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How to Avoid Your Account Getting Banned for Buying PoE Currency

All players know that Buying PoE Currency can support players to play smoothly and easily. It is good for exiles to enjoy the game in your favorite PoE Items instead of farming PoE currency repeatedly. However, before I answer how to avoid getting banned for buying PoE currency, let’s begin by address the elephant in the room.



Buying Path of Exile Currency isn’t cool, it isn’t clever and it probably makes you a douchebag for even considering it. You could get your account banned for being involved in such a transaction. And there is no website can guarantee that your account will never get banned. But as long as you keep the following 3 tips in mind, you will not get banned.

  1. NEVER give your account password to anyone. Gold sellers do NOT need it. They only need to know your character name (for PS4 also needs PSN).

  2. Choose a reliable and respectable online PoE Currency seller , which can provide you safe poe currency but also a pleasant shopping experience. The  following are 8 key points that you should focus on:

High Reputation - It is important to choose a reliable seller with high reputation.

Rich Experience - You should choose a powerful game company with rich experience in the gaming industry.

Good Evaluations - What other players say is important than what the sellers say. You can check from Trustpilot, Ownedcore, Epicnpc and so on, which will increase your trust of a website.

Secure Delivery Method - Face-to-Face is a safe trade method to deliver your PoE Currency and other PoE items. The seller will meet you at a place in the game then trade with you, which is fast and secure.

Cheap and Reasonable Prices - When searching PoE currency, you might be concerned about prices mostly. So you can compare 2 or 3 websites on top ranking with prices. 

Fast Delivery Time - When you come to a PoE Shop, you could find most of them show the “Delivery Time” to players. You can choose a fast delivery time to buy currencies.

Various Payment Methods – A competent website should provide a mass of payment methods to players, which is very convenient for them to place orders.

• Refund Guarantee – A responsible seller should have refund guarantee in case you place a wrong order or other reasons.


 3. Your chances of being banned are probably less because GGG might be willing to turn a blind-eye because you’re buying currencies which, in turn, means you’ll play longer. And proved by facts, that there has been no players get banned for buying legit poe currency.

Sincerely hope these tips will help players who are looking for buying PoE currency and have fun you exiles!

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