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Path of Exile 3.8 Blight: Ice Golems Golemancer Build - Necromancer Witch

Dear Exile! Today’s PoE 3.8 Build is Ice Golems Golemancer Build - Necromancer Witch. You can read this article which was posted by MmoGah, where you can buy Safe PoE Currency. Or watch the original video to learn more details.







Mandatory Uniques

1 × Clayshaper = 1 Chaos Orb

1 × Victario’s Charity = 1 Chaos

1 × Anima Stone = 52 Chaos

1 × Primordial Might = 17 Chaos

1 × Primordial Harmony = 10 Chaos


Look for these stats on rare PoE Items:

- Minion Damage

- Life

- Elemental Resistances

- Strength

- Dexterity



 You are going to need 1 rare Unset Ring. Make sure that at least one of your rings is an Unset Ring, because you are going to need the extra socket.


Rare Helmet

- You are going to need a rare helmet with gems supported by Concentrated Effect and Minion Damage. They are pretty cheap.

- If you have more PoE Currency, you can buy a better one: +2 to level of Socketed Minion Gems.


Recommended Uniques

- Skin of the Loyal

- Belly of the Beast


Mandatory Uniques


- It grants 1 additional Golem.

- Up to 30% increased minion Life.


Victario's Charity 

- Use it when you reach Necromantic Aegis on your skill tree.

- It grants Frenzy and Power charges for you and your minions.


The Anima Stone 

- It grants 2 additional Golems.

- You can only have 1 Anima Stone equipped.


Primordial Might 

- Make your Golems aggressive.

- Up to 22% increased Golem maximum life.

- You only need 1 Primordial Might Equipped in your Tree.


Primordial Harmony 

- Golem Skills have up to 30% increased Cooldown Recovery speed.

- Golems have up to 15% increased Cooldown recovery speed.

- Up to 20% increased Golem damage for each type of Golem.

- Golems regenerate 2% of their maximum life per second.

- 2 are mandatory, I suggest you to have 5 Primnordial Harmony in your Tree.


Recommended Flasks

- Divine Life Flask

- Quicksilver Flask

- Basalt Flask

- Rumi's Concoction


My Gameplay Gear


Recommended Enchantments

Of Reflection

Ice Golem Damage

Movement Speed
- Creates a clone of you that attacks with your weapon. Good for not taking all the damage. - Ice Golem deals 40% increased damage. - 10% increased movement speed if you haven’t been hit recently.



Death Attunement

- It saves you 6 passive skill points.

- It’s not expensive to get.


Full Build Attribute Requirements

Strength 134 Dexterity 155 Intelligence 155
- Easy to acquire, you already have 104 from your Tree. - Hard to acquire, look for Dex on your rare items. - Super easy to acquire, just with your Passive Tree.





- We’re not going for the Ice Golem’s cold projectiles, but for its melee physical damage.

- That’s why we’re supporting it with: Melee Physical Damage – Minion Damage – Ruthless –Multistrike – Empower.


- We’re also using Slave Drivers for this build, they have a potential for a huge single target damage.

- Remember to socket Raise Spectre on that Rare Helmet with Concentrated Effect and Minion Damage.

- You need to go to “The Control Blocks” in Act 5, cast Desecrate until you find the right corpses (Slave Driver).

- Then raise them as spectres.


- Winter Orb is a Skill that can be casted from a good distance to keep you safe.

- It’s ice damage, so since you are using Elemental Equilibrium it’ll reduce enemies’ Lightning Resistances in 50% (Slave Drivers use Lightning Spells).

- It’s linked with Cast While Channeling, Flash Offering and Desecrate.

- So it will automatically cast Flesh Offering and Desecrate for a Cast Speed bonus for your minions.


- Raise Zombie for having up to 10 Zombies with 45k + Life as Bodyguards.

- They also trigger Feeding Frenzy for more damage to all your minions and maim enemies on hit for more physical damage taken.


- Haste is an aura that grants attack, cast and movement speed to your minions.

- Vaal Haste is a temporary aura that grants a huge amount of attack, cast and movement speed to your minions. (Use it on Bosses)


- Flame Dash is a great movement skill.

- Convocation brings all your minions by your side. (It’s awesome for clear speed)

- Enhance grants more cooldown reduction to both this skills.


- Summon Skitterbots are awesome. They keep shocking and chilling your enemies for more damage and survivability.









Look for these Stats on Rare Jewels:

- Minion Damage

- Maximum Life

- Strength

- Dexterity


Unique Jewels

- The Anima Stone

- Primordial Might

- Primordial Might





Tips for Easy Level (beginner friendly)

- Start with Freezing Pulse until lvl 4, then change for Summon Raging Spirit until you reach 4 jewels slots. Then you can start using Ice Golems, but remember to equip your Clayshaper and Victario's Charity.


Leveling Setup of Links

- From 1 to 4 use Freezing Pulse.

- Reaching lvl 4 your main skill is going to be Summon Raging Spirit.

- When reaching lvl 8 you can support with Added Fire Damage, Minion Damage and Melee Splash.

- Reaching lvl 18 change Added Fire Damage for Melee Physical Damage.

- Use this setup until you unlock 4 jewel slots and start using Ice Golems.

- Now that we already know our Main skill, let's talk about Auxillar skills that will also help a lot.

- Starting with Raise Zombie, those bad boys are going to be your loyal bodyguards.

- You can start using at lvl 1.

- Lvl 8 support it by Minion Damage.

- Lvl 18 support it by Minion Life and Melee Physical Damage.

- Reaching level 38 change Melee Physical Damage for Brutality.

- As soon as you start using Ice Golems replace Minion Life and Brutality with Feeding Frenzy and Maim.

- I suggest you start using Ice Golems as soon as you unlock 4 Jewel slots. Equip 1 Anima Stone, 1 Primordial Might and 2 Primordial Harmony.

- Equip 3 more Primordial Harmony as soon as you unlock more jewel slots.

- Also equip your Clayshaper.

- Support Ice Golem with Melee Physical Damage – Minion Damage – Ruthless – Multistrike – Empower.

- Remember that you can get an easy 6 Link with skin of the Loyal.

- If you want to have a really cheap 6 Link, replace Ruthless with Hypothermia.

- A Skin of the Loyal with 2 Green +3 Red +1 Blue is around 30 chaos.

- Your Skitterbots grant the Chill needed for Hypothermia.



- You can start using Clarity at level 10 for more mana regeneration.

- Reaching level 16 start using Summon Skitterbots for more damage and survivability.

- As soon as you stop using Raging Spirits, around level 51, stop using Clarity and activate Haste instead.


Recommended Items

- Gloom Circle Two-Stone Ring

- Praxi

- Atziri's Foible

- Lochtonial Caress

- Wanderlust

- Tabula Rasa

- Goldrim

- String of Servitude

- Mark of the Red Covenant

- Lifesprig

- Earendel’s Embrace



That’s all about this build. You can click mmogah.com to buy cheap PoE Blight Currency like Exalted Orb. We will never let you down!


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