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GW2: What Does “GW2 Item Nomenclature” Mean in Guild Wars 2?

By Cathy Deng
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Many players have already enjoyed playing in Guild Wars 2 which is so hot now. Recently, we have surveyed that “GW2 Item Nomenclature” has been searched many times on the internet. Just as many new guild wars 2 players, one of our players thinks “GW2 Item Nomenclature” may be guild wars 2 items at the first sight. However, when I search “GW2 Item Nomenclature” from some professional websites which sell gw2 items, I can’t get any item information of it. Therefore, it makes us realize that we should clarify “GW2 Item Nomenclature” at the very beginning.



If you search “GW2 Item Nomenclature” in Google at the present time, you will find many different versions, such as, Item nomenclature, Attribute combinations and Prefix attributes. Do all these versions mean “GW2 Item Nomenclature”? Are they really the same meaning? Today, MmoGah will try our best to help you figure out these important questions. We will give you some definitions in the following parts.


Item nomenclature

If you search “GW2 Item Nomenclature” on the internet, you can get this redirect page “Attribute combinations”. It seems that “GW2 Item Nomenclature” is the same thing like “Attribute combinations”. Is this correct understanding? However, I find few connections with “GW2 Item Nomenclature” in the “Attribute combinations” page.



Attribute combinations

Attribute combinations are the sets of attributes that can be found in equipment and upgrade components across the game. They are commonly referred to prefixes in equipment pieces, and suffixes in upgrade components.


Crafted trinkets, crafted ascended weapons, and crafted ascended armors have custom prefix names replacing the default nomenclature. Gemstones and jewels have custom suffix names as well, which are the same as the custom prefixes of crafted trinkets.



Prefix attributes

The usage of prefix attributes is giving an item prefix name, and this template outputs the attribute bonuses granted by that prefix. If an {{item stat lookup}} was performed earlier on the page, then the numeric values for the attributes will be filled in.


What does “Nomenclature” mean?

If you search “Nomenclature” on the internet, you can get a concept in Wiki. It seems that nomenclature is not an exclusive word in guild wars 2. Wiki gives us the professional explanation:

“Nomenclature is a system of names or terms, or the rules for forming these terms in a particular field of arts or sciences. Nomenclature is the system of assignment of names given to organic compounds.” It seems there are some connections with the nomenclature in GW2.


What does “GW2 Item Nomenclature” mean? which is the official website does not give any specific information of “GW2 Item Nomenclature” and we can find little information about “GW2 Item Nomenclature” up to now.

From the reference materials I have searched, it seems that there is no professional definition about “GW2 Item Nomenclature”. So I can just give a rough description of Item Nomenclature. Item nomenclature refers to shared naming styles, which is the shared naming style of stats via prefixes on weapons and armors, and suffixes on trinkets.


Finally, we prudently come to the conclusion that there is few information about “GW2 Item Nomenclature” on the internet even the gw2 official site. Since “GW2 Item Nomenclature” has been searched many times, it may be important and many gw2 players want to know what it is. Therefore, I recommend to terminate the confusion in guild wars 2 and give more specific and professional information about “GW2 Item Nomenclature” for our players.


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