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Path of Exile 3.8 Blight: Storm Brand Build – Elementalist Witch

Dear Exile! Today, I will show you Storm Brand Build – Elementalist Witch of PoE Blight. You can read this post or watch the original video to learn more details.






 Look for these stats on rare PoE Items:

- Spell Damage

- Cast Speed

- Lightning Damage

- Elemental Damage

- Area Damage

- Elemental Resistances

- Life


 Mandatory Uniques

  Essence Worm 

- This Ring gives you the chance to use an Aura without reserving more mana.

- Let’s use it to boost our DPS with the Aura Wrath.


 Recommended Uniques

- Inpulsa's Broken Heart

- Carcass Jack

- Singularity

- Magna Eclipsis

- Invictus Solaris


 Recommended Flasks

- Divine Life Flask

- Stibnite Flask

- Quicksilver Flask

- The Wise Oak

- Atziri's Promise


 My Gameplay Gear


 Recommended Enchantments

Of Reflection

Spire Trap Duration

- Creates a clone of you that attacks with your weapon. Good for not taking all the damage. - Lightning Spire Trap has 30% increased Duration. - Damage penetrates 10% of enemies’ elemental resistances if you haven’t killed recently.


 Full Build Attribute Requirements

Strength 159 Dexterity 155

Intelligence 155

- Easy to acquire, you already grab 124 on your passive tree. - Hard to acquire, you get 94 on your Passive tree. You still need to look for 61 on your gear. - Super easy to acquire, just with your Passive Tree.





- Start forming a 4L with Controlled Destruction, Concentrated Effect and Lightning Penetration.

- If 5L add Added Lightning Damage.

- If 6L add Hypothermia.


- Lightning Spire Trap is our single target damage, it really melts big bosses like Guardians and the Shaper.


- Vaal Grace is a temporary buff that grants extra chance to dodge attacks and spell, use it on bosses.

- Orb of Storms linked with Culling Strike will instant kill bosses with 10 life.


- CWDT + Steelskin gives you a shield that absorbs Damage when you take a certain anount of Damage (keep CWDT at lvl 11 and Steelskin at lvl 16)

- Vaal Righteous Fire grants more spell damage for some seconds (use on bosses)

- Righteous Fire is going to kill you! You have to use Vaal Righteous Fire. Don’t link it to Cast When Damage Taken until Vaal Righteous Fire is level 14 or higher.


- Herald of Thunder grants extra lightning damage for spells and 25% lightning penetration.

- Flame Dash is a good movement skill.

- Clarity grants extra mana regeneration.


- Brand Recall brings your Storm Brand for wherever you are. Get its level as high as you can so the cooldown will be shorter.


- This Aura must be on your Essence Worm, it will highly increase your DPS.









 Look for these Stats on Rare Jewels:

- Lightning Damage

- Maximum Life

- Spell Damage

- Area Damage

- Cast Speed


 Abyss Jewel





 Tips for Super Easy Level (beginner friendly)

- Start using Spark on level 1 and change for Storm Brand and Arc on level 12.


 Leveling Setup of Links

- From lvl 1 to 12 use Spark

- At lvl 8 link Added Lightning Damage

- Reaching level 12 change Spark for Storm Brand

- Reaching level 18 add Controlled Destruction and Concentrated Effect

- Starting on level 12 you can also use Arc as another good source of damage. Start supporting it with Added Lightning Damage

- Reaching level 18 add Elemental Focus and Faster Casting

- Reaching level 38 change Faster Casting for Spell Echo.

- Around level 60 when you get your Trap Gloves, you can change your Arc setup for Lightning Spire Trap like this: Lightning Spire Trap – Controlled Destruction – Added Lightning Damage – Lightning Penetration



- Equip Herald of Thunder as soon as you reach level 16.

- Start using the Wrath aura at level 24, it’ll boost your DPS.

- Remember to place it on your Essence Worm Ring as soon as you get one.

- If you have problems with mana at low levels Praxis, Atziri’s Foible or Mana Flasks are the answer.

- As soon as you want to stop using Praxis and/or Atziri’s Foible you can activate Clarity.


 Recommended Items

- Gloom Circle Two-Stone Ring

- Praxi

- Atziri's Foible

- Lochtonial Caress

- Wanderlust

- Tabula Rasa (around 20 Chaos Orb)

- Goldrim

- String of Servitude

- Asenath’s Mark

- Lifesprig

- Axiom Perpetuum

- Shade of Solaris

- The Dark Seer

- Singularity



That’s all about this build. You can come to MmoGah to learn more Poe 3.8 Builds. And you can buy cheap and safe PoE Blight Currency like Exalted Orb. We will never let you down!


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