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Path of Exile 3.8 Blight: Top 5 Starter Builds

Dear Exiles, the new Path of Exile league Blight has begun! The Best Gaming Store MmoGah will share Top 5 Starter Builds to you exiles, or you can watch LiftingNerBro’s original video to get the useful builds. All of these builds fit the requirements of being easy to level. Now let’s begin.







1. Dreamfeather Quad Melee by Loczek123


The first build is a melee build that can be played in many different variations. If you like to play a tank based melee build, but aren’t entirely sure of which skill to go with, while this build might be worth looking into. With this you can use multiple skills with the same setup. The build can be run as Gladiator or the Champion Ascendancy. With gladiator you will benefit from the powerful bleed explosions and bleed damage, and as the champion you will comparatively be able to reach better overall defenses and boss killing potential.


- Dreamfeather

- The Perfect Form



2. Mass Minion Necromancer by Hercanic

Build number two is a mass summoner build. If you haven’t kept up on recent balance and league changes, it is probably worth knowing that summoners in general have received major buffs. Most minion base skills have been buffed in one way or the other anti-necromancer ascendancy by itself has completely reworked with powerful new ways of scaling your minions. You can click here to see Necromancer Ascendancy changes.


The goal of this build are to field as many minions with as many supports as possible. Push summon a DPS to new heights while remaining tanky be adaptable and play fast smoothly and with minimal fuss.


- Belly of the Beast

- Victario's Charity

- Bloodgrip

- Mark of Submission



3. Cleave & Bladestorm Champ by Captainwarlord


The third build is about Cleave and Bladestorm Duelist. With this you will be picking up the ion reflexes Keystones who convert all your evasion rating into armor.


- Craiceann's Carapace

- Thief's Torment

- Forbidden Taste



4. Flame Golem Necromancer by Mika2salo


With this build you will able to get an effective level 28 Flame Golem scale for some serious damage alongside three vanguard specters that the build also features for extra boss damage. The build is also very beginner friendly and features both a budget and expansive version, and should be able to accommodate almost any type of player as long as you enjoy minion builds.


- Clayshaper

- Victario's Charity

- Skin of the Loyal

- Presence of Chayula

- The Anima Stone

- Primordial Might

- Primordial Harmony



5. Fire & Flamethrower Traps by Souls of Black


This build focuses on using both fire and flamethrower traps depending on the situation. Fire trap is a strong map clearer and also kills bosses with ease up to tier 16 guardians where we also get help from flamethrower traps to burn them within seconds. You can actually kill everything including Shaper without flamethrower traps, but they are just too powerful. This build is capable of clearing every end game content deathless including Uber Elder.


If you are worried that this build might be expensive to achieve such high damage numbers, let me ease your mind. You can clear everything on the atlas with budget gear. And even my end game gear isn’t expensive. Now let’s see the details.




That’s all about this starter builds. You can come to MmoGah to see more PoE News. And you can also buy PoE Currency like cheap Chaos Orb here. The professional services will to your satisfaction.

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