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  • MmoGah's Promotion Week for PoE Currency and Items Starts August 4 
    By Michel Z2021-08-03 00:00:00

    Good News! With the release of Path of Exile ExpeditionMmoGah has an awesome offer for you! From August 4 to August 10, PDT, using coupon: Expedition5,  you will enjoy 5% off your Path of Exile currency and PoE item purchase.

    MmoGah's Promotion Week for PoE Currency and Items Starts August 4 P2



    1. The promotion begins on August 4, and it runs until August 10, PDT. During the promotion, you can enjoy 5% off your PoE Currency and item purchase with code: Expedition5.  


    2. This coupon is only available for PoE currency and PoE item orders (PoE Power Leveling is not included). You can use the coupon no matter how many times you purchase during the promotion week. 


    3. This coupon can be used in combination with a VIP discount. Therefore, it will be a good idea to sign in and use the coupon to save more money.


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