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How to Get More PoE Exalted Orbs for Beginners

As Exiles know, Exalted Orb is the extremely rare PoE Currency. The Best Gaming Site MmoGah will share methods to get more exalts with Path of Exile beginners who are clueless when it comes to making money.



There are definitely many more ways to make ex, and some of you already know methods that are much more profitable than anything listed below. All I want to do here is simply to share the methods I’ve personally used to make enough currency for a comfortable in-game progression, and I hope it can do the same for you.



FOR THE POVERTY-STRICKEN (20 Chaos Orb - 10 exalts)


 1. Flipping Divination Cards



This exploits the fact that a complete set of divination cards is always cheaper than PoE Items that you get for trading in the cards. There are div cards at all price points, therefore even the poorest can do it. A few things to look out for:

-This is an extremely time consuming endeavor. You might be better off farming glacier. Use it only as a way of getting yourself out of crushing poverty.

-Shoot for cards that give you a unique item - Uniques with higher stats will turn a bigger profit.

-Go for cards with low stacks - Three “Samurai’s Eyes” are needed for a complete stack. 12 “The Queens” are needed for a complete stack. Shoot for the lower ones and save time.


 2. Flipping Currency



You can do this no matter how poor you are. I’d recommend having at least 100c to start this off. Profit margins are slim, but it will be more lucrative the more currency you have. Let’s say we’re flipping chromatic orb:


-List a single chaos in premium tab, set the price as 700/100 [Chromatic Orb], and purchase.

-List a single chromatic orb in premium tab, set the price as 100/600 [Chaos Orb], and sell.

-Profit of 100 Chromatic Orbs per trade.


 3. Flipping Currency - Exploiting Vendor Recipe


Nessa in Act 1 sells an Orb of Alteration for 4 Orbs of Augmentation. Alt orbs go for 4:1 on the market, which means Aug orbs should go for 16:1. However, if you check currency market on the trade website, you need at least 25 Augs to buy a chaos. We can exploit this gap to make money:


-List a single chaos in premium tab, set the price as 25/1 [Orb of Augmentation], and purchase.

-Take all the purchased Aug orbs and buy Alt orbs from Nessa.

-List a single Alt in premium tab, set the price as 1/4 [Chaos Orb], and sell.

-Profit of ~9 Augs, or 2 Alts, or 0.5 chaos per trade.


But of course, no one wants to go through all this trouble for 0.5c profit. So buy and sell in bulk! I usually set the buy order at 1250/50 or 3500/100, and the sell order at 100/400, or 100/410~420 for a faster sell. Alt orbs are high in demand so it will sell in no time. This is a pretty solid way of making dozens of chaos orbs with seconds of investment.


FOR THE MIDDLE CLASS (10-30 exalts)


 1. Aspect of the Cat Crafting



Simply buy a base item from the market, craft Aspect of the Cat using “Farrul, First of the Plains”, and resell. I usually crafted & resold rings, with the following method. Prices will vary from day to day:


-Item search filter setting: Ring, Curse Enemies with Level # Assassin’s Mark on Hit, # Empty Modifiers Min 5

-Purchase level 8 Assassin’s Mark for 1 exalt, level 12 for 2 exalts.

-Purchase Farrul, First of the Plains for ~60 chaos, go to bestiary and craft Aspect of the Cat on the ring.

-Resell for 3~4 exalts, depending on the Assassin’s Mark’s level.

Recommended base types are Two-Stone, Diamond, and Unset Rings. Craft a few and have them ready to sell. Look for rings with “high +life +res, other good mods, +1 Empty Prefix” to craft and sell them if you want to turn a bigger profit.


 2. Enchanted Helmets + Deafening Essence of Greed


Deafening Essence of Greed guarantees +100 max life, which is quite powerful. Essences crafting is much cheaper than fossil crafting, so it will be less of a financial burden crafting this way. However, you will never get the desired mods such as “+9 increased phy dmg” with this method, so these won’t sell at too high of price no matter how good the rolls are.


In general, shoot for an at least tier 2 resistance when crafting these, along with an empty prefix + suffix so that you can craft +1 Range and Aspect of the Cat.


Choosing the right base type for the helmet is quintessential. If you are crafting a Cyclone enchant helmet, purchase the base using the following search filters:


-40% Increased Cyclone Damage / Any Non-Unique / Strength Min 1 / Corrupted No / Mirrored No / Max Price 6~7 Exalts / Enable Live Search

-15% Increased Cyclone Attack Speed / Any Non-Unique / Strength Min 1 / Corrupted No / Mirrored No / Max Price 8~9 Exalts / Enable Live Search


Do not use any base that requires 70+ int. It will take you a long time to sell it. Sometimes you’ll find good base types that get listed for under 3 exalts. Snipe them and sell them as is with 3~4 exalts profit.


FOR THE WELL-OFF (30+ exalts)


 Enchanted Cyclone Helmets + Pristine/Jagged Fossil Crafting


You can give this a stab with even 10 exalts, at your own peril. The reason I recommend a 30+ exalts starting investment is that due to the extremely RNG nature of fossil crafting, it is quite easy to burn through all your currency without getting any decent results. With 30 exalts, you will want to invest 10 exalts in fossils and resonators, 15 exalts in at least three good helmet bases using the search filters mentioned above, and 5 exalts as the emergency backup fund.


Buy fossils and resonators in bulk of 100 to save time. On the first helmet, craft until you have something that is “meh, but OK”. Then move onto the second helmet. If you hit another “OK”, move onto the third helmet and hit another OK. Only then are you allowed to go back to the first one and shoot for something a step above ok. Something good, or even amazing.


Because RNG is such a strong factor, crafting and selling something that is OK to keep you afloat is hugely important. The real profits come when you hit something big every once in a while. Don’t be too strict, sell what you can, or you’ll burn through all your currency in minutes.


Problem with fossil crafting is that a large sum of your net worth is tied to your fossils and helmets. So you’ll want to sell cheaply and quickly. Liquidate your crafted helmets as quickly as possible in order to reinvest the currency into the next batch of crafting materials. You’ll have no currency on hand and will be poor the entire time you do this.


If you hit something like this, stop and sell. This is the baseline requirement for a fossil crafted Cyclone helmet to be sellable:


-+9% phys dmg

-90+ max life

-Empty prefix - Craft +1 Range

The perfect craft will look like this, which you’ll rarely ever see.


-+9% phys dmg

-110+ max life

-+2~3% max life

->40 int or tier 1 res

-Empty prefix - Craft +1 Range

-Empty suffix - Craft Aspect of the Cat


Thanks to DefaultsOnMortgage for this useful guide. And hope this will help you a lot!


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