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Last Epoch Circle of Fortune – Get the Best Items

By Penny2024-03-18

The Circle of Fortune in Last Epoch is a faction system that enhances your loot-finding experience. It operates through the use of Prophecies, Lenses, and passive bonuses, offering players a way to increase the quantity and rarity of items they find. So today, we will introduce a way shared by Raxxanterax on his YouTube channel regarding how to get good items by using the Lenses mechanic.


 get the best items in last epoch


How to Join & Rank

You can join the Circle of Fortune by reaching the Upper District of Maj'Elka in Chapter 9 of the Campaign. This is done by progressing through the main story or using a Temporal Sanctum Key to defeat Chronomancer Julra, opening a shortcut straight to Chapter 9. There are ten ranks within the Circle of Fortune faction. Your rank grows as you gain experience from defeating enemies or completing quests. It determines the benefits you receive from the faction. As you gain Faction Rank, you unlock various bonuses. These bonuses revolve around making certain loot types more likely, increasing drop quantity, and duplicating loot.


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Get the Best Items

In act nine, go to the Observatory, and you can see four telescopes in four directions, which are Dysis Telescope (West), Arctus Telescope (North), Eos Telescope (East), and Mesembria (South). When you go to a telescope, you will have lenses, which are used to block the stuff that you don't want. Rax recommended playing Monolith to get the most rewards possible, so he used this mechanic to filter the Prophecies. But first, you need to get Favor, which is a currency that is used to purchase things in Circle of Fortune or Merchant’s Guild. You can see the Favor amount that you gained by pressing Y.


When you get some Favor, talk to the lady at the entrance, check out what she has, and click the Greater Lenses. One of them would be Obscuring Lens of Battle, which grants a 100% reduced chance for Prophecies to have Arena events. For people who don’t want to spend time doing Arena, this is perfect. You need to buy four of these for each telescope. Then, go back to the telescopes and put them in.


In general, for any build, the most important thing is your weapon. So, go to the East, the weapon prophecy. Next, find the prophecies that are good for you by rerolling, like Unique, Exalted items or something, which costs Favor. Then you can buy them with your Favor and start to stack them up because, in Rax’s example, he found the rewards that he got from buying and stacking these Prophecies by doing Monoliths are amazing. If the armor piece defines your build instead of your weapons, go to the North telescope, the Armor Prophecies, and do the same thing.

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