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  • Guild Wars 2 Dungeons Guide
    By Bmichaellogan2017-04-19 00:00:00

    Guild Wars 2 has a vast array of dungeons and each dungeon has its unique mechanism to keep it fresh and exciting. This guide will share you some information about dungeons in guild wars 2.


    What are Dungeons?

    Dungeons are optional party-based PvE instances, and each dungeon has its own story. There are currently nine dungeons. All dungeons except Fractals of the Mists and the special event dungeons have two modes: a story mode, which features a gripping plot and fearsome opponents, and an explorable mode, where players can access more challenging content with new goals and obstacles. Dungeons are private adventure areas for teams of five players, which allow you to challenge Tyria’s most insidious enemy factions in their territory.



    Where to Find Dungeons?

    A door icon will appear on your map once you have discovered the location of a dungeon. Keep in mind that these dungeons have their own collectibles like armor sets and weapons. Some special dungeons are not accessible all the time and they are available after you have performed certain actions in certain events.


    Story mode

    Story mode is played through on the first visit to the dungeon. Completing the story mode of a dungeon for the first time, you will receive a letter in your mailbox, along with a head piece reward and 50 Silver. Story mode completion is based on your character, so it must be redone for each new character.



    Explorable mode

    If you complete a story mode, it will unlock your ability to enter the explorable mode. In an exploration mode, the dungeon will get higher-level enemies, and you will also access new parts of the dungeon. Unlike the story mode, there are usually three different paths within the explorable mode and you must choose one at the beginning of the dungeon. And each path has its own unique boss and challenge.


    Moreover, completing a dungeon in explorable mode, you will be awarded dungeon currencies. These currencies can be used at a dungeon merchant, located in Lion's Arch. You can use them to buy weapons, armors, runes, and other gw2 items. The explorable mode provides a standard reward of dungeon currencies, gw2 gold, and experience when a dungeon path has been completed. The explorable mode also has a bonus chest for the first completion of any given path each day per account.




    You are rewarded for each path completed per day with 60 tokens that can be used to purchase exotic quality gear from vendors. Some of the paths are harder, but all paths can reward the same amount of tokens. Each boss apart from the last one will drop a chest you can loot. When the final boss is downed, you will receive completion rewards including Karma and the tokens.


    The full reward of individual dungeon paths will be on a one-day timer, which is more lucrative to run multiple paths than repeat a single path. Story dungeons will award 50 silver for completion, and explorable dungeons will award between 1 and 3 gold depending on the dungeon’s length and difficulty. 



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