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  • Where to Get the Season 6 Week 9 Secret Star in Fortnite
    By Michel Z2018-11-27 00:00:00

    Fortnite Season 6, week 9 challenges were all pretty straightforward, meaning that if you’ve been putting in the effort to grind out the first six sets of weekly challenges in Season 6, you’ll be able to quickly get your hands on that Hunting Party skin. Of course, there’s also a Secret Star location to track down. Here’s where the Season 6 week 9 secret star location is in Fortnite.


    Of course, upon completing a set of the weekly challenges in Fortnite, you’ll receive a loading screen. This always depicts where you’re going to find the secret star, or in the case of Season 6’s “even weeks”, a Secret Banner. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at the week 9 loading screen.



    Week 9 Loading Screen

    The week 9 loading screen portrays a slightly happier scene than we’ve seen in the past few weeks. Calamity and the Dead Eye skin are now enjoying a peaceful moment in the flowery fields of Leaky Lake.


    At least, that’s what they think. It turns out that A.I.M, the Hunting Party challenges skin that players were able to unlock as of a couple of weeks ago can be seen lurking in the background, watching their every move.




    The main reason you’re looking at this loading screen so intensely, however, is to try and spot where the week 9 secret star location is being hinted at. Well, if you look very very carefully, you can see on the barbecue something that looks like the faint outline of a battle star.



    Where to Find the Week 9 Secret Star Location 

    This barbecue is in Fortnite, and can, in fact, be found once again at Leaky Lake. It turns out this might be a new favorite spot for Epic to drop things, as the week 7 secret star location could be tracked down to this named location, too. 


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    For the week 9 secret star, you need to be heading to the northwest corner of Leaky Lake’s central island, just next to the waterfall in this corner. Here, you should spot a chest with the barbecue from the loading screen right next to the side of the water.




    Once you’ve found it, it really is simply a case of walking on over to the barbecue and the week 9 secret star should appear sitting on top of it. Now all you need to do is walk over and snag your last free battle star of season 6.



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    That’s pretty much all there is to tell you about the week 9 secret star location in Fortnite Season 6. Keep checking back for more news and guides related to Fortnite: Save the World and Fortnite: Battle Royale.



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