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Is Open Or Sell Stacked Decks Can Make More PoE Currency

What's up everyone, it's MmoGah here with a science article on the risk versus rewards of Stacked Decks. You can also watch Vikton's YouTube know details.


open or sell stacked deck cover


You can find tons of stacked decks right now pretty easily while heisting, which has altered the prices quite a bit compared to previous leagues. With that in mind, I've saved up 400 stacked decks that are ready to be thrown into the lava here and test it out whether it's better to sell them all or open them up yourself. This, of course, is very RNG-based because you never really know what you're going to get with these things. But at the end of the day, you can either risk it and open up your decks, or you can sell them. You can currently sell the stack decks in bulk at about point eight Chaos Orbs per one. So with my 400 here, this comes in the right at five Exalted Orbs. So I'll need to make at least five exalts here to make any money on these. If I don't, it would have been better to go ahead and sell them. I'll be the guinea pig here for you guys and see if it's worth it for hundreds of stacked decks. If it is, maybe you guys should consider opening up all of yours, and if it's not, perhaps you guys should consider selling them all in bulk going forward. I personally have no clue what I want to do in the future, so I figured why not. Let's go ahead and save a bunch and do a test for you guys, and we can learn together.


Let's move on to the stacked decks. So I'm also not going to make you guys sit here and watch me opening all of these in regular time. That would be so painful for you guys, so I'm going to keep it rolling here, but I'm going to speed up the video and turn on some tunes, and hopefully, we can rock out some big-boy cards. Feel free to jump to the end, where I go over all the results if you fancy. Just knowing my final thoughts or staying along for the ride, we can hopefully pull some big-boy cards together. I'm guessing I'm going to at least get zero doctors or maybe 50. Yeah, it's going to be one of those two for sure. So let the stacked decks sacrificial hour to the lava gods begin.



Okay, so that was not good. Like I said in the beginning, this is very RNG-based. I have a buddy that opened this first 25 decks and got a nurse and a doctor card. So it's all over the place, which is why I figured 400 would be a good test on a larger scale, whether it's worth it or not. And I have to say, at least for me, it was not worth it. I probably would sell these things in bulk going forward for that guaranteed PoE Currency income. Long story short, after opening 400 decks, the best cards I found were two abandoned wealth - The Eye Of Terror and Azyran's Reward. Of course, there were some other random bits and bobs, but overall it came out to a final profit of 170 PoE Chaos Orb after selling everything, which also took a little bit, which equals about 2.7 PoE Exalted Orb. So barely over half what I could have made from selling them in bulk. Going forward, as I said, I do plan to sell these in bulk, but I can't stress this enough. It's completely RNG, and the opening one card could make you five Exalts who knows, but really at least for me, I think the play is just getting that steady guaranteed income, which is a bit disappointing. It's always fun throwing down some cards and getting that big whoop sound when you hit big cards. So maybe that's all that matters for some people the thrill of the unknown. I won't knock you for it because the other day, it's always just what you enjoy more. My final takeaway is to Sell! Sell! Sell! At least that's what I'll be doing going forward. Anyways that's all I got for this one. It was just a quick for science.

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