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Efficient Gold Farming Guide in Last Epoch

By Penny2024-04-15

In the world of Last Epoch, gold is the lifeblood of your character's progression. Whether you're crafting, trading, or enhancing gear, having a healthy gold reserve in le is crucial. This guide will walk you through the most effective methods to farm gold in the game. If you are interested, keep reading.


 Efficient Gold Farming Guide in Last Epoch


Monolith Farming

The Monolith of Fate is a prime location for gold farming. As you progress through the echoes, you'll encounter nodes that offer gold rewards. Additionally, enemies and chests within the echoes can drop significant amounts of gold. To maximize your earnings, aim for the Scales of Greed Blessing, which boosts gold drops. This blessing can be farmed in the Fall of the Outcasts Monolith.


Here are some tips for farming gold in Monolith:

Completing All Normal Timelines: Start by completing all the timelines in Normal mode to unlock their Empowered versions. This will increase the difficulty but also the rewards, including gold drops.

Increasing Corruption: Boost your Corruption level as much as possible. Higher Corruption levels increase the difficulty of the echoes but also significantly enhance the loot quality, including gold drops.

Targeting Echoes with Gold Rewards: As you navigate through the Monolith, look for echoes that specifically reward Piles of Gold. These will provide a higher gold yield per run.

Farming Grand Scales of Greed: This blessing increases gold drop chances by 45-70%. You can obtain it once you reach level 100, and it's a key asset for boosting your gold income. Grind through echoes in the Monolith of Fate again with this blessing to maximize gold earnings!


Selling Items to Vendors

Items are the bread and butter of gold farming. The more affixes and higher tier affixes an item has, the more valuable it is when sold to vendors. Unique, Set, and Exalted items fetch higher prices, with Unique and Set items selling for 250-500 gold each. Exalted items can be worth even more, depending on their affixes. It's also worth noting that Keys, which take up less inventory space, sell for nearly the same amount as other items.


Merchant’s Guild

Joining the Merchant's Guild opens up another avenue for gold farming. As you level up within the guild, you'll gain access to better items and resources, which can be sold for gold. The guild also offers missions and tasks that reward gold upon completion.


Selling Unwanted Items: One of the simplest ways is to sell unwanted or unused items to the merchant. This includes gear, weapons, accessories, and other loot that you don't need for your character's build.

Identifying and Selling Rare Items: Keep an eye out for rare and valuable items while adventuring. These can often fetch a good price at the Merchant's Guild, especially if they have desirable affixes or are part of a set.

Crafting and Selling: Crafting powerful items and then selling them at the Merchant's Guild can be a profitable venture. Players often look for specific crafted items to enhance their builds, so catering to popular demand can bring in substantial gold.

Completing Bounties: Bounties are quests offered by the Merchant's Guild that require players to complete specific tasks, such as killing certain enemies or collecting items. Completing these bounties rewards gold and sometimes other valuable items.


Some Extra Farming Tips

  • Prioritize farming in areas where you can quickly defeat enemies.
  • Use skills and gear that enhance your movement speed to cover more ground faster.
  • Keep your inventory organized to maximize space for valuable items.
  • Focus on farming during events or timelines that offer increased gold drops.
  • Prioritize builds and strategies that allow you to clear content quickly. This includes selecting skills and talents that excel at clearing packs of enemies efficiently.
  • Utilize loot filters to highlight valuable items and filter out low-value ones. This saves time by focusing on items that are more likely to yield good returns when sold.
  • Minimize the time spent in town or on non-productive activities. Stay focused on farming and optimizing your runs to maximize gold income per hour.

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