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How to Buy Cheap Guild Wars 2 Gold Online Easily

By John Ryan
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Buying Guild Wars 2 gold is an important part in playing guild wars 2. You are in need of Guild Wars 2 gold to improve your skills or speed up your level. Before you buy Guild Wars 2 gold (gw2 gold kaufen), I think you may worry that where can I buy guild wars 2 gold for safe and fast? How to choose a reliable website? How to buy cheap guild wars 2 gold online easily?

MmoGah as a professional website who has more than 10 years’ experience in the gaming market, which can provide the most exceptional service to you. Here we would like to share some useful information with you!

Many of our new and old customers do not know how to buy cheap guild wars 2 gold online at MmoGah. Now follow me step by step to learn about how to buy the cheapest guild wars 2 gold at MmoGah!   


1. Sign up on MmoGah to be a member.

We find that many customers have not signed up or signed in on our website. They place orders as tourists, who don’t get member discount. Sign up on our website to be a member is important for you to get some discount. Let me share with you how it works.

At first, register on our website, create your account, and then become a member. You can get 1% discount, even if you place an order at the first time. When your accumulative total amounts of money reach $2000, you will become our member of level 2 and get 2% discount. When your accumulative total amounts of money reach $4000, you will become our member of level 3 and get 3% discount.

For example:

I want to place an order for GW2 gold us. At first, Sign up on MmoGah to be a member, and then choose GW2 - us server, click “buy now” and choose 1000 gold add to shopping chart. The website automatically counts the money I have spent to get the corresponding discount. I get 1% off for member discount, which you can clearly see marked with red border in the screenshot.

guild wars gold shopping cart


This is the first order, when you place the second, third and more orders, you will get larger and larger discount to save your money. Why not login every time when you place your order?


2. Festivals Coupon for discount

In order to thank you for our new and old customers continued support, we provide different discount in all important festivals. The important festivals include New Year’s Day, St. Valentine’s Day, All Fool’s Day/April Fool’s Day, Easter, Halloween, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas and Anniversary of our company. You can get the festivals coupon directly, which can save your time.

Today is Christmas day, you can get 5% off christmast coupon code, which we marked with green border in the screenshot.

3. When you place a large number of orders, you can get certain gold bonus (2% or 5% Gold Bonus)

Place an order for 500 -1000G, you will get 2% bonus.

Place an order for 1000G+, you will get 5% bonus.

guild wars 2 price

I get 20 gold bonus from this order, which you can clearly see marked with blue ring in screenshot as below.

When you place an order, you can use member discount, code discount and gold bonus at the same time. From the second screenshot, you can see marked with the red border - member discount for 1%, marked with the green border - code discount for 5%, marked with the blue ring – 20 gold bonus, so you totally get 6% discount with 20 gold bonus for this order.


4. Coupon code for large discount.

You can use coupon code at any time, and you can choose the way that you like. Please click top Mmogah coupon to get large discount.

3% OFF - You can get it directly, the coupon code is MMOGAHCOM.

5% OFF - Leave your review on Mmogah or like and comment our facebook page.

If you are happy with our services and would like to leave your review on Mmobux, ResellerRatings, Bizrate or other Review Forum, you can get 5% off coupon.

Like our Facebook page and leave Comment on our page. If you have already liked our Facebook, please like and Comment on any one of our posts.

8% OFF - Spread your review about Mmogah.

If you are happy with our service, please leave a review on a site which can be logged in via your Facebook, Twitter or Google+ accounts.

10% OFF - Write and publish a guild wars 2 review or article for MmoGah.

15% OFF - Create & upload a guild wars 2 video to Youtube.


From the above information, I am sure you can buy the cheapest gw2 gold online easily at MmoGah! Moreover, our guild wars 2 gold price is competitive with other gaming websites, since we adjust the price in time according to the market. If you need gw2 gold, you can try to place an order at MmoGah, I am sure you will enjoy our service!


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