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Twine Peaks Balancing Adjustments Coming to Fortnite: Save The World v8.50

In the April 8th, 2019 Fortnite : Save The World roadmap, Epic Games mentioned that adjustments would be coming to the top-end of Twine Peaks in the v8.50 patch. The v8.50 patch notes have been released on the April 25th, announcing these details that have been adjusted. Well, our MmoGah official website will introduce more concrete contents regarding this update in the following passages:


As Epic Game mentioned in the roadmap, they will make some adjustments to the top end of Twine Peaks in the v8.50 patch notes. They have been paying close attention to the discussions concerning the lack of more difficult content and unanimously agree that it is time for them to make some changes.


They will add five new levels of difficulty to the top end of Twine Peaks in v8.50 to give more challenges to players with higher level.

These missions will have a maximum base power level of 128 and will scale up with 4x missions and mission alerts, just as the present mission. Their goal with this change is to introduce harder content into fortnite: save the world and prepare for the coming battle.


The more difficult it is, the more it gains. Generally speaking, you will find that these new missions will tend to use tier-5 materials, such as Sunbeam and Brightcore. Meanwhile, you can get more Fortnite materials in MmoGah, which can not only provide you these materials, but you can find a plenty of items in it, including weapons, materials and traps. Those guys who are powerful enough to carry out these missions also find that they will gain better loots from chests, mining nodes, and mission rewards. These changes might help you keep an arsenal of leveled up schematics instead of being forced make lower level to save higher level materials.



The foregoing content is all about the updates related to Twine Peaks in fortnite v8.50. Also, there are some other content about v8.50 patch notes, which includes the Bowler returning, bug fixes that fixed an issue that caused mushrooms in Plankerton to not count towards the Resupply mission objective an so on. You can search more information in the fortnite official website to satisfy your desire. Certainly, whenever you want to get the latest news relative to the fortnite, MmoGah is your first-class choice. It is a trustworthy website that gains numerous positive reviews and can help you enjoy yourself in the game.





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