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When Is the Best Chance to Buy Cheap FFXIV Gil

By John Ryan2015-05-20

FFXIV Gil as the main currency in Final Fantasy XIV, its price is not unchangeable. But it may not increase in price all the while, it may not reduce price all the while either. So when is the best chance to buy cheap FFXIV Gil? Now Mmogah is glad to share some experience to you.

When Is the Best Choice to Buy Cheap FFXIV Gil

The best and the most important opportunity is the time before every large update. As every player known, the largest update Ver.3.0 Heavensward is coming soon on June 23rd, so now is the best chance.

After Patch 2.55, there is not any new attractive content added in Patch 2.56 and Patch 2.57. No matter how many updates before Heavensward there are, they are some small adjustments every way. So for FFXIV Gil famers, it is good time to farm, because the farmers can farm FFXIV Gil intently. High efficiency means more harvest, it makes FFXIV Gil cheap.

Then if you focus on official website, you may see that SE took the actions against in-game RMT & other illicit activities recently. After the accounts got banned, famers have to buy accounts again. They need to support their development, then they have to sell their FFXIV Gil cheap to sell more. Also if they have more stock, the ban will bring more loss. Here Mmogah needs to tell you another situation that SE only bans the famers’ and sellers’ accounts not FFXIV Gil buyers’. So the more ban, the cheaper FFXIV Gil you will get. But it suits some trustworthy sites just like Mmogah.

FFXIV Ver.2.0 is lasting a long time, the new Ver.3.0 Heavensward will bring a new view. Firstly the level upper limit raises to 60. It means you not only need to upgrade, but also need new equipment. The fastest way to get equipment is to buy it from MB with FFXIV Gil. With equal equipment, you can farm new dungeons easily. Then Au Ra also will be added, no matter male or female Au Ra is really cool and popular. For many FFXIV fans, they can’t miss it, but new character means more time and energy, also you can choose buying FFXIV Gil and FFXIV Power Leveling instead. More than that FFXIV Gil is needed in these respects, the crafting players need it too. Upgrading and new recipes all need enough FFXIV Gil. In summary, after Heavensward online, FFXIV Gil will be needed in a large number, the price must make up.

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