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  • PoE 3.15 Builds: Best League Starters
    By Michel Z2021-07-28 00:00:00

    PoE 3.15 is a big Meta shift. People are trying to figure out which builds are still good and which builds will be good. AsmodeusClips gives you a brief list of starter builds for the Path of Exile Expedition League in this guide.

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    Best League Starters


    Toxic Rain Pathfinder

    Toxic Rain is an excellent league starter that wasn't affected by the nerfs. 


    Skeletons or Soulwrest

    Minion builds will still be potent in PoE 3.15, especially Skeletons or Soulwrest Necromancer.



    There will be various Trap builds that are still powerful in this league, especially Ice Trap.


    Blazing Slavo Miner

    Blazing Slavo Miner is still going to work excellently, but it has to be played a bit differently: if you are using a Tremor Rod, you have to put High-Impact Mine Support gem in it to lower the Mana cost further, and that will make the Reservation super low and still give you a bunch of damage when you're detonating long sequences.


    Essence Drain + Contagion

    Just as in every single league, ED Contagion is a viable league starter.


    Ice Crash/Consecrated Path/Tectonic Slam

    If you want to play a Melee skill, then Ice Crash, Consecrated Path, and Tectonic Slam are the ones that got the biggest buffs and are still solid skills for Melee characters.


    Phys → Ele Conversion Spell Caster Carry + Aurabot

    If you are looking for something that avoided all of the nerfs and still allows you to melt everything and run pretty fast, it has to be the dual setup of Carry with a spell that has physical damage converted to elemental damage and an Aurabot. With two players running this setup, you can melt everything effectively.


    PoE 3.15 Builds Best League Starters p1


    League Start Tips and Advice


    1. Start with a Comfortable Build Instead of Trying to Guess What Will Be OP

    The PoE 3.15 patch has many changes that break the Meta. Additionally, there are 19 new Skill Gems, and some will be viable and strong for many different builds. People will be trying the new builds a lot, so I recommend starting with a build that you enjoy or have experience with and then rerolling something that will be proven to be the strongest or the Meta after the first week two.


    2. Practise Leveling and Setting Up Your Character

    I also recommend practising a little bit, and this is a tip not only for this league start but also for every other league start in the future.


    For new players, the ideal time to start playing a league is a little bit earlier before it launches. The reason is that you'll want to give yourself some time to learn how to level your character efficiently, which gems to get, how to gear your character, and what passives to take. You want to make the initial mistakes early on so that you will be able to fix those mistakes you made when the league starts. It will be a massive difference between your first character and the next character you made once you've learned some new tricks to set up your character.


    3. Get a Good Loot Filter

    In Path of Exile, Time Equals Currency. A Loot Filter can help you speed up your gameplay a lot and save you time. 


    4. My League Starters


    Ice Trap Saboteur

    Ice Trap Saboteur is shaping up to be an incredibly powerful build, and most of the support gems used in that skill evaded all the nerfs in 3.15. Ice Trap Saboteur is a very squishy build until you start getting some avoidance, and then you can freeze enemies. But this build makes a lot of boss encounters easy.


    Ice Trap is a very comfortable skill to play once you get used to it, but it requires you to know what you're doing a little bit so that you don't die too much.


    Soulwrest Summoner

    If I weren't starting with Ice Trap Saboteur, I would probably start with the Soulwrest summoner. Though Blade Blast no longer Unnerves on Hit, and some gems were nerfed, the skill is still powerful, and Soulwrest is still a strong build in PoE 3.15. 


    Those are the starter builds AsmodeusClips is using for PoE: Expedition League. If you like this video, make sure to hit the Like button and subscribe to his channel. 


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