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Path of Exile 3.8 Blight: Spectre Auramancer Build - Necromancer Witch

Dear Exile! Today’s PoE 3.8 Build is Spectre Auramancer Build - Necromancer Witch. You can read this article which was posted by MmoGah, where you can buy Cheap PoE Currency. Or watch the original video to learn more details.







 Look for these stats on rare PoE Items:

- Minion Damage

- Energy Shield

- Elemental Resistances

- Strength

- Dexterity



 You need 2 rare Unset Rings for this build.


 Mandatory Uniques

  Midnight Bargain 

- It grants 1 extra Spectre, and 1 extra Zombie.

- It also grants increased damage and movement speed for your minions.


  Shavronne's Wrappings 

- Mainly because it gives "Chaos Damage does not bypass Energy Shield”.

- This is a Low Life build, without this body armour chaos damage would instantly kill you.

- Once expensive, now this awesome body armour can be bought for only 40 Chaos Orb.


  Prism Guardian 

- Socketed gems have 25% reduced mana reservation and Blood Magic.

- It also grants 37% to all elemental resistances.

- This is a support build, so we need to get as much active auras as we can. With this shield we can get up to 8 active auras, two of them being curses.


  Unending Hunger 

- Grants Soul Eater for your Spectres. You only need to use 1.


 Recommended Uniques

- Bones of Ullr

- Solstice Vigil

- Presence of Chayula

- Sidhebreath

- The Vertex


 Recommended Flasks

- Basalt Flask

- Quicksilver Flask

- Rumi's Concoction


 My Gameplay Gear


 Recommended Enchantments

Of Reflection Spectre Damage Movement Speed
- Creates a clone of you that attacks with your weapon. Good for not taking all the damage. - Spectre have 40% increased damage. - 10% increased movement speed if you haven't been hit recently.



Ravenous Horde Soul Thief

Offensive option.

20% Mimion Damage

20% Minion Speed

5%Minion Cast speed

Defensive option.

12% Increased Energy Shield


 Full Build Attribute Requirements

Strength 98 Dexterity 155

Intelligence 180

- Hard to acquire, look for Str on your rare items. You can also pick the +30 Str nodes on your Passive Tree. - Hard to acquire, look for Dex on your rare items. You can also pick the +30 Dex nodes on your Passive Tree. - Super easy to acquire, just with your Passive Tree.




- We're using Solar Guards as our main source of damage. You can find them at “The Solaris Temple” in Act 8.

- You just need to go there and cast Desecrate until a Solar Guard's corpse appear.

- Then raise it as a spectre.

- When facing bosses you can change Greater Multiple Projectiles for Hypothermia. This really boosts your single target damage.


- With this build you can have 11 Zombie Bodyguards with over 40k life each. They deal a lot of damage and trigger Feeding Frenzy for 10% more minion damage.


- Storm Burst is a Skill that can be casted from a good distance to keep you safe.

- It's lightning damage, so since you are using Elemental Equilibrium it’ll reduce enemie’s Fire Resistances in 50%.

- It’s linked with Cast While Channeling, Flash Offering and Desecrate.

- So it will automatically cast Flesh Offering and Desecrate for a Cast and Attack Speed bonus for your minions.


- First 3 Auras to be reserved on your mana, remember that you need an Enlighten level 3 or 4.


- Temporal Chains is a curse that reduces enemies’ speed. This curse aura will also reserve your Mana.

- Flame Dash is a good movement skill.

- If you have a Solstice Vigil you can have another curse aura, so replace Flame Dash with Enfeeble.

- Remember that you need to take the Extra Curse node to do that.


- These 3 will reserve your life.

- Skitterbots grant more damage and survivability for you and your party (Chill and Shock)

- Discipline grants extra Energy shield

- Haste Grants extra Cast, Attack and Movement Speed.

- You can also use Vaal Haste when fighting Bosses.


- Summon Stone Golem grants a lot of energy shield regeneration.

- P.S. If you are using Solstice Vigil for the extra Curse, you may change this Stone Golem for Flame Dash.


- Convocation brings all your minions to your side.








 Look for these Stats on Rare Jewels:

- Minion Damage

- Maximum Energy Shield

- Strength

- Dexterity


 Abyss Jewel


 Unique Jewels

- Unending Hunger

- Energy From Within





 Tips for Easy Level (beginner friendly)

- Start with Freezing Pulse until lvl 14

- Use Summon Raging Spirit until you reach level 62, then equip your Shavronne's Wrappings and Midnight Bargain. Now you can start using Spectres as main skill.

- Important: Reaching level 28 you can already equip the Raise Spectre gem on your gear. Do that, because you’ll start leveling it up.


 Leveling Setup of Links

- From 1 to 4 use Freezing Pulse.

- Reaching lvl 4 your main skill is going to be Summon Raging Spirit.

- When reaching lvl 8 you can support with Added Fire Damage, Minion Damage and Melee Splash.

- Reaching lvl 18 change Added Fire Damage for Melee Physical Damage.

- Use this setup until lvl 62 when you’ll equip your Shavronne's Wrappings and Midnight Bargain. Then you can start using Spectres.

- Now that we already know our Main skill, let's talk about Auxillar skills that will also help a lot.

- Starting with Raise Zombie, those bad boys are going to be your loyal bodyguards.

- You can start using at lvl 1.

- Lvl 8 support it by Minion Damage.

- Lvl 18 support it by Minion Life and Melee Physical Damage.

- Another useful Auxiliar skill the Summon Skeletons.

- Support it with Spell Totem and Minion Damage.

- You can start using at lvl 10.

- Reaching lvl 18 add Melee Physical Damage.

- As soon as you reach level 62 and equip Shavromne's Wrappings and Midnight Bargain you can start using Spectres.

- The setup is Raise Spectre – Spell Echo – Minion Damage and Greater Multiple Projectiles.

- It’s a good idea to change Greater Multiple Projectiles for Hypothermia when facing bosses.

- Hypothermia will only work if you have Skitterbots active.

- The complete Setup is: Raise Spectre – Spell Echo – Minion Damage – Greater Multiple Projectiles – Elemental Focus – Controlled Destruction.

- It’s ok if you don't have 6 linked sockets, it is luxury. You will be fine with 4 or 5 while saving PoE Currency to link the last slots.



- Reaching level 26 start using Discipline for more Energy Shield and Skitterbots for more damage taken by your enemies.

- If you equip a Mark of the Red Covenant mana won't be a problem.

- Reaching lvl 68 remove equip your Prism Guardian and let’s start activating our Auras.

- Starting with the Auras reserving on your Life, Discipline, Haste and Skitterbots (must be in your Prism Guardian)

- Now on your mana let’s use Purity of Fire, Purity of Ice, Purity of Lightning and Temporal Chains linked with Blasphemy.

- If using Solstice Vigil you can also activate Emfeeble.


 Recommended Items

- Gloom Circle Two-Stone Ring

- Praxi

- Atziri's Foible

- Lochtonial Caress

- Wanderlust

- Tabula Rasa (around 20 Chaos Orb)

- Goldrim

- String of Servitude

- Mark of the Red Covenant

- Lifesprig

- Earendel's Embrace



That’s all about this build. You can come to mmogah.com to buy cheap PoE Blight Currency like Exalted Orb. We will never let you down!

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