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2016 MmoGah Annual Conference

Helen Keller January 20th, 2017    MmoGah News

For MmoGah, 2016 was an overwhelmingly successful year. We enabled great improvements on high - efficiency customer service and high-quality SEO, and made a bigger step forward than last year. Certainly, whatever we have achieved first owe to our loyal and new customers’ support, and then all of our staff’s hardwork. In 2017, MmoGah will further keep up the good work and show our new look to you.


Last week, MmoGah held its 2016 Annual Conference, all of the staff attended the more than 3 hours’ meeting, and later enjoyed our annual meeting dinner. The detailed Annual Conference Process listed in the following parts:


Opening Keynote Address

Meihong Zhang, CEO of MmoGah gave an excellent opening address to the whole MmoGah staff. Meihong Zhang started by summarizing the overall situation of the company in 2016, said that Mmogah grew steadily in 2016, and all the MMOPRG Gold keywords had ranked on the first page in google, “ffxiv gil”, “roi gold” and “bns power leveling”... kept No.1 and “fifa 17 coins” ranked No.2, but No.1 of gold selling webs. In addition, our gold selling service gained more recognition from our customers, which was the greatest pleasure to us, as you know “Best Customer Service” was what we had been pursuing all the time since MmoGah founded in 2006, therefore we would further increase persons to make the service better in 2017. Within 10+ years, MmoGah grew from a tiny start-up to a large company today, which all depended on “Kindness, Generous, Honesty, Hardwork, Persistence, Perfection, and Intelligence” 7 words the whole MmoGah staff obeyed. In the last, Meihong Zhang looked forward to the futurity of MmoGah, more upcoming MMOs would be added to our web and even expanded other fields.


Customer Service Manager, SEO Manager, Customer Service Representative and SEO Representative Annual Summaries

Gu Hong, Manager of MmoGah Customer Service pointed out that the whole section was very busy due to the increasing orders in 2016. Even though so many orders each day, whenever you came, customer reps still patiently answered each of your questions, that’s why so many loyal customers chose to buy gold from MmoGah, not only because of our cheap, safe and fast gold delivery but because of our high-quality service. In 2017, the whole section would strengthen capacity on mastering professional MMO knowledge and improve their communication skills, hoped to provide better service for you.


Rongrong, Fu, Manager of MmoGah SEO noted that the whole section made a great progress last year, all the MMO keywords ranked on google’s first page, the traffic volume and number of clicks of essays are much more than last year, more advanced seo tools were adopted, and the members’ professional abilities got improved. In 2017, the whole section would further learn advanced SEO knowledge and find more useful seo tools so that new MMO keywords can be fast on the first page in google.


Wu Di, Outstanding representative of Customer Service shared lots of valuable opinions based on about 8 years’ work experience in MmoGah. As a long-serving employee, he knew MmoGah more clearly than others, said that the good cooperation between Customer Service and SEO were very important for MmoGah’s development, both sections needed more negotiations. More information and materials needed to be found before adding a new MMORPG. In addition, he still focused on detail problems and hoped to make some improvements.


Meilin Tang, Outstanding representative of SEO summarized talked about all totally new work she did in 2016, started by finding link network, then did Twitch TV sponsor, and now did Youtube sponsor. The three new tasks were confronted with great difficulties at the start, more pay but less return. Luckily, we finally went through the hard time, more partners chose to work with us and tried their best to complete what we required, here MmoGah wanted to say “thanks” to all of our partners. In 2017, MmoGah would increase input in Youtube sponsor and find more different language and long-term partners.


Annual Conference Dinner

In order to reward the whole staff’s hardwork, Meihong Zhang not only announced that everyone would get a big bonus and entertained us with a banquet after Annual Conference. All of the staff really enjoyed the dinner, filled with joyful laughter and songs. Four hours’ happy time made everyone relaxed without thinking about tiring work. After dinner, we were all invited to the new beautiful house with a beautiful garden of Meihong Zhang and it looked so magnificent. What an impressive 2016 Annual Conference dinner!


Expectation for 2017

As a rapidly developing company, accurate orientation is the key of success, honesty is the premise of success. In 2017, we will continue to endeavor MmoGah’s service principle “Customer First, Service Foremost”, sincerely serve our customers, serve the world, and further improve our service system, more perfectly and more comprehensively. In the last, we’d like to share the happiness with you and yours, say “Happy Spring Festival” and give our best wishes to you.


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