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FUT 15 Winter Transfers Strengthen of Players in the Last Battle

Price of these players raised a lot. Chelsea announced they bought RM Juan Cuadrado with 2650 pounds to completely solve the problem of right attacking in the Premier League. Cuadrado’s price has raised almost twenty times than before on average. Maybe you will spend more fifa 15 coins to buy the player.

One of the Best Ways to Earn Fifa 15 Coins

FIFA 15 Coins is important as it lets you continue playing the game. According to the latest data of EA, FIFA 15 game goals are over 3.3 billion. It’s obvious that fifa 15 game is more and more popular. After football stars transferring market, a new season is going along. The price of the star will be adjusted. So take this chance to make some money to get good players that you want to add to your team.

Enjoy Your Life in Fifa 15

It shows that Fifa 15 is really so hot. Mmogah fifa 15 coins is hot on sale. You can get 3% discount if you use the coupon “mmogah3”. If you want to get large coupons, please look at "How to Get Large Coupons" at mmogah. It’s not hard for us to think why many players spend much money on it, you can watch the following video about Why do people turn to RMT and services for their games? The game is on different expected images. Let’s look forward to more surprise!

Some Hot Topics of Fifa 15

FIFA 15 Ultimate Team first winter transfer update has arrived. Torres joined in Atletico Madrid and Bony went to Manchester. The transfer will breathe new life into new teams. For example, from the number we can see Bony is more than 93 and there are 4 points of his potential that other stars can’t reach. His hidden attribute was replaced by long-range shot. Long shot is more practical for him as his shoot strength is high.

Is Ballon D for Cristiano Ronaldo Ridiculous?

The 2014 Ballon D'or selection had settled last week. Cristiano Ronaldo in Madrid Football Club had won the Ballon D'or for two consecutive years. The Dutch legend Johannes Hendrikus Cruijff has different views on such a result. He thinks the reputation for Cristiano Ronaldo is absurd.

FIFA15 COINS Is Hot On Sale, 6% Discount

Mmogah is selling FIFA15 coins ( for PS3/PS4,XBOX 360/ONE ). Our coins is safe and guaranteed, and we have excellent 9.9 score on Trustpilot. If you need FIFA15 coins, our customer service reps are 24/7 online waiting for you.

Some Interesting FIFA 15 Pictures New Year Best Wishes

First of all, happy new year to all the players in FIFA15, mmogah has gone alone with every player for one more year. In the beginning of 2015, let us share some interesting moments to wish you a happy beginning in 2015.

Some Advice For Your FIFA 15

Since many customers are new to fifa 15 and have asked us some questions, MMOGAHoffers you some advice here to help you more familiar with your FUT 15.

Latest FIFA 15 News

FIFA 15 is going to be released on September 23rd in North America, September 25th in Europe and September 26th in the United Kingdom and Ireland, MMOGAH commites to offer the latest news of fifa 15 and share some advice on playing the game with you.

The Raptr's Most Played PC Games Rankings for August 2014

Recently, Raptr, a gamer social network with 17 million users, has released its figures of the most -played PC games rankings for August, 2014.In its rankings, League of Legends, is still commanding the rankings with 20.55 percent; World of Warcraft is a distant second with 7.62 percent, with ranking of game time up compared to July; DOTA2 and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive ranked third and fourth separately

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