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Path of Exile 3.9 Metamorph: Cyclone CwC Volatile Dead Build - Necromancer Witch

Late New Year greetings Exiles! Path of Exile Metamorph has started for more than a month, and the brand new Atlas Mechanics attracts a large number of players. Today the professional PoE Shop MmoGah will share Cyclone CwC Volatile Dead Build - Necromancer Witch to you. And you can also watch the original YouTube video to see the details.







Look for these stats on rare PoE Items:

-Spell Damage

-Fire Damage

-Critical Chance

-Critical Multiplier

-Energy Shield

-Elemental Resistance

-Chaos Resistance



Mandatory Flask

 Enduring Eternal Mana Flask of Acceleration

-An Enduring Mana Flask is mandatory for this build.

-Any Enduring Flask will do the job, but when you have more PoE Currency look for one with “Immune to Curses During Flask Effect”


Mandatory Uniques

 Scold's Bridle 

-This special helmet is mandatory because it has a mod that says “Your Skills deal you 400% of Mana Spent on Skill Mana Costs as Physical Damage”

-So we'll be able to trigger lots of spells supported by Cast When Damage Taken.


 Doedre's Malevolence 

-These gloves are mandatory because they increase the total mana cost of our skills in 50. This way we can deal more damage to ourselves and activate more spells supported by Cast When Damage Taken.



Q: Wouldn’t I die if I deal this much damage to myself?

A: No! Because one of the spells triggered by Cast When Damage Taken will be Spirit Offering that grants 4% of maximum life as extra energy shield for each corpse consumed. By this time you’ll be consuming lots of corpses thus all energy shield you lose will come back almost instantly. But remember that Spirit Offering will only affect you after taking the necromancer node “Mistress of Sacrifice”


 Martyr of Innocence 

-Marty of Innocence grants up to 34% chance to block attacks, 100% increased Fire Damage, adds 250-350 Fire Damage to Spells and 15% fire penetration.


Recommended Flasks

-Divine Life Flask

-Diamond Flask

-Quicksilver Flask

-The Wise Oak



My Gameplay Gear


Recommended Enchantments

Of Reflection Additional Corpse Penetration
-Creates a clone of you that attacks with your weapon. Good for not taking all the damage. -Volatile Dead consumes 1 additional corpse. -Damage penetrates 10% of enemy elemental resistances if you haven't killed recently.



Charging Offensive
-With this node you'll always have Endurance and Frenzy charges.


Full Build Attribute Requirements

Strength 98 Dexterity 98

Intelligence 155

-Super easy to acquire, just with your Passive Tree. -Hard to acquire, look for Dex on your rare items. You can also pick the +30 Dex nodes on your Passive Tree. -Super easy to acquire, just with your Passive Tree.




-Cyclone is the active skill here, but thanks to Cast While Channeling, while using Cyclone you'll be automatically casting Volatile Dead.


-Remember all that Scold's Bridle + Doedre's Malevolence stravaganza? Now that we deal a lot of damage to ourselves we can Trigger a bunch of spells with Cast When Damage Taken.

-For this setup we have: Wave of Conviction supported by Combustion reduces 44% of enemies' fire resistance. Convocation will keep your Spectres always on your side. Unearth grants more corpses.


-Another Cast When Damage Taken setup and this one is super important.

-Desecrate creates a lot of corpses for Volatile Dead and Spirit Offering.

-Spirit Offering keeps you alive granting a lot of Energy Shield.


-Flame Dash is a great movement skill.

-We're also using Undying Evangelists for this build, they grant a proximity shield that makes you immune to projectiles.

-You just need to go to “The Sceptre of God” in Act 3. Cast Desecrate until you find the right corpses (Undying Evangelist)

-Then raise them as spectres.


-Zealotry grants more spell damage, critical chance and generates consecrated ground.

-Discipline grants more Energy Shield.

-Herald of Ash grants more Fire Damage.









Look for these Stats on Rare Jewels:

-Fire Damage

-Spell Damage

-Maximum Energy Shield

-Maximum Life

-Critical Multiplier


Unique Jewel

An Intuitive Leap is very useful for this build. It allows us to take 3 great notable nodes with only 3 skill points. It’s not mandatory at all just luxury.





Tips for Normal Level (beginner possible)

-Start with Freezing Pulse until level 12 then replace it with Incinerate. Reaching lvl 38 start using Volatile Dead linked with Cast While Channeling and Incinerate.

-Reaching lvl 65 you can equip the mandatory uniques and start using the main setup with Cyclone.


Leveling Setup of Links

-Start with Freezing Pulse and support it with Added Cold Damage as soon as you reach level 8.

-Reaching lvl 12 replace Freezing Pulse and Added Cold Damage with Incinerate and Infused Channeling.

-Also add Combustion.

-Reaching lvl 18 replace Combustion with Elemental Focus and add Faster Casting.

-Reaching lvl 38 get yourself a Tabula Rasa and use this setup: Incinerate – Cast While Channeling – Volatile Dead – Desecrate – Elemental Focus – Controlled Destruction.

-Reaching lvl 65 equip your Scold’s Bridle and Doedre’s Malevolence. Now you can use the main setup: Volatile Dead – Cyclone – Cast While Channeling – Concentrated Effect – Elemental Focus – Controlled Destruction.

-But remember that you need to take the Mistress of Sacrifice node and set your Cast When Damage Taken setups first. Otherwise you are going to kill yourself.

-In order to help you leveling, mainly to kill bosses.

-Use a Wave of Conviction totem supported by Combustion, it will increase a lot your boss damage.

-You can start using it on level 16.



-Reaching level 16 start using Herald of Ash and Skitterbots.

-Reaching level 65 add Discipline.

-As soon as you take the Corpse Pact node on your Necromancer Tree you can replace Skitterbots with Zealotry.


Recommended Items

-Gloom Circle Two-Stone Ring


-Atziri's Foible

-Lochtonial Caress


-Tabula Rasa (around 20 Chaos Orb)


-String of Servitude

-Asenath’s Mark


-Axiom Perpetuum

- Xirgil's Crank



That’s all about this build. You can come to MmoGah to see more PoE Builds.

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