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Path of Exile 3.7 Legion: 5 Great Builds

Dear Exiles! Today I will show you 5 great Path of Exile 3.7 Builds that are very smart in my opinion. This build includes Ice Golem Elementalist, Frost Blades Champion, Scourge Arrow Pathfinder, Reave/Lacerate/Cyclone Berserker and Toxic Rain Trickster build. You can read on this post directly or watch LNB’s original YouTube as you please.





 1. Ice Golem Elementalist by Utopian


Golem builds have been a thing for couple of years now, and we have seen them in all kinds of variants in forms up to this date. Golem builds can actually be rather fast if the play style is tailored around the design. Another great thing about Golem builds or Summoners in general is that they tend to be able to run almost any map, and so rerolling and spending extra PoE Currency to get the right map is less of a hassle.



  - Liege of the Primordial

  - Elemancer

  - Clayshaper

  - The Primordial Chain

  - The Anima Stone

  - Skin of the Loyal

  - Command of the Pit / Grip of the Council

  - Skullhead

  - Victario's Charity

  - Primordial Harmony

  - Primordial Eminence



  - Puppet Master

  - Invoker

  - Mistress of Sacrifice

  - Soul Weaver


 2. Frost Blades Champion by Raazen


Frost Blades have like many other skills received a buff in 3.7 Legion. This includes gaining a significant amount of flat cold damage per gem level making it feel much smooth to level with, and as a result also providing more damage. And Frost Blades almost the best leveling skills for anyone who trying to level and melee oriented build this time.  


- Voidforge / Terminus Est

- Loreweave

- Starkonja's Head

- Mark of the Elder

- Conqueror

- Worthy Foe

- Unstoppable Hero

- Fortitude


 3. Scourge Arrow Pathfinder by Thedeathbeam


Scourge Arrow is an Attack, Projectile, Channeling, Chaos and Bow focus skill. Scourge Arrow converts 60% of your Physical Damage to Chaos. This build is great for beginners who want to deal with any constant in the game.


- Darkscorn

- Master Toxicist

- Herald of Agony

- Nature's Reprisal

- The Embalmer

- Atziri's Promise

- Coralito's Signature


 4. Melee Versatile Berserker by Hybrid


All three skills (Reave/Lacerate/Cyclone) have received changes in PoE 3.7. Reave and Lacerate have had their damage or more specifically damage effectiveness greatly buffed. Lacerate also received an interesting mechanical change making it work differently. It received a strong flat damage boost per level of the sculpture making it easier to level with, and does also a lot more enjoyable at those early levels before getting yourself a proper weapon.


- Crave the Slaughter

- Rite of Ruin

- Flawless Savagery

- Blitz

- Starkonja's Head

- Belly of the Beast / Carcass Jack / Loreweave

- Tombfist


 5. Toxic Rain Trickster by Goku_TD


Toxic Rain is another boss skill that converts a large percentage of physical damage into chaos damage. With the skill you will shot five arrows into the air and then rains down upon and damages enemies in the target of the area and creating small pots where the projectiles land.


- Patient Reaper

- Prolonged Pain

- Ghost Dance

- Escape Artist

- The Vertex

- Queen of the Forest

- Atziri's Step

- Maloney's Mechanism / Drillneck / Soul Strike



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Path of Exile Legion 3.7: Top 5 Melee Starters Builds


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