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Path of Exile 3.12.0: The Heist Challenge League Is Coming

The new Path of Exile expansion Heist will launch on September 18th (PDT). GGG has announced a trailer and details about Heist. Now the best PoE Shop MmoGah, will share these exciting events to you exiles.


  "Thank you, everyone, for being on time. We have a lot to cover. The mark is in the rear of the dining hall. Karst, you're up first. You'll need to crack the lock and get us inside. Once we're in, Tullina will use the vents to bypass patrols. There is a steel barrier that blocks access to the hall. Tibbs, can you handle it? Great. Then Isla just needs to bridge the gap. There is enough in that bunker for all of us to live very comfortably. If we stick to the plan, we should have no trouble at all. IF we stick to the plan..."



Path of Exile: Heist Preview

- Uncover the Rogue Harbour

- Hire a Specialist

- Execute the Heist

- Equip your Crew

- Plan a Grand Heist

- Thieves' Trinkets

- Alternate Quality Gems

- Replica Uniques & Experimented Base Types

- Weapon and Body Armour Enchantments

- Oppressive Curses

- Sharpened Steel Skills

- Powerful Spells

- Path of Exile on macOS


In this new league, you will plan and execute elaborate Heists. Travel to the Rogue Harbour and hire a crew of thieves to perform tasks, such as lockpicking, demolition, and transportation. Break into a secure facility, and be careful not to trigger the alarm. Bypass security measures and infiltrate the vault containing a valuable artifact. Make a mad dash back to the extraction point to lock in your haul. Use your cut of the profits to obtain a blueprint, uncover escape routes, and train your crew as you plan the ultimate job: executing a Grand Heist. Choose your payoff from exclusive new items such as Alternate Quality Gems, Trinkets, Body and Weapon Enchantments, Replica Unique Items, Experimented Base Types, and more. Plan your escape on September 18th.


That's all about PoE 3.12 events, and I Hope you exiles will enjoy this new league. You can see lots of PoE Builds and news here. And you can also buy cheap and safe PoE Items and kinds of PoE Orbs, such as Exalted Orb and Chaos Orb. Our professional PoE team will never let you down!

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