DPS, area of effect and up to 50% stun duration. If you are using this Mace without Kaom’s Heart, change the Ground Slam setup to it and put the Heavy Strike setup in your Chest.


That’s all about this build. You can click mmogah.com to see more PoE Builds. And you can buy cheap and safe PoE Currency here. We will never let you down!




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