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Path of Exile 3.7.0: The Legion Challenge League Is Coming

By Nancy G2019-05-22

As exiles know, Synthesis, Path of Exile’s last expansion, didn’t go over all that well with the community. Don’t be depressed and sit back, the New Challenge League -Legion is Coming! Now MmoGah, a professional and creditable gaming store will show you details about this expansion. Or you can click the PoE official website to learn more about the Legion.



Exiles will discover armies trapped in the Domain of Timeless Battle in Legion, fated to war for all eternity, and will be able to free these soldiers of five legions, give them mercy and take their sweet loots. The Legion is also an expansion focused on overhauling melee combat, with new tech reworking core gameplay, new skills, rebalances and two new build archetypes: Blood & Sand / Berserker.


- Legion Jewels that Change Your Passive Tree

You’ll want to rise to the challenge, because each army in the Domain of Endless Conflict has a chance to drop a Unique Jewel that can be socketed into your passive skill tree. These gems can have a huge effect on character builds, because these gems don’t just modify a single skill or node, but all the ones in the surrounding area.


- Reworked Melee Gameplay Mechanics

Exiles will also be happy to hear that Melee Combat has been given a massive update to remove the "clunky" nature and core issues it has had since the game launched in 2013. Players will be able to cancel attack animations to provide a more responsive feel. Movement skills also activate instantly and low-level movement skills are included too. Players of any class will find some pretty nifty dodge movements. Melee attacks will hit more than one enemy at a time and support for animation chaining has been added. This update is an end-to-end rebalance of all melee abilities.

- New Type of Reward Incubation Items

These Path of Exile Items modify a piece of existing equipment, adding certain challenges that must be met before rewarding a player with an item down the line. For example, you may have an Incubation item that requires you to kill 2,000 monsters above level 35. Attach it to a piece of gear you are wearing, and you will get your reward once you complete. You can have Incubation items applied to all your different pieces of equipment at once, which means there will always be a target to work towards.


Another Path of Exile 3.7 Legion Features List:

- New and Reworked Uniques: including Voll's Devotion and Aukuna’s Will

- New Skills: Berserk, Blood & Sand, Bladestorm, Chain Strike and Dash

- Reworks for Gladiator and Berserker Ascendancies

- Reworked Cyclone

- Two new Archetypes for Builds: Blood & Sand and Berserker

- Improved and reworked endgame maps: including Coward's Trial

- Improved bosses and early game content


Path of Exile’s 2019 Schedule:

- June 7th: 3.7.0 Legion expansion PC launch

- June 10th: Legion expansion PlayStation 4 and Xbox One launch

- September 6th: 3.8.0 expansion launch

- November 16-17th: Exile Con, announcement of 3.9.0 expansion and 4.0.0 mega-expansion

- December 6th: 3.9.0 expansion launch


That’s all my introduction about the Legion Challenge League. You can click to see more PoE News, and you can come to this PoE Shop to buy safe and fast Chaos Orb. The professional services will never let you down!


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