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Do You Know Additional Tips and Tricks in Path of Exile

By Leo Jiang2017-12-05

New players feel that Path of Exile is too complicated to play at the beginning, which is nothing that most players want to contend with when they plan to level up and get better gear. In order to make your head blend in complex systems, obtain good Path of Exile Items fit for your class, and have an interesting gameplay experience, even though you feel your way around for quite a long time. Path of Exile is a game which needs to think and make tactical consideration, so reading is good for this game.

Items and Inventory

Without clicking on a Scroll of Wisdom every time, you can hold "Shift" when identifying multiple PoE items. Also, you can use Ctrl + Left Click on a route to create a new instance or see a list of existing instances, which make adventuring a bit of frustrating.


There are lots of things on gems that most players cannot grasp at first. You should be able to get it to level 20 when you reach 85 if you start leveling a gem when your character is level 1, so it takes a long period and you should get a head start with the gem that goes for your chosen build. Don’t forget, gems don't get the same XP penalty that your character makes and they gain XP even when they're equipped but not the active alternate weapon.


Many players are interested in the Reduced Mana gem, particularly those who use caster classes. Quality of a Reduced Mana gem only works for spells and skills except auras, and a level 20 gem requires 13% Reduced Mana Reserved to use two 60% auras and one 40% aura, or 22% Reduced Mana Reserved for three 60% auras. It sounds complicated, but you should take note in order to optimize your equipment when using this gem.


Skill Tree

About the Skill Tree, you may want to know something so that cannot make mistakes in your build. 4% Increased Evasion Rating of passive skill and Armour does not increase Evasion by 24% and Armour by 24% at the same time, especially when you get Iron Reflexes, so you can get one of them at a time.


When talking about Iron Reflexes, in order to make Determination better than Grace, you have to get 6667 base armor at least. As for Critical Strike Multiplier, it increases damage dealt by a critical strike only, but it doesn’t increase critical strike opportunity.

Orbs and Trading

About PoE Currency items and trading, it can help you know more wealth. For example, you can de-level a gem by one when you sell it along with an Orb of Scouring. If you need a Chromatic Orb, only sell an item with three linked green, red, and blue sockets, which are easy in farming. However, you should know that PoE Exalted orbs are not easy to get.


You can get a Gemcutter's Prism from Vendoring gems with a 40% combined quality, so if you don’t have a Gemcutter's Prism at the ready, have gems on hand at least. If you want to buy bundles and stash tabs, you can wait for a sale, which happens every month. You should have more patience and you will get the reward. For more poe news, you should visit Just a reminder: you can get 2% coupon code for free from the reps if you place an order from this article.


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