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The Clarification on Fake Skypes Which Are Disguised as “Mmogah”

John Ryan April 04th, 2016   

Dear MmoGah Customers,

We are so sorry to tell you that our previous skype: mmogah has been banned for uninformed reasons, which is largely implicated in those several fake skypes which are disguised as mmogah to cheat our customers and gamers. Those spammers register similar skype account with ours and set the same skype display name as ours, even use the same avator as ours to cheat our customers and gamers. We issue a strong statement here that we have no relevance with this shameful deceptive behavior and we strongly condemn it. Not only did our customers get cheated, but our previous skype: mmogah was also banned because of this.

You can distinguish our previous skype: mmogah from those fake skypes to know how the spammers work:

mmogah previous skype

fake skype name

spammer skype name

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Please identify our unique new skype: live:mmogah_1 to avoid spammers. We advise you to click this link to add our skype. We will never add your skype first. Anyone who contacts you first claiming that it is mmogah must be a SPAMMER. So pay attention to the fake skypes and identify our unique account. You can also contact us via 24/7 Online Live Chat or send email to support@mmogah.com.


MmoGah Official New Skype:

 mmogah new skype

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