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What to Do When You Get Bored in FFXIV

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If you don’t want to do dungeons or questing anymore and are looking for something new to do until the next expansion in FFXIV, then you are in the right place. AvyCatte shared the things we can do when we get bored in FFXIV in her YouTube video. Let’s find out!


Gold Saucer

If you enjoy playing mini-games, the Manderville Gold Saucer is the perfect option for you. It's a great place to hang out while you're waiting for your long DPS queues, as you'll find a lot of mini-activities that tickle your brain, like the lottery system. You can also get yourself a race Chocobo and race with your friends, or if you are more into board games, you can play Doman Mahjong.


The rewards from this place are also amazing. You will get a special currency called MGP by playing these games, and then you can exchange them for a wide range of rewards, like mounts, pets, or music scrolls. The level requirement to unlock Gold Saucer is only level 15. So, go for it if you haven't done it yet.


Treasure Hunting

Treasure Hunting in FFXIV is an exciting activity where players can find and claim hidden treasures. It’s a good way of making some extra gil. The fights are usually not challenging, and the RNG elements of the instances make it so fun. You can unlock treasure hunting at level 36 in Eastern La Noscea. To participate, you must use the Decipher ability to reveal the treasure's location on a map. Once at the location, you will dig to uncover the chest, often triggering a battle with guardians. Successful hunts can yield valuable rewards like gil, rare materials, and unique items.


Each map type offers different challenges and rewards, encouraging players to explore and collaborate. It's a fun way to explore Eorzea and gain riches.



You can find so many players who are obsessed with fishing in this game. Ocean fishing is especially fun because you get together with other players for a fishing adventure. Boarding from Limsa Lominsa, adventurers can join a 24-player fishing expedition on a ship that makes several stops in different fishing grounds. Each location has its own set of fish, affected by weather and time. It's a great way to earn experience, scrips, and even special mounts or minions.


Beast Tribe Quests

If you haven't started your Beast Tribe Quests yet, you should start them immediately. They are mostly optional quests where you can learn some hidden bits of lore. These quests are a great source of experience points, so if you want to level up a job that you don't want to play because, for example, its play style is not really for you, then this is a great way of getting XP. You could technically level up your jobs by doing daily. There is no need to run a single dungeon.



Final Fantasy 14's PvP used to be notorious for being slow and tedious in the past, but after the update, it turned into a really enjoyable experience. The PvP abilities flow more naturally now, and the limit breaks are so satisfying. The new PvP maps and the new mechanics added make it more interesting. If you haven't tried PvP, give it a try.


Deep Dungeons

Deep Dungeons in FFXIV offer a roguelike experience where you start at a reduced level and navigate through ever-changing, procedurally generated floors. These dungeons, such as Palace of the Dead and Heaven-on-High, challenge you to fight enemies and gain strength to reach the final floor. The first few floors are pretty easy to clear, but it gets more challenging as you climb higher. You can enter solo or in a party (up to four players) with no role restrictions, making strategy and resource management crucial.


With exclusive achievements for solo runs and unique rewards, Deep Dungeons provide a thrilling and rewarding adventure for all players. If you are looking for a challenge, this is your call.


Island Sanctuary

If you want to slow down and relax, why don’t you enjoy yourself on your very own island? Island Sanctuary is a non-combat solo gameplay mode that allows players to explore and develop their own island. In this game mode, you can collect resources, grow crops, capture wild animals, and even decorate your island. It does take so much time and patience to reach the maximum level in Island Sanctuary, but it’s very rewarding. If you like casual lifestyle content, then you should give Island Sanctuary a try.


Jump Puzzles

Final Fantasy 14 has some nice jump puzzles, and you can find them pretty much everywhere. They are a test of precision and patience, offering a unique platforming challenge. Players navigate intricate courses, leaping from one precarious perch to another. Notable puzzles include Kugane Tower and the Moonfire Faire event's towering structure. Success requires careful timing and spatial awareness, with each jump a potential triumph or setback. These puzzles often lead to scenic vistas, but this doesn’t stop FFXIV players from going crazy about them. Whether for fun or the thrill of accomplishment, Jump Puzzles add an extra dimension to the adventure in Eorzea.


 What to Do When You Get Bored in FFXIV



Final Fantasy 14 has a huge roleplay community, especially on Crystal Data Center. You can find many roleplay friends and free companies you can have adventures with.


It is a creative way to immerse yourself in the game's world. Players craft original characters (OCs) and weave stories, often disregarding the main storyline to avoid spoilers. It's a social experience where you can interact with others in character (IC) or out of character (OOC). Whether in Free Companies, Linkshells, or spontaneously in cities like Ul'dah, roleplay enriches the game. Beginners are advised to understand basic terms and etiquette and to approach with an open mind. It's a journey of storytelling and connection, adding depth to the adventures in Eorzea.

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